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After that epic final to their 17-15 OT win over Princess Unikitty last week, Scooby Doo probably wanted a little more of an easy win this week.  I mean, they’ve got quite a ways to go to become the first team ever with the immaculate Summer League season.  But now they’ve made it halfway through the season with a perfect record.  Let’s find out how it happened.  Here’s co-captain Seth Gillum:

Last week, Scooby Doo had a little bit of trouble with continue cuts. So my goal coming into this game was to see if we could make that a little better. Also, readers of previous recaps may know that we spend all out old last week. Yes, while we are the oldest team, we try to spend our old wisely. The over forty crowd was still feeling it from last thursday’s game. And by feeling it, I’m not referring to the thrill of victory. (except for MER, who told me she felt great the next day – what is there to say? Yet another sign she was born with good genes). But we trudged out to the field, ready to try again. Perhaps a little slower, but still enthusiastic.

A little pre game theory then on to the recap in proper. This is what goes through my head pre games…
-They will tend to be a fast team, so we might try out some full zone, and some triangle
–They also know that we will probably try some zone, and have been practicing for it.
——they volunteered that info within seconds of seeing Ethan at Rose Bowl pickup
——– That makes me think they want to convince us NOT to run zone, because they are so proactively claiming they are ready for it
———-—So we’ll run a couple different zones, AND run some person on person flat mark action, see what works best against them.
——————Because why not put iocaine powder in both drinks! Don’t be Vizzini….

On to the game! Pretty early on, Hello Kitty established themselves as a hucking team. And surprisingly, we were having trouble with that. Usually we’ve got enough tall and fast defenders that we love it when other teams huck. That’s not what happened last night. They got more than I’d like. Thankfully, Cam Armstrong from scooby doo kept track of the score and provided a little mini recap for us.

1-0 AJ deep Huck to Corey
2-1 Aurora
3-1 AJ to Corey
4-3 Derek to Olivia
5-4 Aurora to Matt (very patient point! I know seth loves that!)
6-4 John to Corey-ish (reached over Avatar for a steal!)
(Seth note: Corey knocked into KJ earlier in this point, sending him off the field. When that throw went up high, I got a little nervous that he’d knock avatar too… Knocking two people in one point… that would have been bad. Turned out to be a gentle grab from my perspective)
7-4 (AJ hammer to Justin… welcome back Justin!)
8-6 (Scooby moved the disc REALLY well on this point)
9-7 (AJ to Justin…and the foul!)
9-8 (KJ…wow! What a sky on Mr. Lay who had great position…KJ finished it with the assist)
10-9 (Aurora to Derek)
11-9 (AJ to Corey)
12-10 (AJ to Justin)
13-10 (Brad to Derek)
14-10 (AJ hammer to Corey)
-Derek lay out D to save a score!-
15-11 (AJ to Corey on the goal line)

That tells you most of the game. Sure Cam somehow mislabeled my throw for a score to someone else, but other than that glaring omission it’s a pretty great accounting of the game. We managed to pull away at 11-10, and despite a lot of amazing plays all night by Hello Kitty we were able to pull out a win. Once again, a whole team effort by Scooby. I’m really happy everyone on the team is getting open and thrown to. And that everyone is contributing. Also a huge thanks to Tonic for coming out to sub for us. We were lucky and grateful to have her.

I certainly can relate to having someone give your play credit to someone else.  My first time ever at Nationals, my very first D, which was in the end zone on a huck, was credited to Orin Moore by the announcers.  That game was televised and my mom watching at home got really upset when they said Orin got the D.  Can’t screw with moms.

Looks like a really close game throughout but interesting that no matter how close it was, Hello Kitty never took the lead at any point.

Scooby Doo’s remaining schedule on the road to the immaculate season:

Dynomutt (2-2)
Scratchy (1-3)
Brian Griffin (3-1)
Cheshire Cat (1-2-1)
Ren (4-1)

Ren is currently in 2nd place.  That last game of the season could have really interesting implications.

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