Ninja Squirtles vs Tsukemen and Women


Tsukemen and Women, winners of the 2017 LAOUT Awards for B Team of the Year (and I WILL be finally releasing that awards write up today at 5PM sharp) got their first chance at the top level of teams in the league.  They finished just out of the top four last year which pushed them into the B Bracket.  When they played in the regular season against Ninja Squirtles last February, Ninja barely took the game 15-12.  So let’s see how it went this year.  Here’s Kristi Lin of Tsukemen:

RecapKristiTsukemen & Women faced off against its toughest opponent thus far in league, the Ninja Squirtles. Tsuke got a break the first point but then struggled until half to make connections and time cuts off of an elite team. Tsuke regrouped at half and decided to hold itself accountable to its unforced errors. Our players took it upon themselves to win their individual match-ups and go point-by-point instead of worrying about winning the game. The focus for the second half was to play to the level of good ultimate that Tsuke knew it could play.

Tsuke started to take better risks, made connections, and everyone pushed to time their cuts better and have better handler movement despite being exhausted. Even though the second half looked better, it was still an unsatisfying game overall for Tsuke. Playing against our old friends on Ninja Squirtles is always a good time though, and we hope to face off again soon so that we can play up to our game.

Tsuke individual highlights:

1. Avatar Yee killed it on her undercuts and was open by a mile every time.

2. Thomas Lin threw like 5 perfect hammers.

3. OP, Jenny Norris, and Monkey played incredibly tight defense and really pushed the other team’s ladies to run all the way through their disc. They were so close to getting Ds and put amazing pressure on the other team’s ladies.

4. Paul Kempler kept the team’s spirits up while still bringing his much-appreciated intensity on the field.

5. Joe Bobman decided he needs to start putting conditioner in his luscious locks. He’s seen the light.

I am shocked.  This is not what I was expecting from Tsukemen and Women.  I heard they were missing a good chunk of players last night, which may have contributed, but in the end, I’m sure they’ll regroup from this and come out with a fire for the next game.  Sometimes teams need to go through a game like this to re-capture their spark.

At some point, we’ll need a really good photo of Bobman, who sounds like he may be an early favorite for Hair of the Year.


Date Time League Season
February 7, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Rancho Cienega Recreation Center

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