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Week 7 begins.  We definitely have some front runners.  Scooby Doo is trying to be the first team to ever win every game and the tournament.  But there’s four other interesting contenders in the mix, and one of them is Ren.  They’re a team I’ve been intrigued by, and I’m still very interested to see how they do against Scooby Doo on the final week of the season.  They lost last week but are back on the winning side after last night.

David Reed of Felix the Cat is here to tell the tale:

A pre-game discussion on “BBQ” v. “Cookout” prompted our huddle to go around the circle and everyone named their favorite BBQ joint in L.A., which led to this:

It’s a work in progress as I forgot what half of my team said, so feel free to shout out your favorite spot for southland smoked meat or add it to this map. Make the color of the marker your team color so I can see which team has the best taste in BBQ. (We have one vegetarian)


Felix is on a pretty rigid schedule of winning every other game. That means we will end on a win going into the tournament.

Felix started out HOT throwing zone against Garrett “I love Playing Against Zone” Yung. Ren was shorthanded requiring Garrett and Kwok to be on every single line. This had me worried. But lucky for us some throws sailed and they forced a couple giving us our breaks. We rocked our usual hucking game pretty effectively to take half 8-3 and felt firmly in control. We were dictating the pace, getting easy scores, and doing it as a team. Good times!

It’s always been impressed upon me that if you’re wining a league game by a decent margin due to zone that you should stop throwing it after half. We weren’t “killing” Ren, but they looked gassed and I figured it’d be good for us to switch it up as well.

We started the 2nd half on D playing man. Thomas Pineda showed up during halftime and the first thing he does is get a big hand block on the 2nd throw that we quickly convert for the break. Seems like we’ll be fine…

Then Ren puts their women to work! All their drops and miscues from the first half disappear. Not facing our zone frees up Ren’s women to just smoke us on the open side. Their lady handlers take care of the disc and methodically march it in for easy scores.

On D they employed a lady triangle with Kwok seemingly playing Rover, baiting our deep shots and running them down.

Felix starts getting sloppy, we’re not on the same page, and often just throwing it right into the defense or OB. Ren goes on an 8-2 run to tie it up at 11-11.

We try going back to zone, but Ren now has swagger and momentum and methodically breaks it.

One exceptional female Ren point went all up the sideline, every throw was either spectacularly saved from the turf or fiercely secured away from a run through D. All the way up to the red-zone, then a smooth break throw for an easy open side goal. It was exciting and demoralizing all at once.

We got the hang of beating Ren’s lady triangle by bringing our own women back to take over the point and work it up for an easy score. It was a nail biter at the end for sure, with lights poised to go off on us as the lead constantly changed hands. Felix felt good leading 13-12, but turned it on some wrong page cuts and throws to no one.

15-13 with a sweet layout catch by a guy on Ren in a Red shirt. Good Game.

Ren played an amazing 2nd half and kept it clean/spirited. I don’t know any of their women’s names, but they all played spectacularly.

We had a pretty epic comeback against Cheshire a few weeks ago and can now sympathize with blowing a lead. I also get to second guess my decision to take our foot off the gas and stop throwing zone all week. It was good for us to work on our man D and I have a feeling Garrett would have beaten our Z in the 2nd half anyway. But still, I’ll be losing sleep over that call.

Also: Nay and I won back to back Sunday trivias at MacLeods (brag) for the first time and I thought for sure it was an omen that we would finally win back to back Monday League games. Oh well … still got a rockin team that’s surpassing all expectations at the bar and on spirit.

Felix has been involved in a lot of close games.  Half of their games have been decided by 1 or 2 points.

I’m not surprised Nay and Reed are good at trivia.  Why are they not winning money on HQ?

Unfortunately, if you keep up the “win every other game” pattern, you would lose in the first round of the tournament.  And if my math is correct, end up in 11th place.

My concern about Ren after reading this recap is… does it take Garrett and Kwok playing almost all points for Ren to win?  I would hope not.  Although if I remember talking to someone else after losing to Ren, they also mentioned Garrett and Kwok played the large majority of the points.  At the tournament, I would assume they’ll have a larger squad, and playing time will be shared more.  And it also sounds like the Ren ladies were the big part of the comeback which is good to hear.

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  • Reed

    July 17, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Our “every other” streak will reset once Felix plays under the glorious rays of the Santa Clarita sun. It will purify us!!!

    Also Maple Block Meat Co. came up the most on our team. We have a strong west side contingent.


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