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Oh man, I was getting all set for the Ren vs. Scooby Doo game on the last week of the season.  That game had to be scheduled initially cause it was one of the few without a date, then it got temporarily moved to July 18th, but then it had to be moved again, and has ultimately found a home at Rancho on Wednesday, August 8.  With Ren holding a 4-1 record and high point diff going into this game, they looked like they might be the best challenge to Scooby Doo’s undefeated record, and would make for a hell of a final week game.  But the loss to Puss N Boots last night calls that into question.  Let’s see how it went.

Here’s temporary fill-in player Nate Warden, who’s replacing 2nd round pick Dune on Puss N Boots who was lost for the season with a torn ACL.  Nate will stay with Puss N Boots for a few weeks and then be placed in the Replacement Draft, happening on Friday, August 3, to be picked by possibly another team.

Have you ever heard the tale of Il gatto con gli stivali or “The Booted Cat”?Well the story starts from humble beginnings. The youngest son of a miller receives his inheritance, and it is an unexpected one. While his older brothers get the mill and the mules, the youngest (and favorite) son only receives a Cat. The son laments as his older brothers kick him out of the house for inheriting nothing, but this is no ordinary cat…. because this cat asks for boots. What kind of Cat asks for boots?

Well last night at the RCRC in our game against Ren it was a similarly humble start. Evan “Dune” Soskin, a handsome stud and critical piece of Puss in Boots, had to be replaced due to a knee tear (best healing wishes Dune!) Not only that, but the game began 6 versus 7 because only two women had arrived for Puss in Boots. Needless to say we were happy to start on D and trade to 2-2 until the women of Puss in Boots had arrived and were suited up (and excellent women they were). As for the Cat who asked for the boots? Well as the temporary injury replacement I will say I was just happy for the chance to put some cleats on…

So anyway back in the story the Cat asks for the boots, but the request comes with a promise. The Cat promises to make their masters fortune in return for the boots. And although the son has little money a talking cat is delightful so he obliges. So the Cat with the boots sets off and begins to catch game every single day. The game does not come home however as the Cat gifts the game to the King and his beautiful daughter every single day…..

And in the game last night against Ren there was game hunting for everyone! The first half had some outstanding Ds. Garrett got a couple of poached Ds for Ren. Eddie got a huge sky block in the end zone for Puss. The best of the night, however, was late in the first half when Puss Captain Erick Cifuentes got a huge Deep D which led to chants of “oh Captain my Captain” from the sidelines. Despite all the blocks, Puss would only get one break to take the lead. Then Paul Hernandez unleashed a backhand rocket to a wide-open man in blown coverage to take half 8-7.

The second half was some clean offense by Puss and many unforced errors from Ren. A quick hold out of half for Puss put us up 9-7 and then we received many turnovers. Puss would outscore Ren six to three on the back end to win 15-10 (I think?). A few notes for Puss players I have not hit on yet: Becca (“Rocki”) and Linda (“Skipper”) were smooth steady hands in the backfield handling for Puss. Enway was MVP on the field last night scoring multiple goals, making some big grabs, and notching a few block-steals. All the women were excellent! I already hit on some of the guys, but Puss Captain James Renfroe was probably the men’s MVP. He had some great catches in traffic and dropped assist after assist on hammers for holds and breaks. Ed Melo was good as usual but everyone knows that. It was a fun time! We need to step up our Bar game, but that will come in time!

So what happens next to the Booted Cat and the son? What about the King and his Daughter? Well we have yet to get into the nudity or the ogre, but this Recap is long enough now, so you will have to wait until next early week for the rest of the tale. Do not spoil yourself on The Booted Cat! We need you people reading recaps.

It’s funny that he mentions that Italian story, as I was just talking about that tale in the last Puss N Boots recap.  So I like that Nate also reads Wikipedia as much as I do.

I was a bit confused for a minute with the use of the word “game” in two different contexts.  Been awhile since I’ve heard the second definition of “game”.

Remember for a brief few minutes when people were playing this game where you couldn’t say the word “game”?  And they would have to say “g” instead.  That was weird.

Funny uses of language.  Nate likes to hit on people apparently.  He hasn’t hit on Rocki or Skipper yet (but is that coming soon?  Should they be aware?)  But he has hit on James Renfroe.  And I hope that went well.

I look forward to the nudity and the ogre.  (Not the orgy, I assume.  You definitely meant ogre, right?  Like Shrek?)

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  • Nate warden

    July 13, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    Haha an orgy in children’s story would be a hell of a plot twist…..
    As for my language? Well Just you Wait ‘Enry ‘Iggins Just you Wait!


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