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We have another multicap.  Stephanie Hicks did one of these last year, and now here’s Jenny Richardson recapping Goofy’s first three games.  I’m placing them all here since they’re new, and also retroactively applying the first two to those games.

Game 1: Goofy (5) vs Scooby-Doo (15)
We were savage on women and almost on men. So we asked AJ, their captain, if we could start out 5/2 or do offense dictates since they only had 5 women too. AJ agreed and we decided we would change it at half if needed.
At half, AJ asked to go offense dictates which of course we agreed to. We were just thankful we didn’t have to play savage the whole night! My fault, I should have asked for subs. They started off the game throwing zone the first five points. Scoring 4 out of 5 but we finally learned how to play through it.
We did have a brand new baby player on our team. He had never played ultimate Frisbee before. So we explained the rules to him but I also talked to the other team to let them know that if he did something wrong just explain it to him because he wouldn’t know any better. That was my mistake. They picked on him every time he was on the field, they double teamed and fouled him because he didn’t know to call it. Eventually we started to call it for him. He still seemed to have a good time but hasn’t been back since. I will say they had one player, and I don’t know his name but he was older, I heard him talking to his team at half that what they were doing wasn’t what summer league was all about. So I’m thankful for him.

Game 2: Goofy (14) vs Cheshire (14)
It was a really tight game! Super competitive and spirited, which was awesome! Really good players for both teams. More of our team showed up this week so that was helpful.
We started late due to the football players. They took half. There were a few more calls the second half because it was getting more competitive which can make people chippy, but all in all still spirited.
They were up 2 (12-14) when we were worried about lights. The agreement was made by both teams to continue to play until the lights went off. We got a break back to make it 14-14. Both teams had scoring chances on the tied point. There were lots of turns on both sides. Cheshire was driving down the field when the light went out.
Great game over all!

Game 3: Goofy (15) vs Underdog (11)
Great turn out for players.
We started out with a 5 point lead pretty easily. We got a little too confident with our score and eased up, allowing them to come back and score 3. Now it’s 5-4, we’re still in the lead. We turned it back on and took half 8-6. Keith shows up at half. Phil is adapting to our team well. JT is cutting me off several times, I take off deep. Their deep deep (they’re running zone) doesn’t see me until it’s too late. I go up for the disc narrowly avoiding getting hit, thank goodness this guy has some body control. Phil’s speed and body thickness add a huge help when working the disc up. Creamer’s swings are golden the whole game!
We trade points off and win the game 15-11. We all, both teams, went out to the bar afterwards to continue the community and spiritness.

For the first game, I would say I’m surprised that a Seth run team would do that to a new player, but then I remembered that Seth wasn’t at that game.  He was at a wedding.  But yeah, that’s not cool.

For the second game, that is certainly frustrating for Cheshire Cat.  My team ran into that same issue in game 2, having just picked up the disc at midfield with a chance to tie the game when the lights went out.  Just a reminder to try and show up prior to 8.  In almost all cases the lights are on before 8 at these fields, so it’s good to try to arrive early.

For the third game, there’s nothing better than calling out your boyfriend for cutting you off.  Haha.  That’ll show him.  I love it.

And how fitting that on a day where we get a multicap, we also hear from the last person to provide one.  Here’s Steph from Underdog:

I think this week’s game can be summed up in the handy stats that Andy provided: Goofy is the youngest teams. Underdog is almost the oldest side, and had the worst predicted game attendance at 72.9% which we were feeling on Tuesday. It didn’t help that Armand and Johnny were both a bit injured and that Goofy put a curse on us so we did this with the disc for the first 5 points:

Goofy quickly capitalized on our drops and scored. They went up 5-1 before we woke up and worked out our kinks and stepped up our defense. They took half 8-6. We came out after half and tied it up 8-8. Then someone (me) thought, lets throw a zone, to which our un-named ringer of a deep-deep might have not seen Goofy’s Jenny who grabbed a long huck out from under him and quickly threw a score.

Every player on Goofy is super solid, fast and their men are tall. Jason Dobruck had a great game, boxing out our dudes and scoring a lot on deep hucks. He’s just too tall to get around! Man Bun #2 (not JT) probably got 3 or 4 poachy handler D’s on our bad throws. And their ladies were awesome. I definitely got schooled in the endzone on great fakes by Creamer and Elmo. My sore legs weren’t moving fast enough, or maybe it was brain not moving fast enough, but gives me something to work on. Our Underdog of the night went to Geoff who’s super fast and really stepped up his D game, forcing turnovers. Merlin had some sick grabs. Matt, as usual, did a bit of everything, handling, hucking, cutting, scoring, kicking ass. At one point I got my first ever layout D on grass. It was more of a sliding D than a full layout, but I’m still counting it. But alas, despite awesome playing, we didn’t make a comeback and Goofy won 15-11.

The level of play was super high for summer league. Quick points. We started at 8:30 and ended by 9:45. Not a lot of turnovers. Basically Goofy beat us because they made the least amount of mistakes. They’ve got great chemistry and flow. They trust their women and throw to them a lot — rightly so. Would definitely love to play them again when we’re at full strength. It would be a great matchup.

Despite a tough loss, Underdog had a great bar turnout. And we had an even better SECOND night bar turnout at a team trivia night on Wednesday in Culver City. So good, in fact, we had to split into two teams. Team “Underdoggy Style” beat out team “Two Girls, World Cup” for trivia(l) bragging rights. I’m probably at fault for the “Two Girls’ loss because I was SO certain that Glasgow was the capital of Scotland. It’s not. It’s Edinburgh. Which I would not have spelled correctly. But it’s shaping up to be an awesome summer for Underdog, at least at the bar…

Two manbuns on one team?  That’s just unheard of.

Funny you mentioned Edinburgh.  Last night I talked to Tyler Kotovsky who told me about his college which I incorrectly spelled Edinburgh University of Pittsburgh.  And it’s actually Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. So I got that wrong too.

Underdoggy Style is solid.

Chris Walthers added: “We should also mention the super clutch performance from Cortez, who didn’t even make the game, but nonetheless dropped of our weekly trophy Underdog in a small garden box outside my apartment to ensure the next team MVP could rightly receive their prize”


  • Seth

    June 21, 2018 at 10:47 am

    I’m the Co-captain of Scooby Doo. And while I wasn’t at the first game, I’ll be talking to and looking into exactly what happened in that game. But most importantly, even giving the impression that a new player was picked on is unacceptable. The person you were talking about speaking at half time wasn’t referring to your new player (He was unaware your player was being picked on), but that we should stop running zone at half, because Goofy was having trouble breaking it. Which is something my teams have historically done in Summer League.

    Thank you for pointing out the problem. And for everyone – always always feel free to walk up to either AJ or myself at any point during a game if you don’t think we are living up to the spirit of summer league. It’s something that we pride ourselves on and (except for one time once – apologies Erick Cifuentes) I feel we are willing to help and work any issue out.

    Please don’t feel it’s a mistake to point out who the new player is on your team. If someone is struggling with a forehand or backhand in summer league, usually we’ll give them space to throw and stuff like that. The one thing I can promise is that your player was not the subject of being actively targeted because you pointed them out as new. (That doesn’t mean I’m claiming we treated that player as we should have)

    I hope we don’t use these forums to debate whether someone was actually taken advantage of or not, as I said before the impression that someone was taken advantage is more than enough.

    Lastly, if the un named player is watching these forums – I hope to see you out on the fields again where we can chat and I can apologize in person. And if you make it to the bar, I’d love to buy you a drink.


  • Alex

    June 21, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    Class act! Seth has no doubt bought more beer for people than he’s drank himself.

    I personally was hoping this would spiral into a record breaking fiasco, so much so that the board gets involved, we have a trial, there’s name calling, etc.

    Paging the Johns brothers!


  • Mike Z.

    June 22, 2018 at 10:56 am

    I’d like offer an apology to Goofy and a small defense of my team Scooby Doo as someone who was there that night…

    First off, I’m truly sorry that your team’s experience of the night was negative on account of our level of spirit. It’s summer league, it should be fun, and a place where new players can feel welcome and encouraged.

    Seth’s account totally conforms with my experience of the night, but Jenny’s report is totally valid as well, the only exception I’d take is with the idea that we were picking on the new player or singling him out in any way. We had been alerted that there was a new guy, but I don’t think everyone on our team was exactly sure who he was until the second half. We assumed it would be super clear on the field, and to his credit it was not. That’s a failure on our part to make a more intentional effort to hear what Goofy was saying and act accordingly. Part of the reason we didn’t immediately identify him is that we were playing so much zone in the first half, no one was actually marked up on him for most of the time. He definitely got fouled during at least one or two of our defensive efforts, and while I was vocal in heckling the Scooby Doo player responsible, I didn’t do anything past that to positively affect things moving forward. When we stopped playing zone we all became much more aware of who he was and I think tried to give him a little more space and guidance to play in a way that would help him develop. But we can all do better!


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