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We’re now to the point where we’re mixing up the tiers.  After Party swept the lowest tier and Retro lost the mid tier.  So this is a natural match-up.  After Party may also have been seeded a little too low to begin with, and this was the way to find out for sure.  Here’s After Party’s Stephanie Hicks with the recap:

Stephanie2Gotta be honest, I was nervous going into last night’s game versus Retro. Retro is the defending B-league champs, and have a combo-roster of young fast guys and older [also fast] smarter veteran partiers. After Party is new to the party-scene and we’re still working on our chemistry (ie. we drop it and throw it away a lot). A veteran team can easily drink us under the table but After Party was helped last night by the fact that Retro only had five men there and that the ladies, led by Katelyn’s sewing skills, were rocking our bright party skirts and the cat dress. Meow, Ruth!!

The party starts with Sam Vest — wearing a bomb-ass knitted vest — hucks it to Tidal who is looking pretty fly in a bright pink leopard skirt. Then Spencer hucks it to Robin — neither of whom are wearing anything interesting — and Robin comes down with a miraculous grab. Kirkham scores. Pretty sure Tidal scores again. We’ve replaced Cogs with Armand who hucks it to Nate and Nate’s hot-ass majestically bounces to the end zone … but sadly Nate’s ass is out of bounds. But eventually they connect and suddenly it’s 5-1, After Party.

Then Retro throws some junk zone at us and suddenly After Party loses our party-groove. Retro goes on a 3-0 run, to bring it to 5-4, with the help of their fierce ladies, Melanie, Alison, K-Chu and Emie and their subs Adair and Lish [whom the After Party ladies were really bummed they had to guard. I definitely spent most of my energy playing D last night.]

We took a time-out to boot and rally (which kinda worked…?) and then traded points until we took half 8-6. Retro wasn’t letting up but we came out with a couple quick scores after half and took it to 10-6. Then there were a couple long fierce points as Retro battled back to 11-8.

SIDE NOTE: During this battle I solidified my absolutely shit night as Kirkham throws me a PERFECT huck that I epically bobble. And then Adair scores on me. This was followed by a timeout where a certain teammate joked that I needed to include my drop in the recap. FINE. HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW GRYPHON!??!??!?!

We put a couple more on the board and went up 14-8. I was very tired and we were down to five ladies so I told our D-line that I’d buy shots for whoever got the D if we scored. Sam-One — her perky ass sadly covered up by a bright yellow skirt — takes me up on the challenge and gets an awesome D, but we can’t convert and Retro scores to bring it to 14-9.

Luckily Kirkham, like the beast that he is, gets a run-through D and then sprints down for the score for the win 15-9. We finish the night with a hugging-line, because damn-it, Retro is awesome and we like touching them.

We had great turn out at Joxer’s.

But unfortunately we’re sad to report that Retro did not survive the After Party.

Lish    Cotter

Isn’t it easy to tell someone else to include their drop in the recap?  I wonder if Gryphon epically (spell check is telling me this isn’t a word, but suck it spell check) dropped a disc, would he be as quick to request it being mentioned in the recap?

After Party moves up to 4-0.  They’ll get a huge test next week against Ninja Squirtles.  Retro is shockingly 0-4 and with each loss the chances of keeping their B streak alive fall further and further.  They’ll play Rooks next week.


Date Time League Season
February 1, 2017 12:00 am Winter League 2017


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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