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Final week of the season.  The last warm-up until the tournament.  Hello Kitty opened up their season 2-3 before going on a roll with 4 straight to 6-3.  Dynomutt has been back and forth all season, never getting more than one game above or below .500 and in fact was sitting at .500 exactly after their tie last week.

Here’s Josh Wiensch of Hello Kitty with the report:

Even though Hello Kitty lost our last game of the season, it was still a lot of fun. The game ended because of loss of lights. I don’t think a field where we start at 8:30 and have a hard stop at 10:00 provides enough time for a full game.

Hello Kitty led by one or two for most of the game and took half at 8-7. We weren’t quite connecting well and weren’t utilizing our deep game like we have in recent weeks. After half, the lane clogging that had plagued us in the first half, got even worse. Dynomutt was able to pull ahead by one with five minutes left before the lights go out. We have the disc and have a chance to tie it up but by this point, everyone is dripping with sweat. I cannot find a dry spot on my clothing to dry my hands. My first throw of the point to Avatar slips out of my grip and right to the defense. Dynomutt goes up by 2 at 9:58. The sideline is counting down. We receive and score immediately, I believe it was on a huck to Andrew. There’s less than a minute of lights left and we are down by one. Could we possibly win this? We pull and run down hard, trapping Dynomutt in the corner at the front of their endzone. A loopy throw goes up and I intercept it about 20 yards from their endzone. The sideline is yelling, “less than 30 seconds left”. I put up a hospital pass to Andrew who is running to the back of the endzone and the lights go out just as it approaches the crowd. It looks to me like Dan caught the disc, and I think that’s the agreed upon result. We don’t quite tie it up, but it was certainly an exciting last two minutes. This was the closest thing to a buzzer beater play I’ve experienced in ultimate. Final score was 12-11 Dyno.

I’m looking forward to the tournament and am really bummed that Amy and Andrew T won’t be there to play with us. They have both been such integral parts of Hello Kitty this season and it was great getting to play with them. We’ll have KJ, John, Barry, and Mike back for the tourney though, and even though they won Nationals yesterday, we’ll need to remind them that the important tournament is happening this Saturday. Nationals is simply the warm up for summer league tourney!

Yeah, what’s Nationals anyway?  Does anyone care about that?  Seriously, great win for Powerline and that’s awesome for the future of SoCal Ultimate if they stick around here.

I’m unclear in this recap what happened at the end of the game.  The rule that’s on the Rules page says: “– Addendum to light rule.  If the disc is in the air when the lights go out, the result of the play stands.  So a disc caught in the end zone is a score so long as the lights went out after the throw went up.”  So when you say “Dan caught the disc” do you mean Hello Kitty’s Daniel Peteuil even though the throw went up to Andrew?  Or do you mean Dynomutt’s Dan Perahya caught the D?  I’m assuming you mean the latter.  But you say they had to agree upon the result, which means a question of whether Dan or Andrew caught it?  I need clarification.

Our game at Lincoln Middle School ended early last week also.  Ours ended 14-13 so it was close at least.  12-11 is like two thirds of a game.  It’s rough to have these 8:30-10 games.  We’ll have to see next year what the situation is.  We didn’t have a lot of options this time because Culver City High was under repairs, so we kind of had to take what we were given.  But your comments are definitely noted.

The only positive I can say about Lincoln Middle School is at least they commit to the hard 10PM, so you know when the game is ending.  It’s not like other places where MAYBE the lights go out at 10, and you never know when they’re going to turn off.  It’s actually a little helpful to know it’s a hard 10PM.


  • Josh

    August 7, 2018 at 11:12 am

    Good point. To clarify Dan Perahya caught the disc to prevent our score.


    • Dan Perahya

      August 7, 2018 at 11:22 pm

      It was also the only good thing I did for my team all night. I managed to jump, catch the disc, land, and then the lights went out. Josh left out a lot of athletic plays on both sides. It was definitely the a hard fought game and Hello Kitty is going to be hell to deal with at the tournament.


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