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While you’re watching the All-Star game tonight (which I won’t be doing cause I have a game), you can read the recap from Joanna Whitney for last night’s Dyno vs. Cheshire game.

Dynomutt started the night unassuming. At first they barely have enough women to start the game, then Julius trips and falls just tossing a disc around warming up. A lesser team would start getting a false sense of confidence at this point, but not Cheshire. We get a strong cheer going and take the line on O.

Dynomutt comes out gunning and takes the first two points. Cheshire strikes back with a point of their own. Determined not to have another score mishap, I make sure to keep checking with multiple people that they have the same score as I did.

First half, Cheshire is looking a little sluggish. We make some decisions that afterwards we admit weren’t the best. We have plenty of people who like to put it long, unfortunately those are the same people who want to run long while the rest of the team favors the short game, so some overthrows are inevitable. Sometimes it’s just choosing the difficult throws over the easy dump. We like to be showy like the Cheshire Cat from the movie, but that’s easier said than done.

We get to 7-6 Dynomutt and really battle it out. Dynomutt takes half with a score by Julius over a new addition to our team also named Joanna. We didn’t get a chance to decide on a nickname yet for her. Maybe next time Julius will play shorter instead of taking advantage of someone 1/3 of his size. We huddle up and encourage more honest d and aggressive d. It seems like that will be our strong point against this team.

Taking the line on D, our pep talk works. 8-8. We are forcing them to make difficult throws with our zone d and it is shutting down the swing. Other than a throw to the middle person once or twice, we are exploiting the holes in their offense. Then they get a little more savvy and readjust their positioning. Dynomutt comes roaring back. They no longer allow our wing to pinch in as far because they make real threats with their cuts on the wing. Our sideline talking can only help so much. Dynomutt brings it to 14-11. It’s still within our reach, but we’re going to need to lock it down.

Highlight of the night: Snatch yelling “Go Nahall!” like he normally does when he wants to put it to her while she goes deep. The only things was, Nahall was a little confused as to what she needed to do since she was sitting on the sideline and Joanna 2 was the one Snatch was trying to throw to. Needless to say, that connection didn’t happen since neither lady knew how to react to that call. I guess I’m just glad he didn’t confuse me and Joanna 2, that would have been awkward.

Dynomutt scores the last point to make it 15-11. We’re getting a little frustrated these games keep slipping through our grasp. We’ve got the talent, but the chemistry is shaky. At least we’re still having fun. We have yet to lose a bar night, so there’s at least that. Even Ed Wu showed up to Robin Hood. However, he may not come back after Snatch yelled at him from across the room for stealing a french fry from Snatch’s plate after Cubby and I got away with it. He’s gotta learn to be a bit more sneaky for that to work.

Well, it’s always the most recent foul that gets caught.  Everybody knows that from watching enough sports.

If there’s anyone out there named Joanna, by the way, who wants to play in Summer League, I have a team for you.

Dynomutt goes to 4-3.  6 teams are above .500 and 5 of them are dogs.  The dogs are killing us.  It’s a little embarrassing.

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  • Seth

    July 20, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    French fry stealing. One of the great post ultimate games


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