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Brian Griffin


Nothing more fun than cartoon artists hating on each other.  Here’s Ren and Stimpy creator Jon Kricfalusi talking about Family Guy.  (“If you’re a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you’re looking at Family Guy, you don’t have to aim very high. You can draw [that show] when you’re 10 years old,” he said in a Cartoon Brew interview. “The standards are extremely low.“)

Team Brian at it again!

This time TB took on Ren from Ren and Stimpy. What a strange but great show. didn’t MTV bring it back sometime in the late 2000’s? Was it as good?

Anyway, as usual my team showed up on time and ready to play by 8:15. Ren needed a little more time, I think first pull was about 8:25 so in the battle of TB vs Frisbee/Ultimate time, we are 2-2. I feel like for summer league that’s not bad. I will continue to try to push games to start sooner and be the change I want to see in “ultimate time”

TB won the flip and chose to start on O. Kwok tried to pull a fast one on us and choose to go white. Our actual team color is white, so that didn’t fly. He ended up choosing a side.

The first point of the game was a hell point for sure, lots of working it down the field and turning it at the end zone. Finally after about 5 minutes, TB was able to wrangle in the first point of the game as Corey yells out “hell points win games”. He’s certainly onto something, there is definitely a mental aspect that comes into play when you play a point that long, have your opportunities to score and the result can have lasting effects. Lucky for us, we were the ones who managed to score. Mentally it could be even more draining if you give up a break on a hell point

After the first point, TB got its groove on, going up 4-0. However Ren came right back and managed to tie it up, or at least cut it to 5-4.

TB manages to take half 8-6

At half TB discusses a zone and lays it on thick. It was effective at keeping the disc out of the downfield cutters hands, but on at least one, maybe two points Kwok and Garrett are able to work it up the field by cutting through the cup almost entirely by themselves. Maybe 20 completions each point, and only 3-4 of them to players not named Garrett or Kwok.

Lucky for TB Kwok and Garret couldn’t play all the points.

Even with an effective zone that still was beaten (does that make sense) TB was able to maintain and even gain some momentum. TB takes the game 15-9


Player Brian of team Brian (Brian of Brian, or BOB) with a nasty d picked up by Brad who completed a 4/5ths field throw to Brian to complete the bookends.

One of our newer players Jeremy bringing down a couple huge hucks

KB wrangling in a few tough throws for scores

Joy climbing the ladder to bring down some tough throws.

Kwok getting a ton of D’s

Both Kwok and Garrett getting the disc at will as handlers

From both teams, only myself and Joy made it to the bar and we had some lovely team building. Also, if there are any more Lincoln Middle School games, we went to Rock N Pies for the bar. Good atmosphere, would be a great spot for teams to go to.

Thanks for the Rock N Pies suggestion.  Any contact with the owner/manager/head bartender?  Maybe we can try to get a discount there if we keep going back to that place every Monday.

Kwok is crafty.  That is such a fierce move to call shirt.

If Ren and Stimpy was ever brought back again, I never saw it.  I watched it religiously for the first couple seasons.  I was in college at the time, and it was one of the three most watched shows in my dorm.  For the record, the other two were Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch.  Later Melrose Place replaced Ren and Stimpy on the top 3.


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