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Lunch Break


Apologize for getting this up so late.  Still doing Lei-Out stuff two days after it’s over.  Will be probably for another couple days at least.  But here’s Sonja Roden of Tarmac with the recap:

As I was driving home last I was coming up with all sorts of super clever things to put in this recap, granted I had been awake for roughly 22 hours at that point and I was thinking I was real funny, but now I don’t remember any of it so you are stuck with reading this. Also I’m pretty sure Andy has things to do today so odds are this will reach you next week.

1. Did anyone else feel like they were going to drop through a sinkhole and disappear while driving through Lake Michigan to get to the parking lot at Rancho last night or was it just me?
2. Turk is the sweetest and the bestest of all the frisbee dogs on the planet! I want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with him!
3. Honeybadger has subbed for us twice now and we have decided to keep her, she’s ours now.
4. Our women KILLED it last night, scoring more than half of our points!!
5. One point Taylor had an awesome layout just short of the end zone and then she put it up to Cody who had his own sweet layout for a double turf burn point.
6. We played gen-zone last night and it worked really well. Lunch break called 4 women a lot which meant I was on the field more than is good for anyone.
7. The women of Lunch Break are unnecessarily fast and their whole team does the throwing and catching part really well.
8. Thies broke his hand on someone’s face…ok maybe it’s not broken but I’m guessing neither of them feel great this morning.
9. Jason brought cookies for his team and shared them with us, cuz he’s a cool cat, in fact I think he made them. He very kindly kept them away from me Emoji since I cannot have them now Emoji. For real, I have no self control so it’s on y’all to keep the food stuffs away from me.
10. I didn’t go to Joxer’s last night so no fun karaoke stories from me and I don’t think many people from Tarmac did either so we probably lost the bar as well. I hope others had a chance to show off their skills and send in their videos. I’ll gladly get up and make a fool of myself another night.

OK, enough rambling from me. We have a bye next week, boo hiss Emoji I know how much you all will miss my dumb videos but you’ll just have to wait another week.

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