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Every time I see the word underdog I do not hum the Underdog theme song.  Nor do I think about famous underdogs in history, like the 1980 USA hockey team or the English bowmen of Agincourt.  No, instead I always think of the song “Hate it or Love it” by 50 Cent and the Game.

“Hate it or love it, the underdog’s on top.  And I’m gonna shine homey til my heart stops.”

I literally sing that song in my head every time I see the word underdog.  It’s like an affliction and I can’t shake it.  And now, maybe I’ve put it some of your head’s, so you can suffer along with me.

And now, with that useless information out of the way, here’s Stephanie Hicks of Underdog with the scoop from Hollywood:

Unfortunately, our Underdog winner from last week, Geoff, couldn’t make it to the game, but he hid the famed pup at Hollywood High and left us this video as to where to find him.

Cortez got to the fields super early and made friends with the janitor, who explained how to get out of the parking lot if the gate is closed, showed us where the bathrooms were. Clutch information when the main gate was locked after the game. Thanks Cortez! When I arrived, Cortez and I went on a hunt for Underdog…

Success! Then we went to the field – which Puss N’ Boots Captain Erick Cifuentes had already set up, because he’s awesome. It’s a beautiful field in a beautiful location with a beautiful opposing Captain.

But at 8:15p when Underdog had six ladies but only four men, and Puss N’Boots was doing an endzone drill with a full-squad I started to get a bit nervous. We discussed strategy and decided to come out on defense with a zone, and an all-lady cup to save the guys. They still scored, but Merlin and Sam both had a couple of almost D’s and generally I thought we were off to a great start. Thankfully we had five men show up late – including new-dad Armand who’s baby was born Sunday. Here’s the newest Underdog: Julian Paul DeBose. He’ll be ready to play at the tournament. Watch out!

So the first half, we did what we did last week and got ourselves in a hole with lazy D, dumb drops and iffy deep throws that Puss N’ Boots easily D’d. Puss N’ Boots have a great squad with Enway and Ed Melo, a trio of fast dudes I don’t know, Liverpool, Meg, Skipper and this SUPER fast girl Marlee. Sadly for Puss N’ Boots, Enway was injured and James Renfroe didn’t make it – but it was a lucky break for us, as I think James’ hucking to Ed would be nuts to try and stop. And none of us want to guard Enway, because we already had to guard the super speedy Marlee who is ridiculously young and fast. Thankfully we just made Kelley guard her and except for one score each, they pretty much shut each other down, which is an epic matchup if I’ve ever seen it.

Puss N’ Boots took half 8-5, but our squad was finally at full strength, warmed-up and I gave probably the world’s most epic pump-us-up-speech about how we were going to go on a run and how the second half was OUR half, because our name was Underdog. I mean, someone should have filmed it and turned my speech into inspirational you-tube video. And because I’m writing the recap, that is how it will go down in history.

We cheered Under-Doggy-Style, as one does, and then in true Underdog fashion, we came out on offense after half and scored and then got FOUR breaks in a row to take the lead 9-8. Toph had an amazing layout D, that was SO close to being a Callahan. Johnny was shutting down Ed. Ruth had a couple of D’s. And generally I was super fired up and yelling a lot because Chris is in NY for the next couple of weeks and Johnny got sassy telling me I was only half a Captain – so lets just say I felt the need to prove myself. And I’m naturally pretty loud. But it worked. We were tired, but we had momentum.

At some point we tried a zone again with me in an all-lady cup and they easily scored, because they have awesome handlers and I should never be in a cup… and after that, we decided to just play man the rest of the night. We also maximized our women, by having all the men stay back and handle, so their guys wouldn’t poach deep on us. If they did poach then the guys would just work it up themselves. We threw less iffy deep shots — except a few to Cortez that Skipper kept D’ing because she was playing amazing. But generally we just worked the disc up and really utilized our women. I think Laura and I each scored at least three goals at close quarters. Armand was a beast, with a particularly great D on a long huck to Ed, which Ed blamed on “slipping on all of Armand’s sweat.” Matt and Johnson whether handling or cutting were always open and pretty hard to stop. Sam scored on a long huck from Matt. Cortez threw a couple of scores.

But Puss N’ Boots kept the game close and we were trading points. It was 13-12, then 14-13 and it was 9:58p. The lights were going to go off any minute. We worked it down — Marlee poached off of me leaving me wide open in the end zone, and Armand threw it to me — but Marlee came out of nowhere and D’d it, because she’s THAT fast. Then, she sprinted down for a long huck, that I was nowhere near, and they would have tied the game if she’d come down with it. But thankfully they overthrew her. We worked it back down and I redeemed myself, connecting with Armand in the endzone for the win! 15-13. Armand took home the Underdog for his awesome D’s and scores, and for coming out with a 3-day-old baby at home. Thank you Andrea! So far we have 100% attendance by our new dad squad. It’s kinda amazing, as is their cheer…

They were super excited to see us at Sycamore Tavern, which Toph pointed out, used to be the infamous bar Happy Endings, which I definitely have ended a few late nights in Hollywood at that I barely remember. Good times. Toph also was pretty proud to maintain his 100% win record when he’s playing — our only loss was while he was out of town last week. But then that’s also true of Cortez who missed last week. I’m ok with them believing this as long as neither of them miss any more games. It was a great night, and thank you to Puss N’Boots who came out and played a super tough but spirited game, and props to Erick and Liverpool who represented for their team at the bar!

Julian can definitely be a tourney replacement, but can only replace a #1 pick.  I don’t want the same problems as last year.

I’m expecting to see a video re-creation of the famous pump up speech.  At the tournament party.

I’d never been to the Happy Endings myself, but when I was with a group of people recently and mentioned the Sycamore Tavern, it was amazing how many people went “oh my God, that’s the old Happy Endings bar.  That place wrecked me.”  So it must’ve been good.

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  • Liverpool

    June 29, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Happy Endings Bar was the shit. It’s gone downhill since it became Sycamore tbh. In fact, I ended my bachelor party at Happy Endings. And yes, we were wrecked.

    If you’re in the mood to try a new local bar, I recommend Pig N’ Whistle.


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