Marshall vs After Party


The recap for this game is bolded within Stephanie Hicks’ multi-game recap:

RecapStephanieCaptain’s log, Ultidate 01301.8. Circling the nebular system on the outskirts of the neutral zone, we received a distress signal from Planet A, who’s hostile environments are uninhabitable, and our preliminary scans show no life forms.  I have beemed down with an After Party to the planet’s surface to investigate the source of the signal.

Captain’s log supplemental.  On planet A, we found no signs of life near the distress signal.  Upon trekking further inland we ourselves savagely attacked by a barbaric army of flying sorcerers who’s speed and agility is overwhelming.  We mounted a swift zone defense and used the superior height of the likes of Kirkham and Bambi to swat a few of the necromancers from the sky — but they still dominate us 8-4, when we fall back to treat our wounded, only to find all communication with the ship have been disabled.  We attempt to blast through the evil enchanters and manage to score a few hits, but despite our best efforts, they decimate our ranks 15-7 and we are forced to retreat from the clutches of the Dumbledore.  We have circled back to our point of origin to commandeer the distress signal and send word back to the ship to send reinforcements.

Captain’s log supplemental 02081.8.  First Officer Nathan has beemed down with a contingent of reinforcements only to find himself pummeled by a strange blue creature of the skeet.  They are fast with quick hands and excellent marksmen.  They catch our relief-After-Party off-guard and make quick work of us taking half 8-1.  Despite Bambi having gone missing and our number of gentlemen officers dwindling quite low, we manage to eek out a few more points before we must retreat once again:  15-6.

Captain’s final supplement 02171.8.  With the After Party beset on all sides, this strange planet of the A continues to unleash punishment upon us.  We make one final stand against a wily bunch of Marshalls who rally around the cry of “often licked never beaten.”  While we attempt to fend off their untamed tongues, with helpful reinforcement from Officers Landesman and Sargan, we continue to sustain many blows from their fast ladies, wily men and cross-field hammers.  They get in eight licks to our four.  But despite the best efforts of an on-fire-Ruth and some stellar Nate-D’s, the cold air causes everyone to cramp up and they make quick work of us, getting in 15 licks to our six.  Using the antiquated holiday of the Valentine, we manage to distract them with pink bobbles and candy.  While they were passed out in a sugar induced slumber, we reestablished communications with the ship and safely beemed back our beleaguered team, making a quick getaway from the planet of the A.  A planet which, this Captain can only hope, we never have to return.



Date Time League Season
February 16, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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