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This year is gonna be hard to figure.  So Nyan Cat loses last week to Hello Kitty 15-6.  Then they turn around and beat Dynomutt 15-4, and Dynomutt beat Lady, the pre-season pick to win it all.

Meanwhile, Hello Kitty lost 15-7 to Ren the week before they beat Nyan Cat 15-6.  And Ren was not a team that got a lot of pre-season votes.  So what is going on here?  Who’s good?  Who’s not good?  It’s really hard to tell.  Could this just be top draft picks not showing up at certain games?  Maybe we’ll sort some of this out from the recaps.  We have two of them for this game.

The Dogs held a slight lead over the Cats after the first two weeks.  But Monday was a good night for the Cats.  (So far.  I don’t know the results of Ren vs. Scratchy yet as I’m writing this at 10:36AM.)

Okay, first recap is from the winning side.  Here’s Nyan Cat captain Scott Bergen:

This was our first experience of cats and dogs living together this season and the pre-game opposing player hug total was probably near a record. Maybe the Ghostbusters were wrong.

The game started in the most predictable fashion possible: Robin outran me deep (and it wasn’t close) and made a spectacular layout catch in the corner of the endzone. If you’ve never played against Robin, he’s fast. Make sure someone guards him.

We then ran the same play and Mercury made an outstanding catch in the area of 14-18 feet off the ground in the same corner. He’s fast too but he’s on my team so anyone reading this should just forget I said anything.

Things settled down for the third point and Dynomutt walked it up for a more patient goal.

I’m not 100% sure what happened after that, but we went on a 12-0 run thanks to some really good defense. Scout made an awesome handblock on a hammer. Helix beat a guy 3-4 times her size and then got a book-end goal. C-Note totally deeked the woman she was guarding into taking a bad angle on a throw and then she got a book-end-ish goal. Arad kept not subbing in because he said he was learning too much (if he actually learns how to play ultimate, watch out). We played a zone that forced about 30 handler throws before finally switching to man and Russo got a SportsCenter layout D in the endzone. Jaws just played a perfect poachy man defense and made throws underneath so much harder and still never got beat deep.

The Spirit was really strong in this game and regardless of the score, Dynomutt laid out and ran down every throw every time too, right to the end. It’s easy to say when you win in a blowout, but I really appreciated the Spirit in this one and it made for a much better night. I hope they felt the same of us. Both teams spread the disc around and threw to everyone on their teams (men and women).

Also, Lincoln MS field is immaculate. Great location (and that’s saying something because I’m coming from Ventura County).

Well, that’s nice to hear.  I haven’t seen the Lincoln MS field in person yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Helix is 5’2″.  So since Scott is definitely not exaggerating, I was lucky enough to find a full body photo of Helix on Facebook, and can show you exactly how large a guy 3 to 4 times as large as Helix would be.

That’s a big guy.  Probably would violate some sort of league rule.  Time to kick that guy out.

And now that you’ve indulged my silliness, here’s the second recap from Dynomutt’s Dr. Chain, popping his recapper cherry:

This is my first recap, so here it goes.

It was a brisk Santa Monica night; nyan cat vs dynomutts. Cats vs dogs.

Dynomutts showed up a bit light on numbers with some of our heavy hitters/biters missing. However our big dogs Spike and Bubbles showed up for their first summer league game for this year. Now for the action:

We started on O and worked it up the field for a tremendous layout score by the speedy mutt Robin from what I thought was a bad toss from myself. It was awesome. Nyan Cat responded quickly with a deep shot to one of their fast players (I apologize for not knowing the names of people on Nyan Cat). We kept it close at the beginning but Nyan Cat started to roll with meme like intensity. Their ladies were super quick and running all game. Their dudes were also quick and executed well. The cats were up 6-2 and we had to call a timeout. Dyno Dan reminded us that we were actually playing quite well, we just needed to execute. It was true, I was impressed by our intensity especially on defense. They took half, I believe at 8-2.

Unfortunately for the Dynomutts, fortune was not on our side in the second half either despite keeping up the same intensity. Nyan Cat threw a wily zone that took us by surprise and forced a turnover early in the second half. The mutts worked the disc well but could not finish a couple plays. Special shout outs to the ladies of Dynomutts (Ringo, Comet, Bubbles, and Drea) for playing almost every week with very little subs or rest. Drea caught a sweet deep shot near the goal line that led to our 3rd point of the game as well. Again I felt we played valiantly and if we executed a bit better we could have perhaps gotten something from the game. However Nyan Cat played awesome, really calm and used their speed well. They did not turn it over much despite our intense d so kudos to them! I was burned deep for their winning score (I did not engage my dynomutt robot powers), ending the game 15-4.

Really good spirited game, and despite the loss, I feel good about our team and how positive we are towards each other!

So again, it’s really hard to figure.  Dynomutt won their first game against Lady who I thought would be the best team, but then dropped back-to-back games where they failed to score double digits.

Kudos for referencing Dynomutt’s robot powers.  Not sure if you knew this, but the character Inspector Gadget, who would go on to have a really bad film in 1999 starring Matthew Broderick, was inspired by Dynomutt.

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  • Scott

    June 19, 2018 at 11:45 am

    The crazy thing is that that photo of Helix that Andy posted here (I’m reading on desktop) is actually life size. The guy she beat was actually only about 11 inches tall.


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