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The #2 and #3 seeds were squaring off on Friday.  So far the best match-up of the season.  It also happened on the very new Belmont High School turf field that we just recently got.  Or I should say that Chuck Bender got, because Chuck has gotten ALL our fields.  He’s a field ninja.

Belmont High is controlled by LAUSD.  We just started getting LAUSD fields this year, with Hollywood High and Belmont being our first two.  We hope to expand on that next year, but there’s some interesting insurance obstacles we have to jump over first.

Unfortunately, this game happened on a Friday in front of a weekend that many club players left for the Bay Area.  I love Friday night games.  But of course, it’s always tough in the summer on a bunch of people.  But I still love them.

So here’s Scott Bergen of Nyan Cat:

I wasn’t there and don’t have a recap but here’s a summary of our group chat after the game:

10:06 pm
Viv (not at the game): Update?
Frankie: 17-16, just finished.
Viv: who won???
Frankie: But who won…????
Viv: damnit Frankie
Frankie: So many turns on the final point
Frankie: Scout plus minus was -2
Frankie: One team ended up with 2 losses
Viv: I don’t even know what that means.
Frankie: if only Viv had been there

I’m pretty sure we lost now…then Frankie posted a poll: “Should we tell Viv who won: no or definitely not.” Definitely not is currently winning 6-1.

Then Viv said she got the word from Thies but didn’t actually say what it was. Classic 3rd great “I already know” trick?

Frankie was unconvinced.

Frankie: We don’t believe you. And Thies disavows tour existence.

So in the end, I still don’t really know who won for sure but I don’t want to ask or Frankie might turn on me to and I’m fine with Viv being the target.

As for spirit score, no one mentioned it but I’m guessing Brian Griffin was pretty bad given all the goons over there.

From summer vacation thousands of miles away, this is Scott Bergen signing off.

(Next email from Scott.)

CNote texted that we won 17-16 after like 4 universe point turns. I don’t know what to believe any more. Up is down. Cats and dogs are playing together.

That sounds like it might’ve been the most exciting final point, or frustrating final point depending on your perspective, that we’ve had this year.  The second universe point of the season.  And sounds like it lived up to what you expect from 2v3.

Got another late recap from Stephen Thies of Brian Griffin:

Man what a game Friday night between Nyan Cat and Brian

I wish I was able to write a better recap, but I ended up playing a lot and my mind was not focused on notes for a recap.

The night started with me forcing C-Note to call the flip. Even though she was baggaged with Nyan’s captain Scott (who was out for the night) she wanted nothing to do with captaining. She won the flip and deferred to her teammates, they wanted O. Damn, not a good start for Brian.

Nyan starts off fast, I think they went up 3-1. Their tall, lanky, fast guy by the name of Mercury lead the way with some great grabs deep. It seemed like he made a lot of grabs deep all night, but not for scores, just 10 or so feet short of the end zone. He also never seemed to go up and sky anyone, he just ran a lot of discs down, caught discs that were curving or spinning the wrong direction, not easy catches to make. He’s got great hands.

I’m not sure, but I think Brian took half 8-6? I’m not even sure we took half? I really don’t know. It was quite the battle, there were so many lead changes all night. So many times we traded points while tied.

I know that eventually Brian started to pull away at 12-9, and 13-10, but this is where things started to fall a part.

I know Nyan took the lead at 14-13 and we traded points all the way up to 17-16 Nyan Cat… Such a heartbreaker for Brian. Props to Nyan for not giving up.

Shoutouts to the Brian ladies. We had one sub come out (Maryann, thank you!) but she had a reoccurring injury come up and only played 2-3 points. This left us with 5 ladies, then Radish had her IT band acting up towards the end of the game, so there was a late stretch when the ladies were near savage. Friday was not the night to have few subs, this was not a cake walk game on either side.

David of Brian with some great mark D, shutting down some of their stronger players.

Clint of Nyan with a monster backhand huck against a flat mark to Mercury (of course) just short of the end zone. With the ensuing pass for the winning score

Nyan’s handler Mike (I think that’s what he said his name was, the guy for Worcester?), he had some baller deep shots, back hand/forehand it didn’t matter, if there was a deep cutter open, he found them. Also, I think he told me he was their last round pick. If that’s the case, I would be willing to bet he’s the best last round player of all time. That guy is a legit 2-3 rounder for sure (maybe even first, hard to read off just one game)

Frankie got a UCLA player who was baggaged to the last round one year but who was much better than that.  In the older days of Summer League, that used to happen a few times.  I created the rules that no baggaged players could fall past certain rounds in part because of things like that.  One year I had a guy on my team, can’t remember his name anymore, who I got in the last round legitimately, but he ended up being the fastest player on the team, and we put him on the other team’s first rounder most weeks.


  • Scott

    July 22, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Full disclosure: Frankie was probably pretty drunk when he was texting. I was sure as hell drunk when I was relating this information. I’m still confident that we won. C-Note wouldn’t lead me astray.


  • viv

    July 23, 2018 at 12:13 am

    put a little alcohol in Frankie and he just starts going off
    Also, a friend was told by Stephen who told her the score and told me who won. so basically I know everything. also i realize now that Stephen may have also been referring to snacks, not thies


  • Stephen

    July 23, 2018 at 11:44 am

    How dare you drag me in to this!


  • Stephen

    July 23, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Also, not a single Nyan Cat player showed up with Bells on… so did they really win?


  • Steph Hicks

    July 23, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Scott’s recap is by far my favorite of the season.


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