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Last night sure was fun at Joxer’s.  So many people doing karaoke that they stopped taking song requests at 11:45.  I made the mistake of waiting until I was 3 drinks in before signing up.  Woops.  Too late.  (For the record, there’s some theories that Joxer’s might have watered down the drinks last night.  That could explain how I had 6 rum and cokes last night and was not hung over at all this morning.  I can’t imagine my tolerance level is THAT high.)

But enough about my drinking problem.  Let’s get to the game.  Here’s Bryan DeVore of the amazingly fun and very late staying Blue’s Clues:

I can’t believe it’s already the last game of the regular season. This summer league has flown by. It’s a bit sad that we are coming to a close, but I’m glad that Blue will have one last hurrah in just a few days.

Belmont High School. I can’t complain too much, as this game was rescheduled and I can’t fathom the amount of work that goes into trying to find these fields. I assume most places won’t let hooligans like us on their precious turf.  To keep it short, the field is a bit hard. With the tourney coming up, this game is just a tune up to practice our basics. Most importantly, DON’T GET HURT.

The game starts out a little rocky for both teams. Blue starts on offense and after a pair of turnovers from each side, Blue takes the first point! I’m pretty sure we have scored the first point only twice in the year now. We trade a few points. Alex’s hands are like magnets, making unbelievable grabs. Rollert gets about 12 feet in the air for a massive grab, but obviously fouled his defender. All of Blue was losing their minds over the athleticism of the play!

2-2 and trying to maintain our rhythm. A couple of throws end up a bit too far out of reach and we hand a few points to Goofy. 4-2. Goofy starts throwing zone and we struggle with it for a bit. Then Lisa, who has filled in as a handler for us from time to time, decides to show us all how to break the cup. Around, underneath, above, through… I’m trying to think of a preposition that isn’t accurate in the sentence “Lisa threw the cup”
The score (and the rest of the night) gets really hazy from here on out. I loved the fight from Blue all night, but ultimately we lost round one. I’m pretty sure the half was 8-6 Goofy and the game might’ve been close to 15-11.

Round 2: Joxer’s
Blue, like I have been saying all season, murdered the bar. Undefeated bar team. We had 2 contenders for karaoke of the night and I think one additional performance that got snubbed. By far, the most fun was the end of the night where everyone who was still around sang “A Whole New World”. Someone was nice enough to take a video and post on the LAOUT site.

Looking forward to the weekend and seeing our wonderful team. Sad that we’ll be missing a few key players. If I don’t get to see you in person soon, thank you to all the Blues for a magical season!

Yes, the winners of the karaoke contest went to Alex Scholefield and Nichole Riffenburgh, who will receive their prize at the Summer League tournament party on Saturday.  There was definitely a slight bias in the crowd who was mostly Blue’s Clues players at that point in the night, so apologies to Ryan Castro who was the runner-up.  But none-the-less well deserved for Alex and Nichole.

The bottom of the Summer League bracket is now complete.  Garfield, Scratchy, Blue’s Clues and Lady secured first round byes on the negative side (having to play the top four seeds in their first game).  Even if Scratchy wins tonight, they lose the tie-breaker because Felix the Cat beat Garfield and Garfield beat Scratchy.

There is still one final first round bye to be decided on the top side of the bracket though.  Nyan Cat, Underdog and Ren have guaranteed first round byes regardless of what happens in Underdog’s game tonight.  An Underdog victory would mean Scooby Doo loses the spot due to a three-way tie between them, Ren and Princess Unikitty, and Scooby Doo has the worst point diff in the head-to-head games they all played against each other.

But if Underdog loses, that would create a 4-way tie, and Underdog only played against Princess Unikitty but not Ren or Scooby Doo, so head-to-head won’t work.  In the case of 4-way ties, we have to go to overall point diff, and in that case Princess Unikitty would lose the spot no matter the score of the game tonight.

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