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Princess Unikitty


That might have been the fastest Summer League game I’ve ever played, and definitely the fastest where both teams scored double digits.  It was so fast we played rare pick-up after the game ended.  You don’t see that in Summer League a lot these days.

Halftime came and it wasn’t even 9 o’clock yet.  And we started at like 8:30.  And it was 8-7.  It wasn’t a blow out.  That’s why it’s so weird.  Good efficient offenses.  Not many D’s.

Unikitty thought they were only gonna have 3 healthy women and one part-time player, so they asked for a sub, and brought their roommate up.  And then they had 6 women there, and the one who was supposed to be part-time played a lot and was a total baller.  The moral of the story…. it’s good to let your captains know whether or not you’re gonna be at the game, so they can plan correctly.  Felt bad for Viv who came up and only got to play a couple points.

Their cheer for us was Fuck Mondays.  Nice Garfield reference.  We cheered back Fuck Taco Tuesdays, but didn’t get quite the reaction we expected.  I think some of their players didn’t see the movie.  Although I learned that Princess Unikitty actually has her own TV show.  I had no idea.

Alex Carey, Licious and I played Fuck, Marry, Kill on the ride home.  (I’m not intentionally cursing a lot, I swear.  I’m just telling you facts.)  I promised that things discussed in the car would not make it into the recap.  So I can’t reveal any answers.  But the one we struggled with the most was Johnny Lam, Steve Loh and Don Macatangay.  That’s a really tough one.  Although I think we all said you have to marry Steve Loh cause he’ll make you bread.

After playing two games now with Licious, I’m going to say Licious is playing better than I’ve ever seen her before.  I’m putting an early call out for Breakout Player of the Year.  For your consideration.

At the bar, I learned a lot about Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Ultimate.  Andy Brown, Tyler Kotovsky and Bacon all went there.

Mike Peebler and I played our first league game or tournament together ever.  We’ve both played our first league in LA in 2000.  So it’s been 18 years in the making.  On the first point we played together he hit me deep for a score.  Booyah!  Felt good.  Very warm.  Very cozy.  On the next one, I threw it deep to him and well….. it didn’t go as well.  We have a whole season to work on this.

Did I mention Lu is the hottest guy in LA?

Paparazzi wore a headband at the bar, and I’m gonna say it was a very good look.  I think it was a bandana headband if I’m remembering correctly.  I know this was one night ago, but I was already three rum and cokes in when we talked.

Last night Alex said Snatch is very smoothe with the disc.  Then he said Cubby is too.  Then I stopped listening to him.

Oh, wait, wait, wait, how have I forgot to mention Sam Decker’s two sick D’s!?!?!  Good, I got it in under the wire.

Also Sonja wore cat socks.  Nice.

That is all.

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  • Joaquin

    June 21, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Gotta fuck Don. Tons of enthusiasm and very high energy.


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