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Last night was the night of Chef!!!

And I’m not talking this Chef:

Or this one:

And definitely not this one:

No, I’m talking about this Chef:

If I was on the ball, I would’ve video’d him last night and put together a gif.  Oh well, things you think of the next day.

Chef had a few points in a row that were just epic including this great cross field flick to Frances for the score, followed by a great hand block because he has long arms, then made the point-saving up-line cut when Alex had a high stall count, and squeezed in the throw to the front corner for another assist, and we were ready to hoist him on our shoulders.  Although he’s very tall, and that would’ve looked awkward.  Like a giraffe on a badger.

I convinced Licious to write the recap for last night, so here she is:

Key takeaways from the night:
1. I was pressured to write this recap.
2. Elmo and Banshee are LIARS and did not come to the bar as promised. I had suspected this at the field given Banshee’s signature giggle but I am disappointed nonetheless.
3. Sam Decker will henceforth be known as Rabbit.
4. Shoutout to the lone soldiers at the bar: Mike Dow from grey and Keith Gibson from green. Way to fight the good fight. Alone. But with us so not really alone.
5. Garfield had 5 players close the bar in addition to guest cat Mike Dow. That guy has great teeth and this is not the first time I’ve made this proclamation. Decent showing from purple too. I like the fish tacos at Joxer’s.

Secondary observations:
1. JT got a callahan on us.
2. Magma and Frances both had a bunch of amazing grabs.
3. Hoover’s legs turn over so fast that they appear blurry. Actually, lots of fast people on green.
4. Our bearded twins were solid as always.
5. Chef got a huge handblock!

I’m told we managed a second win with a 15-9 count. Here’s hoping we’re on our way to a first round bye!!

I don’t know if I’ve really noticed Mike Dow’s teeth before, but now I’m definitely looking.

There was a funny moment with Hoover where she and Licious went up for one of the many jump discs that Alex threw (he will admit that, or he should at least).  Licious came down with it and Hoover landed on her back and at first we thought she was hurt cause she wasn’t really moving.  But she started waving her arms a lot, and we realized she was just arguing a potential foul call.  She argued her entire point while on her back.  In some situations this might be normal.  Couples fighting while in bed, for example.  Younger sibling crying “uncle” pinned by older sibling.  Argument at yoga.  But in Hoover’s case, it just looked humorous.  She said afterwards “I felt like something happened, but I couldn’t really explain it, so I guess it wasn’t a foul”.  I’ve been there.

Why is Sam Decker rabbit?  Is this a speed based thing, or is that an innuendo?  Is there a story?  You know I love stories.

Also, Buster took notes cause she rolled her ankle this weekend and was sidelined.

2-3 phil to JT
3-3 lish huck to magma
4-4 alex thread the needle to carl
5-4 manos huck to drew
5-5 Phil callahan
6-5 drew high release to alex
6-6 phil hammer to jason
7-6 magma love connection to manos
8-6 andy huck to lish
9-6 drew to lish
10-6 chef to frances
11-6 alex huck to lish
12-6 drew hammer to manos
Chef handblock
13-6 chef to andy
14-7 castro to andy
14-8 jt huck to keith
14-9 creamer to hoover

Garfield’s second win of the season.  To finish out with a Chef comment, BAM!!!!

We have another recap, this one from the Goofy side.  This is co-captain J.T.:

Both teams seemed very well matched early on. We both traded points ’til about the 5th point when Goofy gave up its first break. So the thing about Garfield’s handling – it seems super fluid and imposing to get a turn. First half was so fast that a few if us didn’t even realize there had been that many points already, while we were called off the line for half time strategy talks.

Ours half time talks for Goofy consist of how we need to be chilly with the disc and we need to capitalize on Garfield’s mistakes (which we were convinced would never come due to looking super tight).

By the second half, it all busted loose and turns became way too frequent. Luckily Garfield felt the same way and gave us a few turns as well. After going down about 10-7 we talked about maybe airing it out more to try to fluster Garfield and make them get looser too. Didn’t exactly work. We tried to throw a back hand mark on them…. didn’t work. Not much could fluster Garfield offensively. Goofy started looking at the score more and more and began to take chances causing more turns.
Final score 15-9 (I think. Felt like more. Lol)

Very very greatly matched game with tons of athletes on the field every point.

Also, tons of stuff left at the field. Here’s some pictures.

Thanks for picking those up J.T.  That’s awesome you did that.


  • some guy

    July 25, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    I walked off the field last night and heard some say “That guys throws a hell of a 50/50.”-stranger


  • Joel Trager

    July 25, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    The Sam – Rabbit nickname could definitely be described as speed based thing… cuz she grabbed the carrots off everyone’s plates at Joxer’s SO fast that they didn’t even realize what had happened until she was long gone.

    Can’t forget 1-0 Manos (also love connection) huck to Joel #ShamelessSelfPromotion


  • Nick Schaafsma

    July 26, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    Wow Garfield! I love this team!!! You guys really made my week. Super fun playing with everyone, very spirited game with Creamer, Elmo, Banshee and Goofy. Shout out to Frances, Andy, and everyone for being awesome! Totally stoked!


  • Joel Trager

    July 29, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    That under armour hat is mine!!


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