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Winter League got underway last night.  Apparently it was pretty foggy from the photos I saw on Facebook.  Well, the one photo I saw.  Here’s Sonja Roden of Tarmac with our first recap of 2019:

Monday, January 7th, 8:15 pm, Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, the first night of winter league 2019 teams huddled close together talking strategy, unable to see what anyone else is doing thanks to a layer of fog so thick Doyle would have been inspired to write another book (if he were still alive)…the lights go out. People made phone calls and others went to find the office and about 20 minutes later the lights were back on, just enough time for everyone to cool down from warm-ups. Anyway, the fog made things more interesting. You put 7 on the line and then just figured out your D after the pull once you were close enough to see who was actually on the other line, full proof plan.

Tarmac was excited to welcome 3 new players to our roster this year and even more excited after we actually got to play with them! The game started off fairly even with the throwing and the catching. Sky Life took half 8-5. Tarmac came out of halftime invigorated and ready to play, well, they did, I was far more interested in petting the puppy, who wasn’t actually there because they aren’t allowed. Things progressed in Sky Life’s favor taking the game to 12-6, then we returned a few points and then there was discussion of what the actual score was, which was settled amicably 13-10. More things happened and game ended at 15-12.

In the midst of all that there were some pretty sweet plays. Danny and Ethan both had nice bids. Frances and her all around ridiculousness with the running and the hands that caught everything that came at her. Keith was a giant among men, really everyone on Sky Life had a good night last night. Tarmac had our fair share of awesomeness as well, some really sweet grabs from our guys, strong female handlers, Comet running nonstop and her sticky hands and my sideline dancing. The A for effort award has to go to Jim for catching the disc 3 times in the end zone in one point, unfortunately it was called back all 3 times.

Ok, this recap felt too much like an actual recap with game details and all that nonsense. I apologize. I will try to pay less attention to the game next week.

Oh yeah, last thing you want to do is give game reports.  Yuck.  Pet more invisible puppies instead.  😛

Here’s some videos that Sonja provided. First one really shows you the fog pre-game. Second one is very cute with Sonja and Ringo.

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