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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  Really hope nobody lost a hand or an eye like the people we heard about on the news last night.  (That is sad news, but I kind of expect every year there will be a few body parts that just don’t make it.)  Let’s rewind the clock back to Tuesday the 3rd for the game between Blue’s Clues and Scratchy.  Here’s Bryan DeVore from Blue:

Monday night I’m laying in bed trying to sleep, but I have nightmares that our team accidentally shows up on Monday and we have a skeleton crew for our first non-Monday game. Those fears are immediately quelled as I arrive at 7:30, I see about 10 Blue’s Clues members. It’s always a good day when your team is excited to play Frisbee. I am absolutely ecstatic that we have so many people that want to learn and play better ultimate.

We have been running a ho stack and our cuts last week could have been a bit better, so Deeve and I agreed that our goal was to emphasize cutting and try to clean that up.
We draw up a drill, but as we are wrapping up explaining it, Andy Bandit walks up with the most exciting thing this year to date. New jerseys. We quickly distribute them and we look so fresh and so clean clean. By the time we get suited up, the game is about ready to start so we have to ditch the drill. It doesn’t matter though because Blue didn’t have to run it to execute it in the game.

Blue brought all of the basics of a free flowing offense. Break side throws, dish and hucks, and handler weaves galore!

Blue and Scratchy had an absolute slugfest. It’s hard to recount the trading of points, but I remember being almost on serve for the entire first half. It felt like whenever Blue made a play on defense, Scratchy matched it with one of their own and vice versa. Somehow we hold the first point on offense, but Scratchy quickly strikes back. Lisa breaks the mark 3 times in a row to help Blue go up 2-1. Rad, Ted and Leland throw hucks to put points on the board for Blue, but not before Korb had 6 or 7 Ds in the first half. He did a great job of running through some dump throws and eyeing when hucks were going to go up to be in position for them. Scores I remember writing 4-3 Blue, 7-6, 8-7 Blue takes half.

We chat and talk about how everything is peachy. We see that Remy, Grant and Korb are playing some lock down defense and talk about how we should have less air battles with them. So what do we do after halftime? Take it straight to them. Our cutters challenged their top defenders and made them work hard.

Other scores I remember writing in the second half. 12-10 Blue, 12-12, 13-12 Blue, 13-13, 14-13, 15-13 Blue.

Overall, I was impressed by the amount of fight that Blue brought and how our sidelines really encouraged, helped, and heckled (all in good fun) our players on the field. Additionally, every player was utilized and an important part of our win tonight.
Very disappointed that Chicago didn’t make an appearance, but now that he is over his quota of summer league games, maybe he is done?

Shoutouts –
– Lauren Hill made some amazing grabs. I’m pretty sure she had pine tar on her hands by the way the disc stuck to them.
– Ryan had some really chilly handler possession and enabled Scratchy to work it to the break side
– Grant and Remy, huge props for dealing with some people on the track creeping into our space and warning us that some people that may or may not have been trying to jack our stuff.
– Roland did a little of everything tonight, which was awesome. He cut, scored, handled, hucked, and D’ed. Damn what a night for Roland.
– Jack made great cuts all night, even though some of them weren’t thrown to.

Joxers time. Drinking with Scratchy was one of the best bar nights we have had! The night before the 4th probably aided in bar attendance for many, but Blue may be the bar team of the year. Blue has decidedly outnumbered and out-drank every team so far this year. We finally found a bar that has a low enough respect for their establishment to serve picklebacks.

Odds is not my game. Among other odds I lost, I’m now not shaving until after the summer league tourney. If you want a good time at the bar, play odds with me.

Someone is gonna have to explain Odds to me.  I’m a newb.  I’m not looking it up on line.  I only want to hear about it from an Ultimate player.

I can confirm that when I showed up to the field for my game, there were a swarm of blue players sitting cross legged around a white board, and as I dropped off their jerseys to them, not one of them made a comment about it.  Total focus.

I can also confirm they owned the bar.  Total awesomeness.

Also, good point about the possible theft of belongings.  We were informed by some track runners that a couple people were stealing stuff.  Something everyone should be aware of when our stuff is on the sidelines.  I can’t claim for sure anything was stolen as the people who were singled out were in fact holding several bags at that moment, but then again they also showed no attempt to be stealthy about their collection of bags, so I’m not really sure what to think.

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