RecapSummer 2018Nyan Cat vs Princess Unikitty

Nyan Cat
Princess Unitkitty


This is the first recap of the year.  Very exciting.  We’re using a new system, so I’m just acclimating to it.

This was our only game of the season at Culver High School.  It came and it went.

Princess Unikitty, one of the best characters from The Lego Movie (“just think positive!”) up against Nyan Cat, which almost had rainbow shorts.  Well, almost is totally untrue.  I wanted rainbow jerseys, but 5 Ultimate charges $60 apiece for those.  So then I thought we could do shorts like we did a few years ago, but 5 is sold out on the shorts.  So Nyan Cat, who is pink with a rainbow behind her, is now Carolina Blue.  Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it’s okay.

And for the first recap of the year, we will hear from rookie captain Scott Bergen of Nyan Cat:

I don’t know enough people on Pink to do a fair recap, but it was a great game – competitive, spirited, really fun. Pink jumped out to a quick lead 4-1 or 5-1. They were playing perfectly and we were turfing every other throw. Once we woke up, we put together a hug run including 8 in-a-row to take half and lead 9-6 before they got back on the board. It started to look like we had it in the bag at 12-9 and they came back and tied it up mostly just having Papa touch the disc every other throw. We traded points to 13-13 before we scored and got a break for the win on a great cut and catch by Devin to bring in my questionable loopy forehand.
It was a really well-spirited game – only one contested call the whole time and even that was not remotely chippy and everyone just played on right away. We had two beginners (shout out to Arad for scoring 4 goals in his first ever game!) and they had one and each of them got the disc multiple times. We definitely took the L on the cheer as Unikitty came strong there. But we did get to be the first (likely of many) to sing “Everything is Awesome” to them so that was nice.
I assume the captains’ history will be updated to reflect my career 1.000 winning percentage?
Good luck in your game this week.

Scott Bergen sitting on top of the all-time Captain’s standings at 1-0.  Nobody ever has had a better percentage, that’s for sure.



    June 6, 2018 at 5:44 am

    Wish I could have been there for the hug run. Sounds awesomely spirited!


  • Scott

    June 6, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    Momma! I made it!

    (Also, I now see that my math was not good. I’d like to apologize to my second grade teacher, Mrs. McComsey.)


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