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  • Wednesday, September 1 – Registration opens
  • Friday, October 4 – Team Registration closes
  • Sunday, October 10 – League starts
  • Friday, October 15 – Player Registration closes
  • Sunday, November 28 – Thanksgiving weekend, no games
  • Sunday, December 5 – Tournament in Santa Monica

WHEN and WHERE: The 7 week season will play from 10am to 1pm on Sunday, October 10th and ends Sunday, November 21st, with the Tournament on Sunday, December 5th.  Fall Beach League will be back in the same place as in the past few seasons, on the south side of the Parking Lot that is just south of where Ocean Park Blvd meets Barnard Way (Near the South Beach Park Playground). 


  • $35
  • FREE for Legend LAOUT Memberships
  • Women who are new to ultimate or first time playing in a LAOUT League can receive 50% off  using the coupon code STRONGWOMEN
  • Men who are new to ultimate or first time playing in a LAOUT League can receive 10% off  using the coupon code STRONGMAN

SKILL: Teams must sign up as A or B to indicate relative competitive level.

FORMAT: Dynamic Scheduling will be in effect which means teams will play according to their performance, and that the schedule will be released as the season progresses. Initial schedules will be released for the first 2 weeks. Later schedules will given with at least 1 weeks notice. This also means that you may be likely to play the same team more than once during the season.

GENDER RATIO: Fall Beach League is 4v4 with 2M/2F on the field at a time. There is no 3/1 option.  If only one person of a gender is present, you must play 2M/1F or 1M/2F.

ROSTERING RULES: Final rosters are due before the 2nd weekend of games.  

A Division – 16 player cap with gender matching balance must be within 2 (ex. 9 men and 7 women, or vice versa, or 8:8). Players in the A division must play in at least 6 games or 3 weekends, to be eligible to play in the tourney.

B Division – No player cap. Players in the B division must play in at least 2 games to be eligible to play in the tourney.

CAPTAINING POLICY: Must have 1 men matching and 1 women matching players as captains.

FREE AGENTS: If you don’t have a team please sign up as a free agent and we will try to get you placed on a team. If there are enough Free Agents to create another team(s), we will help put those teams together. If we can’t find a team for you then we’ll give you a full refund. Please sign up on the Ultimate Central website.


Waivers: Waivers may be required with  the ever changing COVID severity. If they are required, they will need to be filled out through Ultimate Central at least 24 hours in advance of gameplay. This would be a requirement to ensure everyone has signed all required waivers for Santa Monica and LAOUT, and so that we have accurate contact tracing in place should someone report they have contracted COVID-19.

COVID Vaccination: COVID Vaccines ARE REQUIRED for Fall Beach League 2021 and for all future leagues.  All players will be required to upload a photo of their vaccination card into Ultimate Central during registration as proof of vaccination. Our number one priority for LAOUT members is safety so we hope that this revised policy creates a safe environment for all players to have some fun as we get back into our regular league schedule.

See you all on the sand!

– Buster

*Please note that if you are new to ultimate or this is your first league with LAOUT, please use the coupon code STRONGWOMAN or STRONGMAN before you checkout for a special discount on your first event.

Also, for any player with a financial barrier, please email us and we’ll be happy to get you playing through our financial assistance fund.

Fall Beach League 2021
Fall Beach League 2021
Our fall, Mixed Beach League is back!!! 4v4 Coed Beach ultimate every Sunday starting October 7th in Santa Monica.
Fall Beach League Rules 2021
We are under USAU Ultimate 11th edition with modified beach rules. Santa Monica Laws states NO alcohol, smoking or dogs allowed on the beach, and PLEASE keep the beach clean. Lifeguards will be on duty nearby in case of emergency. Bathrooms are open as well.   Format: Fall Beach League is 4v4 with 2M/2F on the field at...

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Fall Beach League Rules 2021

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Fall Beach Warmup 2021

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