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Nyan Cat is making statements.  They are 7-1 and have two games left on their schedule against sub .500 teams Blue’s Clues and Garfield.  Seems like they’ll finish in first or second at 9-1.  If Scooby Doo finishes first or second as well, then it will be the second straight year that the #1 and #2 seeds did not meet in the regular season.  Last year it was Hestia and Dionysus.  But those two teams didn’t end up meeting in finals.  The last time that the #1 and #2 did not meet each other until the finals was 2009 in Co-ed between Isle of Wight and Bad Bad Leroy Brown.  There’s some symmetry here.  Seth and AJ are co-captains of Scooby Doo and they were also the captains of Bad Bad Leroy Brown that year.  Brown won the game, even without AJ playing in Finals.  And that year the Finals MVP was undoubtedly Mike “Diesel” Weil in a losing cause for Isle of Wight.  Nyan Cat captain Scott Bergen played that year with his wife Nicole on Impeach Nixon, the team that finished in third place that year.  Just interesting facts.

Nyan Cat is making a habit of providing recaps from players who weren’t at their game.  Here’s Vivian Shen with the word from last night:

I wasn’t at the game last night, and my team won’t tell me the score again, so naturally here is the recap. I’m not even sure how to write a recap: I’m a newbie here in LA, which Andy definitely knows since I text him all the time to bother him (thanks for always responding so quickly!!) so I’ll just go for it.

So since I wasn’t there Russo posted a poll “Do we make Viv write the recap without knowing the score” and “of course” was beating “yes” 8-4 and that is how I ended up here. At some point though, C-Note put “15-12” in the groupme which might be the score so good job Nyan if you guys won! Eli immediately followed up by telling them not to tell me which is apparently a “thing” now so you know, I’m just rolling with it at this point.

I couldn’t write this recap completely blind though so I told everyone on my team to give me a word to describe the game, the caveat being that the word has to start with the first letter of their frisbee name (or first name if they didn’t have one)

Frankie kicked it off with “flip, as in I’ll flip ya”. Then he posted this GIF with the caption “flip ya for real” but I think I am too uncultured to understand this reference because I have no idea what this is.

Eli put enigmatic and Scott put scuba diving, but neither of them were there so I’m disregarding this information. Also, Scott is clearly just bragging about being on vacation again.

I got a “money” from Mercury this morning, meaning we got the W (good job Nyan Cat for real!), and a risque from Russo since mercury didn’t have shorts at a middle school.
Finally Jaws finished it off with “Windy, because it was windy” which doesn’t start with a J and I’m not sure she realizes that.

Anyways, from all of this I gather that many people did many things and some of them (from both teams!) caught frisbees in the end zones and probably everyone threw at least one flick and one backhand at some point during the night. Also there was some great defense from both teams, and discs bounced in the wind so sometimes a Nyan Cat would catch them, other times a Felix the Cat would catch them, and people would cheer.

I’m sure Mercury flew 50 ft up at some point, and Russo threw a bunch of hucks, some of which connected, and Janel played some great man D, and Jaws was outrunning everyone, and Frankie got a little chippy, and Scout hand blocked the disc, and Mumble made some great grabs, and C-Note was the chillest handler (those are the only ones I know for a fact went last night). I wish I knew literally anyone on the other team so I could roast / compliment them, but alas I do not (I’m sorry!!)

I’ll be back next week to do more things and maybe even write a real recap!! Bonus pic: we went on a little palindrome spree on the groupme, and there’s some good ones here.

Peace out Girl Scout,

Fantastic rookie effort from Viv from afar.  I’m sure all of those things happened.  Including Jaws not understanding her name doesn’t start with W.  (What DOES start with W is Whiskey Slap, and Jaws absolutely understands that game, and kicked my face at it a few years ago.)

Naturally Frankie would go with a movie reference.  And a great movie at that.  Back when Bryan Singer was young and edgy and not just doing super hero movies for a living.

Did you know comedian Demetri Martin (who I’m a big fan of) did a 224 word palindrome poem in 2012.? And then four years later did a 500 word palindrome poem?  Impressive.

And now, not to be outdone, here’s a recap from someone who WAS there.  This is Felix the Cat’s David Reed:

Felix lost the game, but won the bar.

I gave Bruce the bartender/server a pair of our team cat ears for hooking us up and sporting a very appropriate shirt on a night when two cat teams took over an otherwise empty Rock N Pies. (solid pizza, ok beer)

(Bruce gave me permission to post this pic)

Like last week, this felt like a game we should have won. Felix dictated the pace, took half, threw a solid zone, but turned it on unforced errors in the backfield and itchy trigger fingers on hucks.

Errors aside, Felix really came together as a team and had some beautiful team points and amazing D.

Aner with a fierce run thru D from the wing

Chain showed her true speed and caught a difficult blade huck from Max for a score. Throw was HOT, but right on the money.

Max all around balled out on O&D. On the line waiting for the first pull of the game he said he had to use the bathroom real bad. I told him he couldn’t pee until he scored a goal. We center the pull and Max bolts deep catching a beautiful huck from Sam and then keeps running towards the bathroom like Forrest Gump. (I think I found a new motivational technique)

Jim threw a beauty of a flat flick to D-Con.

Kelsey and Horace got to really show off their handling skills for the first time tonight.

I had my first recap worthy sequence: Scoring off an up line handler cut to the end-zone aggressively one hand skying a Nyan guy that had position on me. Next point I got a layout D as Nyan approached the red-zone, march the disc down field, sprint down a perfect hammer from Evan for the bookends. Coolest thing I did all season

Felix was short a few key players tonight, but excuses were in full supply…

Sam showed up for his second game!! But had his hand/wrist in a cast. Karate sparring injury. Still played, not sure if he should’ve been.

Kelsey brought a fully charged speaker and the booty playlist!!! But there were a lot of children on our sideline and the playlist was very NSFW so the kids played DJ to some down tempo music that prevented us from getting full pumped.

We got Cortez as a sub! But we failed to utilize her full potential, she was rock solid with no turns, but we looked her off under and didn’t know to cut deep for her backhand. She also had an incredible point saving D on one of Nyan’s bigger guys after a switch in the back of the end-zone.

Overall a good game, a few Nyan guys got chippy on calls, but the chill won out on both sides.

Nay and I won bar trivia for a 3rd week in a row on Sunday. Unprecedented!

We also finally broke our every other win/lose streak, so that frees us up to win our next two games. And then just crush in the tournament!

So appropriate the bartender was wearing a cat shirt.  I like the guy already.  Also, I hope to never look up Reed’s nostrils in that same way again.  But who am I kidding?  It’s absolutely going to happen again in my life.

That might be the first karate sparring injury I’ve heard about in a recap.  Actually, I think I can say with certainly that’s a first.

Now that we’ve seen Scooby Doo lost, Nyan Cat moves into a virtual tie for first place.  But without getting to play Scooby Doo, the bragging rights of first place are out of their hands, since looks like they’re realistically too far behind to catch Scooby in point diff.


  • Scott

    July 24, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    I feel like Viv just adopted the nickname Tacocat, right?


  • Reed

    July 24, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Franky showed up right after Nyan caught the final score of the game. and jumped in the good game line. Still came out to the bar. What a guy!


  • Stephen Thies

    July 24, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Fun fact

    The Usual Suspects plot was written AFTER the poster was designed. That’s right, the idea for the poster came before they knew what the movie was going to be


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