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I’ve been completely mispronouncing Nyan Cat, which I thought rhymed with Ryan.  But in fact, after reading about the song that inspired the name, I now realize it rhymes with John.  It’s Nya with an n added at the end.  Rhymes with the old Chinese capital city Xian where the Terra Cotta Soldiers are.  (And where the vendors will try to sell you soap masked as stone, but that’s a story for another time.)

Nya is the Japanese equivalent of Meow.

Scratchy I’m pretty sure I’m pronouncing correctly.

And now, here’s Scott Bergen with the recap of Nya-n Ca-t:

Hurricane Vivian made landfall around 8:20 pm on Tuesday near Mid-City but the worst of the damage was done about 30 minutes later. More on that in 5 sentences.

I’d like to take credit for drafting our MVP but I didn’t. We wound up having her begrudgingly traded to us because of a missed-baggage request. I know I’m sorta tipping my hand by speaking so highly of her in this recap, but she can’t be stopped. She’s a force of nature. Ask Chicago, who she skied on a huck into their zone midway through the first half. The damage was profound. The zone never returned and some say it might never.

We started out on O for the first time this season and immediately turned the disc over, as is tradition. 2-3 turns later, one of us threw to one of us for a goal. It was probably great. I don’t remember.

After a sloppy first point, you thought it might be “one of those games” and then Scratchy strung together this textbook short pass-swing-short-pass-swing offense for an easy score and I thought, “uh oh, it’s gonna be one of those games.”

But then we just cleaned things up and started rolling. Our huck game was on tonight, which hasn’t really been our thing most of the season. Jaws was all over the place running deep. Janel was like a human magnet – didn’t matter where she was or who was guarding her – the disc was hers. C-Note had a flawless game handling nearly every point. And Viv was just everywhere. At one point, she made this awesome fake and threw a huck and I looked down field and there was no receiver, I looked back like “WTF?” and she was gone. I looked down field again and she was catching it. I turned to Chuck next to me and asked if he’d seen that but it wasn’t Chuck. It was Viv.

We rattled off 6 in-a-row thanks to some really hard defense and eventually took half at 8-2 and we were like, “Is it gonna be one of these games?” But that’s a pretty veteran team over there in Springfield so we knew that a push was coming and it was still probably going to be one of those games.

The second half was much more back-and-forth with Scratchy cleaning up the drops and really clamping down on us on D. We wound up winning the half 7-6 for a 15-8 final. There was some good-spirited chippiness – some close foul or up/down calls that were contested, but none with raised voices or anything really negative at all. 4-0 on good-spirit games so far.

Bobby and Ezra had a few really nice hucks each and a few really nice receptions each for scores in the second half. New Guy Eli had two great long catches for scores. CNote went full-Gretzky at one point and threw a perfect, soft OI forehand to an open space in the end zone that Viv (I think? Probably) probably never saw until she finally cleared a 4-5 person scrum on her cut and then it was right in her stride.

Other things happened too. Lauren Hill on Scratchy probably the throw of the night for a late huck goal right along the home sideline to give the people what they wanted. Our women were savage for a while and then played with 4 all night and each of them made huge contributions and none took points off. They were awesome. We are starting to embrace our rainbowness a lot more and it’s really opening doors for our cheers.

With this game out of the way, I am turning my attention to Nyan Cats’ longstanding flirtation with LeBron James. I don’t want to say it’s a done-deal because of league tampering rules, but just keep your eye on the Twitters on Sunday morning.

LeBron is perfectly acceptable to be a mid-season replacement if you lose a player.  The only question is, what round would he go, for fair replacement value?  That’s actually a good poll question.  If LeBron was in the Summer League draft, what round would you pick him in?  I mean, do we even know if he can throw a Frisbee?  Does it even matter?  Just send him deep all the time, right?

Chicago is officially a liar.  He’s already exceeded the 20% he said he could make on his draft sheet.  I can never trust you Chicago.  I love you, but I can never trust you.

And I can totally relate to tipping your hand about one of your players in recaps.  The year I played with Llama, she was the 7th female drafted on my team.  I had a powerhouse female team, where Alison Regan, Stacy Adams, Remy Schor, Powski, Mish and Finn were all drafted ahead of Llama.  And they have all been Club players, and I believe all of them have been to Nationals or Worlds, either club or college.  Llama was playing her first Summer League team, and she was young at the time, before she also became a Club force.  But at the time, she wasn’t well known, and she was killing it every week.  I wrote about it in multiple recaps that she was the best receiver I’ve ever had as a teammate.  She caught every huck I threw.  It was clockwork.  And then of course, people would play my team and they’d ask “which one’s Llama” and then they’d put their best player on her.  Curses my big mouth.

Although in this case Viv is already a practice player on 7 Figures, so the word’s already out.

And now, a day late but never too late, it’s Crunchy with her Crunchcap:

AHOYYYYYY and welcome back to the CRUNCH CAP for all your Summer League needs

ON the eve of the 26th of the month of June, ANOTHER Tuesday to be exact, began an epic battle between SCRATCHY and NYAN CAT. There’s nothing like a FELINE VERSUS FELINE. And let me tell ya there was no lack of cat fights here and there.

While there was SUM chippy shit scattered through the night, the SPIRIT was FUCKING ALIVVVEEE

On a humble and honest note, WE GOT FUCKING REKT THE FIRST HALF. Ohhh boiiii were those blues NYA-ING all the way into our endzone!

HOWEVER, there is and can NEVER be any competition when it comes to the SCRATCHY TEAM LITTYNESS, our spirit is always AFLAME! Hence, leading to a fantastic game of ultimate!


However, that is not to say THAT Scratchy didn’t have some SWIGGITY SWOOGGITY SAVAGERY!

Lauren was ON FIRE with her throws, left, right, forward, back, DEEEEEEEP oh boiiii She YOSSSSEDDD A BIG BOIII down the field for THE SCORE into dat endzone towards the end of the game, and it honestly REVIVED ME like a goddamn REBIRTH OF HOPE for the game!

MY BOIISSS LINNUS and RYAN were SWERVIN left and right, flying down the field, falling back for the resets, honestly EVERYWHERE at once and it was pleasant…..JK IT WAS SAVAGEEEE!

SIDENOTE: Our homeBOIIII Axl, this motherfuckers INITIALS spell out his name “AXL”, too cool!

Oh, pft, and he’s like also A LITTY HANDLING MACHINE!

Now, now, now please direct your attention to EMMMAAAA who literally makes cutting look as easy as PRE-SLICED BREAD! Yeah that’s right, the cut is ALREADY MADE by the time you pick up DAT DISCCC for DAT EZ SCORE! Emma caught so many scores in the endzone for Scratchy and when it fucking COUNTED! We were lookin for some pick-me-ups after SUM TOUGH points, and there she was as OPEN AS AN EAGLES WINGS IN THE VAST BLUE SKY!

My fellow Hellion and my true LUG, ORCA aka Sophia, was OUR MUTHAFUCKIN MVP….Y’all wanna know why? THIS BADASS played ALLLLL NIGHT EFFORTLESSLY swingin’ dat DISCY-DISC, YOSSIN DAT TOSS, whilst feeling not 100% physically. Her hip was feeling a little WONK but BOOM BANG she couldn’t RESIST absolutely SAUCIN ON DEEZ KITTEHS!

Oh. My. Lord. Lets just have a moment of silence for my ankles…..

Cuzzzzz JAWS ABSOLUTELY TORE THEM APART. Nyan Cat’s deep game was FUCKING SAVAGE all thanks to VIV and JAWS. And ya homegirl Crunchy here, was D’ing up on these literal WONDER WOMEN OF THE FRIZ and the results were as expected: WRECKED.

JAWS gave me the CARDIO I had been procrastinating all week with her SWISHIN AND SWOOSHIN up and down the whole goddamn field AT LIGHTING SPEED!


HOWEVER TO MY HOWEVER, JAWS and VIV were TOOOOOO SAUCY for my inferior lack of athleticism and their overall SAVAGERY in the CUTTING DEPT.

Lemme just make a special note that many of the TALL, SPEEDY BLUE MEN (heh, not avatars) were EXTREMELY SPIRITED even when ABSOLUTELY SHREDDING us deep! I enjoyed the sideline with y’all!

The game ended 15-8.

BUT OHMUHGAWD, all da frandz were at the good ol’ Rancho that night, so LOTS OF LUG talkin and chattin and MANY DOGES!

I’m sorry, she just makes me laugh.  “As open as an eagle’s wings in the vast blue sky”.  That is just poetic.

I had to look up “ermahgerd” though.  And I’m pretty sure she made up “yossing”.

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  • Stephen

    June 27, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    I told Scott, I was not lying when I said you were getting a steal when we traded Viv to you!


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