Scoober Divers vs Semicreatively Named Team


Very tight game from two of the rookie teams this year.  Let’s get right to it.  Here’s Mike Lichterman of Semicreatively Named Team:

RecapMikeLGreat game all around. SNT breaks to start the game but scoober divers replies with a 1-4 run to 4-2 and then takes the lead at 7-4, looking to cement a solid lead at half. SNT breaks back and ties the game at 7 before dropping the last point to end half on serve. Second half is also a game of runs, with scoober divers going up at various times 11-8 and 13-11, but SNT takes the lead at 14-13 off incredibly hard defense and some great catches by Molly and Jules. Unfortunately for SNT, we can’t quite close the game and a couple turns later drop the game 16-14. Lots of fast handler motion.

Both teams had a layout-for-catch-off-tipped-pass plays that led to scores in the first half. And so ends the undefeated record of a new team, was fun while it lasted!

So that’s a 3-point run by Scoober Divers to win the game.  But the thing I find most interesting is the first half score and second half score were exactly identical, and since I started including first half scores only a couple years ago, this is the first time that’s happened.

We also have a recap from Scoober Divers’ side.  This is Terry Parent:

RecapTerryIt was a close one tonight in Culver City. First of all, it was really sweet having the entire field to ourselves. It felt pretty Monday Night Lights-esc.

Semicreatively Named Team were super solid, and they really kept it close the whole game. SNT is going to do well this season for sure.

The game started with Scoober and SNT trading points. (This was the theme of the night.) Then, we went up by 4. Followed by SNT charging right back to tie it at 7. We end up taking half.

The second half was a continuation of the back and forth, solid play on both sides. SNT would not let us run away with the game. They stayed right with us. And, at one point, they took the lead at 13-14!!!

Shout out to our D-line for some really savage play to grab the game and get us the win. 16-14

With the win, Scoober Divers are now 3-1.  They’ll next play a Winter League stalwart in Sky Life who is struggling early in the season.  Meanwhile, Semicreatively Named Team finally drops a game, and they’re also 3-1.  They’ll be playing Tarmac this Friday at Harbor College.


Date Time League Season
February 6, 2018 12:00 am Winter League 2018


Culver City High School

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