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Not much to report this time around.  Kind of a blow out.

Tough game for  Tuesday night.  Of 22 rostered players, we only had 9 show up, and had to grab lady sub  to make 10.  Guess a lot of people make  holiday plans.

With so few subs, we played some zone.  Old Marshall wall zone to be precise.

Problem was Dan Perahya and  were really good at throwing the disc back and forth to each other, and they could do it all day, so even though we forced them to throw many many throws, they completed many many throws.

We did force turns, and got them into tough positions, but we just couldn’t capitalize.  We turned it over too much, and with the low numbers, we didn’t have the to gut through the whole game.  It was somewhat close and then it wasn’t.

handled the zone well.  In particular,  was really impressive, especially since she’s probably the smallest player on the field, but had great reach and caught some very difficult passes.  Also some nice playing by Dr. .  And this guy who I think is James Vinson.  Based on my description, that’s who Vamp thought I was talking about.  Young guy with brown wavy hair who I covered a few times later in the game when we had to switch to man to throw them some different looks.  He made some great up line cuts.

Fun time at  afterwards.  Although I do really miss the karaoke.  C’mon Rancho, get us back on the Wednesday schedule next year.

And since it is NEVER too late to provide a recap, even if it’s three weeks behind, here’s Dynomutt’s Michael Miller with his first ever Summer League recap:

The DynoMutts stepped up to the plate to face down their greatest adversary yet, the terrible Garfield. No not the ghost of the assassinated president, but the cat! And they meant business.

The beginning of the game was a time of trades. Jamie made an extraordinary catch, followed by a quick continuation to Dan and to Comet. 1-1. After the lazy cats scored again, Jamie followed up his performance with a jump catch of Maggie’s throw. 2-2. We briefly pulled ahead with a quick point topped off with a Dan -> Mary Ann connection, making it 3-2.

We lost a little steam in the next point, where it seemed every point was cut short by a pick. 3-3. However, Chain and Julius carried our zone offense the next point, bringing the score to 4-3.

A team huddle at this point would change the Mutts’ lives forever. Dan geniusly coined the term popportunities to describe what poppers should look for.

Miller had a throw D’d the next point, but Jon did the same to the striped kittens, and Julius went on to score off of Miller’s own redemptive throw! 5-3. Dan made a visionary full-field huck to Comet, who ran like a gazelle to get it. 6-3. The next point was looking to be one for the Garfields, but Chain blocked a throw in the endzone at the 11th hour. Then Jon and Mary Ann cleaned up. 7-3.

Though we lost the following two points, Dan showed his skills with a casual flick to Mary Ann to round out the half. 8-5.

To start the second half, Jamie, not wishing to be outdone by Dan, made his own beautiful half-field throw to Robin. 9-5. We traded some more after that. The highlights were Chain’s hammer to Dan (10-6) and Sander’s play two points later. Not only did he D the disc in our endzone, but he painstakingly worked it up with the other handlers, exploiting popportunities and making dozens of throws. What a reliable fella. 11-7.

The trades stopped when Dan threw to Sander. 12-8. Chain had one to Robin the next point (13-8), then Miller -> Ringo (14-8), and then Jon -> Mary Ann to finish the game.

The fancy feline couldn’t stand against our mangy mechanical mutts.

That is an incredible memory from three weeks ago, so I can only assume he wrote this down and then forgot to send it, and was going through his draft folder when he found it and was like “woops”.

First reference to President James Garfield in the recaps for my team.  There’s a website where someone replaced every Garfield with a picture of the president.

Such as:

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