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Okay, before I even get to this recap, um….. thunder?  In Los Angeles?  In JULY??????  Is this a sign of the apocalypse?  Cause I’m not ready for it.  I have a lot of sins to purge first.  (Nothing major.  Just small stuff, like convincing my 11th grade teacher she lost my term paper when in reality I never did the assignment.  And I complained so much she gave me an A.  I probably need to repent for that one.)

Also, I’d like to go to Burning Man before I die.

Okay, so last night Garfield was trying really hard to get another W on the board.  We lost our game last week due to a miscommunication with the LAUSD permitting department (that’s a crazy story, and it’s only getting crazier due to some weird insurance requirements), and the week before that only 10 players showed up and we got crushed due to fatigue.  So this time, at least on the guy side, we had almost everyone show up.  We were short women unfortunately.  I really thought this was the week Eileen was gonna make it out, but no.  There have been zero Eileen sightings this year.  You have a better chance of seeing Elvis.  But I’m still hoping.

Things just got out of hand early.  We were down 5-2 very quickly.  And 8-3 at half.  And never recovered.  And no second half resurgence either.  That went the same as the first.  I really believe we have the talent, but like the players on Lady were all saying (who lost by a similar score on the other field), I just don’t understand what’s going wrong.  So time to step up my captaining game.

Maybe it’s time for a rousing speech from a movie.

Here’s co-captain Stephen Thies of Brian with the story from the winning side:

Trap Game: Generally an American Football term; A team has two games lined up, where the first opponent has a bad record, or on the surface seems inferior, and the second game is against a team generally viewed as a stronger opponent with a better record. Often times, a team will focus their preparation on the second game, overlooking preparation for the first game. If the first opponent is better than their record makes them seem, this can lead to a “trap” where the lack of preparedness to face this team leads to an unexpected loss.

Last night Brian had a textbook trap game against Garfield. Garfield had a poor record of 1-4, but if you look at their roster you would expect their record to be reversed at 4-1. Seriously, they have everything you want in a summer league team. Savvy veteran handlers, young fast cutters/defenders and co-captains who know the game and can lead them to victory. It doesn’t make sense how they were 1-4 rather than 4-1.

Combine that with the fact that Brian’s next TWO opponents are a combined 10-1 and you have yourself a clear trap game. I was really worried our team would look at their record and not take them seriously and we could start the game in an 0-4 hole.

So the game starts with the flip and Brian starts on offense. Garfield forces a turn and gets the first break of the game 0-1 Garfield. I believe that followed with us trading points up to 2-2 where Brian got our first break of the game to go up 3-2. It was nice to get the break, but at this point I thought this game had the makings of one of those super tight, hard fought overtime games. I believe Garfield scores the next point, and we call a time out to go over our offense vs their poachy/bracket zonish defense. It seemed to have worked because Brian goes on a run to take half 8-3.

The second half was more of the same, Brian took the game 15-6. Sorry I don’t remember the exact breakdown of scoring.

Things I do know:

Lish was a monster on offense, scoring deep and in the red zone. I believe my ladies are pretty strong, but we had a bit of trouble containing her.

Alex and Castro got some sweet Garfield patches ironed on orange polos that I’m super jealous of. They looked sharp, letmetellYOU

There was a wicked tall girl on orange who I’ve never seen before who used every bit of her length to go up and get some tough passes

Sparx on Brian played a great mark on Alex, one of the smartest/savvy handlers in LA

I found out that JJ on Brian lost 80-something pounds in the last year (less than a year) He lost 1/3 of himself, and was showing off on the sideline doing handstands/walking on his hands. v impressive

BoB (Formerly Brian of Brian, AKA Brian) does not live in LA, he’s just here for a work internship. This makes me sad because he’s fun to play with. Hopefully after college he finds a job here in LA

Also, first pull was released at 8:19, as I checked my watch while pull was mid flight it changed to 8:20, not bad

The tall woman on Garfield he’s referring to is Magma.  She is indeed tall and knows how to use her height.

What’s the reverse of a trap game?  Where you expect to lose so you try harder and then you win?  Just wondering what the term would be, cause we obviously we didn’t do that.

There were three players on Brian Griffin who I didn’t know and stood out to me and I wanted to mention.  Jeremy Masterson, who I’ve seen before on the field, but didn’t really know him.  He was pretty impressive.  He covered me on a couple points and I couldn’t get away from him.  And he also had a pretty sick full extension layout.  Kaitlin Brooks had a really nice game and made a terrific grab through traffic near the end zone.  And Kate Diaz, who designed the Summer League disc that will be coming soon also was a kick ass handler and has this incredible look of determination when she plays.  I was intimidated.

I can’t believe we lost by so much and they didn’t even have Sparta and Danny Landesman there.  It was noted by someone on our team that they’re very young.  It’s worth pointing out Corey Sandford, Jeff Landesman and Derek Engdahl were not there.  That would’ve upped the average considerably.

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