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I’ve already spent the first hour of my work day mostly on LAOUT recaps. I honestly don’t know how Andy did it all with a full time job. He must have some kind of super powers, for sure.

I was very happy to see that Whiskey Discs has come back for their second season this year. I subbed for them once last season, and they have such great spirit! I’ll be rooting for them this year!

Our next recap comes from KAPOW!’s captain, Lance.

Winter league 2020 is officially off and running! The delay has pushed our first games past the biggest beach Ultimate weekend in SoCal – having 2 beach tournaments, Leiout and Throwback, on the same weekend is nuts. Speaking of nuts, apparently, mixed nuts goes well on banana sundaes. Can we get a show of hands of who is still recovering from either tournament – players, volunteers, or staff?

With the first game of the season, it’s fun to do a catch up with teams to see how they have changed since the last season. Before we go any further, some of us on KAPOW! would like to shout out Tarmac and Lunch Break from previous years. Your teams will be missed.

The changes to the structure of Winter League brought the loss of some of the KAPOW! men to ensure that those who would play would receive enough playing time. Sadly, changes in job status and moving out of town or out of California had brought about loss of some our women, however, through the seeking of free agents, and with the help of a few friends and references, 3 new women have joined the team, and brought their skill and athleticism with them!

Our match up started with Whiskey winning the toss and starting on Defense, which is a great strategy. However, despite a few turnovers, KAPOW! lead the game 8-0 at the half. There were a couple of hammers in there somewhere. Whiskey snagged the first point in the second half, and pulled in 2 more before the game ended 15-3.

Stats wise, our women scored over half of our goals. Way to go Bri, Laura, and Meg!

This was our first game with our new players, and we decided to try somethings that we hadn’t been able to practice yet. Whiskey did a good job in seeing the changes and making some adjustments. After the game, we enjoyed playing some pickup with them to help them practice and to figure out their teams strategy for future games.

Whiskey Discs, the team that was formed from flag football players who wanted to try out Ultimate in 2019 has returned, and we are happy to see them out  here again! They are a team that I have to hand it to them, they go and play football, and then show up to play Ultimate. Our teams have only met twice before, and Whiskey had improved throughout 2019. However, their roster has changed since the tournament. I’m looking forward to how their team will shape up and improve during the rest of the season, and I am looking forward to seeing their first regular season win some time!

I’m definitely still recovering from Leiout. I think today might be the first day I fully have my voice back.

And I see what you did there, Lance, mentioning trying something new for your team but not actually saying what the ‘new’ thing is. Sneaky sneaky.

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