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What I believe will be the final recap of the season, unless there’s a tournament recap.  Here’s Nate Warden of Puss N Boots:

The Karoake night was a reminder of all the wonderful things about summer league. Singing and drinking with new friends, catching up with old friends from past teams, and letting go for a night. It’s such a rare thing in a city that is constantly grinding. I was talking with Leland (‘17 Champs rep) about LA folks, and how so many people in this city are locked into their own affairs and don’t open up, and they have to be to survive here. But once you break through that wall, you have passionate people who just want to live their dreams. It’s a beautiful thing about the people of this city. Long live LAOUT!  

Anyway, it is with bittersweet pleasure that I bring you the final Chapter of Il Gatto con gli stivali.

The royal favor has been earned, and the ogre has been slain. There is only one thing left for our Puss in Boots… to bring the grand plan together and earn his humble master glory and success. So naturally, a trip to the river for a bath with our humble miller’s son was in order. The strapping young lad got naked and got bathing, and Puss got things started by stealing his master’s clothes and stashing them away!

And last night in the game of Puss vs Scratchy our team caught Scratchy with their pants down. This game was the second game in back-to-back nights for them since they had to make up a game from earlier! How lucky for us and admirable for them to play the back-to-back! The game started with trading a few points, but drops plagued Scratchy over the course of the game, and we took half 8-2. Highlights included our ladies having a hell of a game (all of whom are being replaced except for Becca “Rockie the GOAT” Wainess). Marlee fired off some backhand bombs, Skipper and Enway were hustling as always. It was smooth sailing. Paul for Puss was unleashing bombs all night. He and his boys are a ton of fun, good athletes, and a really fun addition to the league. I hope they come back and keep playing!

So back in the story, as it happens, the king’s entourage including the fair princess were on the road traveling and happened to pass alongside the river. And this is when Puss made his move! He ran up to the king and exclaimed:

Oh, your majesty!” said Puss, “my master The Marquis was bathing, and someone has taken away his clothes. He will catch the cramp and be drowned!”

The king, well aware of Puss and his master “The Marquis of Carrabas” (A cheeky lie?), dispatched men to get some clothes for the miller’s son. Puss helped him get dressed and he looked damn good. The king offered to take him home, and Puss gave the driver directions… And off they went. And our “Marquis” spent some time getting to know the fair princess….

The second half remained much like the first for Puss in that they looked great and played regal ultimate. It was clean and well spirited. Puss would send out all of the regular season players with a fun win finishing the game 15-5. For Scratchy, Grant was excellent as always and has done a great job working with the newer players on his team (of which there are many). It’s important that the best players in LA serve as kind role models and teachers to newer players and Grant has always done that. (Not to mention his work for Powerline! YCC Champs!) Cheers to Grant.

And so, the carriage train pulled up to their destination and Puss exclaimed “Your majesty and the princess are welcome to the castle of my Lord Marquis of Carrabas.” The castle was the castle of the now slain Ogre! Thanks to our clever and industrious Puss in Boots, The Miller’s son had earned the favor of the King and the Princess, and had indeed become the Lord Marquis. The humble miller’s son went on to marry the Princess, and our Puss in Boots lived happily ever after in the castle, with all the milk they could want and chasing mice only for fun.

And there you have it kind readers! The legend of Puss in Boots. It was a ton of fun playing games as a replacement. Thanks to Erick and James for picking me up, and good luck to Puss and everyone playing in the tournament! Stay cool! As for this Puss, I got to earn my master’s fortune in the games I was there for. As it turns out Puss captains weren’t at the replacement draft, and because I am a forgettable terrible player I was not drafted, but the silver lining is I get to go to yoga, enjoy the AC, and spend some time at home with our cat Boomer and my roommates which does not happen nearly enough!

Das Boots! Das Boots! DAS BOOOOOOOOOOTS!

And there you have it.  Another great season of recaps.  Less saltiness than last year.

Always good to have your last recap throw in a bit of nudity. I can’t complain.

All the G.O.T. fans, I have no doubt you’ll be throwing out some puns and references next year when we do the Summer of Thrones.  So get ready.

I’m gonna have to do some serious binge watching over the next year as I’ve only seen half of the first season.  I just know that so many people are fans, it felt like a good choice.

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