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Scooby Doo
Felix the Cat


Now that we’ve established Scooby Doo is the oldest team in the league, with 9 players 40 years or older, I think maybe we should all realize that in Summer League, experience counts.  So now let’s hear from one of the most experienced Summer League captains, Seth Gillum:

The story of this recap starts in 2006.  When I first learned about the perils of the “send me game updates” text/call.  We were playing the undefeated team, with only 6 players.  Their captain, Frankie was off at a tournament with one or two of their high draft picks.  AJ and I knew he would want an update mid & post game.  With only being able to field 6 players, we put on our 6 vs 7 zone.  And took the game 17-2 (don’t feel bad for them, they ruthlessly pummeled the league that year with 17-3 victories) And I imagined having Frankie call and ask “how did the game go?”  And how I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that call.

2018- AJ can’t make the game.  But of course he wants updates.  And losing would be fine.  And like that team in 2006, we’ve been rolling lately  But you don’t want to get slaughtered when your co-captain is out.  One likes to feel you carry your half of the captaining weight.  And not just in terms of emails and scheduling.

Felix the cat showed up in black cat ears.  Which was intimidating.  But you focus on what you can control.  It’s too late to get team swag to match the ears.  So staying with our theme of trying something new every week, we tried out a little geometric defense with our women.  And it took Felix a bit of time to adjust.  But at 5-0 adjust they did.  That mixed with some serious handler fronting by both teams made for a tough and tight game.  Half was 8-3 Scooby (where we stopped the triangle d in the interest of fairness).   And the second half was a battle.  Everyone was being thrown to, first choices were often taken away and people were playing really really hard.  14-8 game point was a particularly intense point.  But John warden runs in front for a shockingly good D and punches a short pass into the corner for the game.   Lots of good play by both teams, and despite Scooby-Doo’s early lead, both teams played hard (and friendly) all game.  In my opinion, a win for everyone.  Especially for the guy who didn’t get slaughtered when his co captain couldn’t make the game.  Stuff like that shouldn’t matter.  In my head I know that.  But in my heart— it kinda does.

P.S. Felix – despite their low bar attendance on Andy’s interesting summer league facts page, delivered a great showing at Joxers.   Maybe it’s the ears.  It’s definitely the ears.  Way to captain Nay and David

The win puts Scooby Doo into first place, just a +1 over Ren in Point Diff.  Also, since the other game last night was two cats battling, we have the results for Dogs vs. Cats through three weeks.  Dogs still hold a slight lead with three more victories over the Cats.  As a captain of a Cat team, I know it’s time to step it up.

Oh boy, fasten your seat belts.  Please keep your head and arms inside the vehicle, and secure all your belongings.  It’s time for another drunken Reedcap.  Can you handle it?  Can you?

(This is where, if I had that kind of time, I would totally make a video of Jack Nicholson saying “You can’t handle the truth!” from “A Few Good Men” but mute the word truth and insert my own voice saying Reedcap.  So just imagine that I did that.)

Seth Gillum’s team: “We’re older men, and have lots of money, let us pay for your drink”s”…..(pick-up line)

~ actual quote from one of their old guys at the bar…not saying whooo. also they brought underage 18…girls to the bar, while i told my undetage girls 19, 20 they couldnt join …..

real fucking talk ($%^&*()21#DRUNK)

seth is the least spirited captain in ALLL of summer league  (Editor’s note.  I know he’s being drunkenly sarcastic.  I just want to make sure you ALL know that.)

SETH is the nicelst MAN MAN in all of summe league. I’m drinking a tekate at home in the valley right now cause FELICX THE FUCKING CAT WON THE BAR

it’s not the team with the largest at the bar, it’s the team iwhth the LOOOOOOOOOooongest at the bar.

12 39pm, you” eeesee the pics. NAY with teh DD for the win

seth says hes nice. but he knows whats up. HE KILLS U WITH KINDNESS, and when I”M 49 years old, i’ll be just LIKE HIM, mock my words

any way, Scooby Du gave a good game, the right 14 people showed up.
Full squad for FELICX, we playeed hearts out. but could gel. worked it up, fucked ourselves in the endzone, or hucked it, like A BOASSSS but the uhucke was bit short.
Derek LAY, (i’m gonna go slow so i can tell u all whats up here………………………..D>LAY is THE most underrrrrated player in summer league. he D’d D-CON on like 3 hucks. D_LAY should be a 1 or 2 next year. he can shut anyone down. i played with him last year I KNOW

Scooby was so cool, and I drank so much of their pitchers at the bar. THAT I WON, see pics**** old guy kept saying, “IM ricj and old and have money so drink my drynk, i’ve got money and i’m and older MAN!” the bald guy….

anyhooo here’s a nice thing about ever one on FELIX -DELIX-da-HOUSE c-a-t!

* ***Andrew hasler = run down, skyd the shit outta mike Z clean, , No foul! int he end zoen. Andy’s 2nd game, gonna be a boss by the turneymint, buy him some cleats! played his heart out

Nay – GENTLMAN< WELcome the the ROCK! – the rock of Gibraltar, you make the wrong decision. SHE makes the RIGHT. she coulda hucked it away like the rest of us. but the future is female. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY SHOULD BE ALL FEMALE IF IT WAS REALLY CONSWRVATIVE> GHOST OF MCCAIN 20202!!!!! give her the disc and u will hav e 0 turns, my bad….

Gabe SHOWBERG!! – showed up suffering from migranes and still RAN A POINT, ever shitty throw she caught and worked it up, till A MAN tuend it in the red zone, shouldve been her glory point, but we boffffffed it.

malia smith, – first game with felix, didn’t play enough – threew 1 too many hammers, played like a boss, but I WANNA SEEE MORE!!!!

Cameron Hastings – also first game with felix – she coulda CRUSHED, got an amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing D in the endzone, but was feeeeeeeeline feling us out,, and played it cool like a cat.

Erin Dean – Gave her all, got a D on a girl 10 years her junior, never gave up. a legend and a boss.

Kelsey turneer – showed up after half from a work event at the GARAGWE with a burger and beer in belly, and ran her heart out. Lippy ran his ass of on a point catching EVERTHYING, but dropped his endzone point, good thing kelsey is a boss and scooped it up for the score. go KEls!, )peopllle names Kelsey are ALWAYS COOOL)

———————-side bar, i was on the far sidleinfe seinfeld, with BACON the hole game and didnt realize it was BANCON till the bar, …glasses make peepole look wierd

Erica Kepski – The rock of nantucket, caught everyhting, rock on D, why dont we just give her and nay the disc every point? fuck me

Lisa cheng – First person to bust Scoobys traingle lady zone deep, heady player, always makes the right decision. lock down mark.

====================watching mad men on netflix, just had a moment of clarity. Betty DRAPER stands up SHOCKED when Jack Ruby live on national tv shot oswald, not to get poutikal, but man, think about something like that happening in our current pitical climate. after, betty just wants to go see singing in the rain….to numb the pain…..fuck


ALMOST every guy threw a B A D turnover tooking to score and get us back in this.

we went down earlt and we all played witha come from behind mentality.

MAX – played like this was college NATS on O and D, then went to work, hes an Ad man, mad men, watching mad men, i thingk he sells VAPeS to kids…or diet Dr pepper to 50+ers…not sure… he played like a 22 year old started and weanst rewarded , MY BAD, he got HARD

LIppy, NICk – RAN SOOO MANY POINTS. and then kept runing lock down D on guys he sholdnt hav ebeen able to D, somehow…life finds a way. (secret, i weant him to throw down field more….

Justin Marsh – heady, HEADY player, locked down handlers on D big time, and had one of the most perfect hucks I’ve evner seen, for a score, (negated by the ugliest huck ive ever seen, for not s score)

Thomas Pindeda/Eric Kirkham – one person, calmed us, got D’s threw dimes, threw some turns, slipped a lot on the T U R F…..i think my team needs turf cleats….soooos many slips….bad huck, back huck…Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurfect huck. these guys are both boss once they get their footing. Pineda on D (hnad italian kissy thing). cant be stopped. (Kirkham had some mad cat puns at the bar)

D=con – can get whatever he wants, just has to make up his mind.. and He can beat u and your moehter with him. as long as we dont UNDER throw him.(derek lay fronted him and got like 3 D’s cause we had jello arms)

Aner Moss – got pissed off that he gentemanly sat out a number of points, showed his stuff throwing a sweet mid range score. bro can get open when he wants. and throw what he wants.

Horace – the male version of Nay, takes care of the disc, makes the right decision, doesn’t drop, doesn’t get beat,. fuck, gotta get this guy the disc more.

Josue – amazing deep threath…maybe toooooo good of a deep threat. we all wanted to throw to him. we threw some bad stuff, cause he’s that good. but he got D’s he can throw. he’s goood.

Evan baker – when he decides to run and isn’t injured. Is the 2nd best player on the field, ANY field. he can throw too. played through an injury, but WATCH OUT!

ME – (reed) – i won the bar (played terriBle), the average team with the botom 3 bar and fun attnedance (top of cutters and height)… and nay, last man standing….(Nay drove me home) pics to prive….

bartender gave me a free shot of jameson cause i made fun of the bar back for coming to work sick ….said he needed a shot, gave his shot to me….

did i miss anyone.???? i i did, they probaly did it all.

seth…… u .

u da man, shafted, em me again. of course. tooo smart, i”ll het there when i;m 64, grat song ,gonna play it, i’m a pretty good gutar player u knaw….


good spirit 10/10 for an old guy team and also top 3 in shape team,….on AVERAGE mead median mode, range…STATS!

ughhh, i need a drink. i have such a right brained team…and i’m so left brain, i’ll fuguire it out. u’lllll see. or is it the opposite?

cats out of the fucking BAG! had a blast, i’m good


numners at the bar dunt fucking matter.

Nay and I closed it out.

i tooks shots with the bartender of JemeySON with the barback that had the flu. so flu u

we won the bar, felix, bottom three in fun and bar attendenc e. vs. scooby ewhoooooodie doooo oldest, most fun, top 3 athletic, etc….

nay and i were the last 2 standing,

also fuck seth and his trades, does anyones have more trades in summer league than seth? huh’;. ??? i.m not mad, whatver.

I consider this a major triumph that I only had to throw one editor’s note in there.  A couple other times I had to think about it, but decided it was okay to keep as is.

It’s hard to comment on a Reedcap.  You just experience it, and everyone holds hands and we all say “we got through it together” and we all nod.  Cause we did it.  We did it.

Best part about it:  So many words.  None of them mention the score.  Had to get it from Seth.

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