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As we learned yesterday, only 3 of the 16 Summer League characters are female.  And female characters only player each other twice.  Last week Lady played Princess Unikitty.  And last night Lady played Hello Kitty.  That’s it.

Fittingly our first recap is from a female.  Here’s Christi all Betz are off:  (Sam Regnier wrote the names of the players selected at the draft one year on chalkboards in the lecture hall we were in, and he decided to add new nicknames for everyone, a la Chris Berman.  My favorites that I remember were Julie Hello and Good Birum.  And this one.)

Luigi almost ate a tick once because he thought it was a jelly bean that he’d picked up off the floor.*

At about 7:50, Lady had a team of about 8 and Hello Kitty had 2. We joked about assessing points… By 8:20 both sides had full teams plus a couple subs.

Darren had an AWESOME catch on a deep shot streaking to the end zone thrown by Luigi.

Nay subbed for us and had an PHENOMENAL huck to Stig (apparently her first this season?! Give that girl some more deep cuts!)

The turf at Belmont High is ROCK HARD and turns into gummy globs stuck to your cleats by the end of the night. I suspect its actually just cement coated in chewing gum and painted green.

*Luigi was 14 at the time but still. Dude. If you’re picking up something to eat off the floor, IT’S NEVER A JELLY BEAN.

The full moon was BEAUTIFUL. Props to the the solar system for setting up a nice show for us even if it wasn’t an official eclipse in North America.

Greta had an FANTASTIC D on Hello Kitty’s endzone line.

Amy on Kitty was all over the field making SICK throws AND cuts AND grabs.

Judge had a KICK ASS point where she basically touched the disc every other throw and then scored.

Long legged girl on Hello Kitty ZOOMED all over the field and shut me down on D. Consistently. (Why didn’t I pay attention to height during the draft?? How did I end up being the tallest Lady lady?)

Rafa was ALWAYS open when we needed her. As usual. (But she’s abandoning us for the tourney because she has some bachelorette party to go to.*)

Cuda and Elaine came to cheer us on from the sidelines. Cuda said she took notes so There BEST be a recap from her, too.

A rogue throw by Lady on a maxed stall count came gracefully down on Josh’s HEAD. Excellent D work there!

*Apparently it’s actually Rafa’s own bachelorette party, so I guess she has to be there. Whatevs.

There was talks of KBBQ. Talks of rooftop bars. Talks of Joxer’s… and then nothing. My team failed me. Or I failed them. We got kicked off the field without a plan and we scattered. Epic BAR FAIL – especially on a Friday night. Now I’m home killing that cat lady life. At least there’s a new season of OITNB out.

Oh, and the game was something like 15-9 Hello Kitty. Lady wasn’t quite ready to break our perfect record just yet.

SIDENOTE: I came home to find my elderly neighbor had fallen on the stairs going up to his apartment and couldn’t get up. Fortunately, the amazing Tyler Kotovsky lives across the street from me and was home and able to help! Please give him ALL of the spirit points! Plus we have the exact same birthday down to the year. How cool is that??

Let’s remember this Tyler story, because I’m actually giving a “Best Spirit Play” award on Wednesday, August 8 at Joxer’s.  More to come on that.

Also, Christi makes a good point.  How did a tick look like a jelly bean?  And why are you picking up a jelly bean off the floor and eating it anyway?

Did anyone else have the same impression of the field at Belmont?

Who schedules their bachelorette party during the Summer League tournament?  Or am I assigning too much importance to the Summer League tournament?  ………..  No, I’m definitely not.  That’s just poor planning.

Are Tyler and Christi twins separated at birth?  I assume that’s where we all went in our heads.

Let’s switch it over to the Hello Kitty side of things.  We have Josh Wiensch to spit some rhymes:

It was hot. It was muggy. By the end of the night I had completely sweat through every inch of my clothing. I felt like I was back in WI! Parking near Belmont was tough. Even with all of that, I had an absolute blast playing last night. It turns out I must just love ultimate.

I showed up early to scope out the fields and there was about a 20 minute stretch where it looked like it was going to be only me versus ~9 players on Lady. We joked about how I could possibly score in a 1 v 7 game. Catch only Callahans? Bounce throws off of the defenders before catching it again. I know technically we need two to play but it’s a fun scenario to run through in my mind. Gino is the second Hello Kitty player to show up but he recently separated his shoulder and said he wasn’t going to be able to throw very much. We were set!

At 8:00 pm we have five guys and zero ladies. Things are looking grim but Christi is kind enough to give us a few minutes to wait for our team to show up. Turns out everyone is late because they drove around for ~15 minutes looking for the field/parking. Once we have three ladies, we get started.

Hello Kitty starts on D and after 3 turns by each side, Lady finishes with the score. We are still missing some key players, and aren’t looking much like the hello kitty from last week. We trade a few points and the score is on serve at 3-2 Lady. I have the pleasure of guarding Stig. It’s been a few years since I had the opportunity and I am nowhere close to being able to keep up with him these days. I can jump high and run pretty fast, but I can not do both at the same time. Stig has the remarkable ability to be able to get up while travelling at top speed. Highly impressive. Back to the game.

After we get some reinforcements, we start to pull ahead and take half at 8-5. The second half was more of the same. Hello Kitty ends up taking the game at 15-9.

One highlight from the night was witnessing one of the most disastrous ultimate points I have ever seen. Some of our veteran players (to remain nameless) were playing like this was the first game ever. We had easy chest level drops, and 15 yard throws that immediately hit the turf. We didn’t win that point. If I had to provide an analogy for the point it was as though we were driving down the freeway and one wheel fell off, then another one, and then finally the final two wheels fall off before skidding to a halt. Let’s hope we got it out of our system.

Shoutout to Judge and Greta for each playing a great game. On Hello Kitty, Bridgette is really getting the hang of this game. She scored multiple points and played excellent defense all night. Gino, who said he wasn’t going to play, ended up playing at least half of the points and outrunning his man all night.

At this point, I would like to mention that Hello Kitty has won three in a row and also defeated two of the top three ranked teams. Make of this what you will.

I will make of it that it’s better to win games in the second half of the season.  If I had more time today, I would go through all the teams that won Summer League, and compare their first half and second half records.  Although I would be shocked if the second half records weren’t significantly better.

Josh, I am proud to say I once played a game of 1 on 2 Ultimate, but I was allowed to throw to myself so long as it was roughly 5 or more yards.  And I won!  But to be fair, it was at night without a glow disc, so I probably had an advantage throwing to myself.  (We were also all naked, but that’s not really an important part of the story.)  Anyway, 1 on 7 and you can’t throw to yourself…. if you set the line on goals you would score at 1/2 a goal, I’d have to take the under.

To prevent the parking situation from happening again, what would you guys suggest for the remaining games at Belmont?

We have a THIRD recap today.  Very rare, but awesome.  More recaps!!!  I love the different styles of writing.  This one is back to Lady’s side.  This is Cuda getting her scribe on:

So here’s what I remember from last night’s game:

We (Luigi, Elaine, and I) roll up to the field on frisbee time (so around 8:15?), and numbers looked pretty low for both teams. Not even Colin showed up. I blame Friday. And the fact that there was some kind of construction happening which meant we had to circle the whole school before we found the field (I also blame Luigi’s poor navigation skills). We did see two red team members aimless walking around, so we weren’t the only ones who struggled with the finding the field part.

Anyhow, we roll up, and while the first pull goes up, Elaine and I make it about three bites into dinner before some man claiming the title of “field manager” kindly informs captain extraordinaire Christi Betz that food and drink are not allowed on the field. So we get kicked up to the bleachers. This so called field manager said it was because the school has ants, mice, and skunks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those three animals hanging out together, but I guess I believe you?

We come back down to the fields, and it is 4-4, good guys. This is where I start to pay attention to the game. It is Lady v. Hello Kitty. For those of you following along at home, Lady is still looking for their first win. And speaking of looking, those two red team members we saw earlier finally found the field. Probably should’ve helped them out back there; hindsight 50/50.

Hello Kitty then went on a bit of a run, going up to 4-7, at which point I suggested that captain extraordinaire Christi Betz give an inspiring speech to the troops. She took a timeout, and then Lady scored! (you’re welcome). But it wasn’t enough. Hello Kitty had pretty good movement, and they ended up taking half 8-5. But that’s totally fine. This is what Lady has been training for: the comeback out of half to break the streak. Luigi had some pretty good insight as to what Lady needed to fix: “less turnovers.” Tim then had a better idea of what Lady needed to fix: “fewer turnovers.” Which is correct. There were several points that lasted quite some time, so Lady was able to force the turnovers, they just struggled with converting them to scores. Shoutout to Greta for some killer defense on her lady – there was one point she was credited with forcing 3 turnovers.

The second half was a little rockier. Judge had some killer handler movement, shining with the give and goes. There was this one really cool play where Luigi threw a huck downfield. and a Lady player (I don’t know his real name, but his dubbed nickname for the night was Carrot Legs) had a sick layout for the score. It was inspiring. Oh! and Nay picked up with Lady, and was also just killing on the field, with some impressive Ds and some impressive marks. Just overall – the ladies of Lady were doing great.

I did leave the field for a brief period of time, and then the score was 9-13, bad guys. And Hello Kitty just took it away from there, ending the game at 9-15. On Hello Kitty’s side, Avatar was rocking a sweet tutu, which I think just enhanced her handler powers even more. Tracy had some great deep looks, and the only person I can name on the other team was Josh. He did okay.

At some point I taught Elaine the symbol for bookends (which were celebrated quite frequently on Hello Kitty’s team from the fast guy… Daniel? Was that his name?), and then I taught the Lady guy with the Dodger hat on what a sad walrus was…
Overall fun game to watch, and I still believe in you Lady!

[also – unsolved mystery from the night: why is there a bell on the Hello Kitty collar for their jersey? We all get the bow, but the bell?]

That’s an excellent question Cuda.  The jerseys were all designed by Sarah Kibler.  I asked her to distinguish the cats and dogs in some way so they didn’t all look exactly the same, so she added a bell to all of the cat jerseys.

I did hear that Belmont had a skunk.  That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Laughing at: “Luigi had some pretty good insight as to what Lady needed to fix: “less turnovers.” Tim then had a better idea of what Lady needed to fix: “fewer turnovers.””  Brilliant!


  • jlk

    July 28, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Field was definitely gummy and cement hard. Parking is difficult but better across Beverly, not on the school side. And don’t follow the google directions, bc it’ll try to make you turn into a fence… turf field is on the SE corner of Loma Dr and Beverly.


  • Gino

    July 29, 2018 at 9:25 am

    That gum ya’ll speak of is artificial mud.


  • Seth

    July 29, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    Being naked was definitely an important part of that story Andy…
    I believe that’s why the game was played..


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