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You know how I love records, and firsts.  I was curious to see if any team had done what happened to Scooby Doo.  Win your first 7 games or more, and then lose back-to-back games.  Well, it did happen, and it was 8 games.  Back in 2009, Impeach Nixon in Co-ed won their first 8 games, and then dropped the final three.  They ended up getting upset in quarter finals that year.  The team that won that year?  Why, it was Bad Bad Leroy Brown, captained by Seth and AJ who are captaining this year’s Scooby Doo.  And one of the players on Impeach Nixon was Scott Bergen, who now captains first place Nyan Cat, who has the chance to win the regular season title after Scooby Doo’s loss.

I find all this stuff hella interesting.

I was at this game last night, dropping off discs (which was now two nights ago).  And I stayed to watch the first half of this game before my wife wanted to go to Joxer’s early.  When I left it was 8-4 Scooby Doo and my biggest take aways from the first half were A) Without AJ on Scooby Doo, Cheshire Cat just looked like the more talented and athletic team, but they just made too many mistakes.  B) Joanna is a lot more patient of a thrower than she used to be, and it makes her a really good handler.  And C) everyone on purple really gives Erwin a hard time.  Seriously, at a couple points during the game he had to yell at his own sideline to stop bothering him.  Both tragic and hilarious.

Also, I took a video of the two teams huddling up during a time-out.  It’s not very exciting, but it’s only a minute long.

“It doesn’t matter where you go, so long as you cut somewhere.”  Well, I mean…. it matters a little.  You really shouldn’t cut into the stands.

Cute service dog, by the way, Tim.

We have a recap from Seth on Scooby Doo’s side:

Man, I don’t want to write this recap. We went down early, 4-2. Took a time out, talked about choices on D and O, and came screaming back to take half 8-4.

Got broken coming out of half, got to something like 12-9, and didn’t seal the deal. There’s a lot of “I should have’s” going through my mind. I should have faced the field and swung the disc instead of jamming it into Erick on the goal line. Should have taken the time out my team suggested I take & make an adjustment from the triangle to play honest on Cheshire’s non hucking lines. Should have not gotten hand blocked by Ed Wu.

Cheshire took the game 16-14

Cheshire played a really nice game. They stormed back and made some unbelievable grabs. We had more than our share of miscues between the handlers and receivers. Scooby played really hard, but sometimes hard isn’t enough. We were a little tight and didn’t have good flow. Thankfully there were enough great Scooby plays that everyone should have something to be proud of. Sketch’s late game diving grab. Erick’s unfathomable hustle and lovely leading upline passes. Mer and Bacon’s steady work with the disc. And so much more. Shoutout to Cheshire’s women, who did a great job adjusting to the triangle later in the game. And to all the unbelievable grabs from that whole team (not just people named Snatch)

Usually it’s people named Snatch though.  Joanna wrote a whole recap about it once.

And speaking of Joanna, we have her recap that she wrote at the bar last night during the Replacement Draft.  I’ll have the results of that up shortly.



Did Andy miss it?

Yes. He did.

Did it really happen?

Yes. It. Did.

What am I talking about?

Cheshire Cat totally F***ING CRUSHED IT last night.

Every last bit of potential I knew was there from the moment each and everyone of their names got written on our paper came out last night!


let me just tell you some of that freaking potential.

Jeremy puts up an iffy put to the end zone but he gets it right where he wanted it and Eok snaps it right into his lightning fast hands. WHO ARE THESE GUYS?

Rachel and Julie were the strongest wings for major swings IVE EVER SEEN!! They were my rocks even when I couldn’t do all the handler-y things I expect my handlers to do when I’m cutting.

Thalia. Dudes. Ladies. Thalia is my number one in my heart after last night. It was just her and me all day, baby. Resets. Drawing defenders. Making swings.

Fuse. Everybody. This girl. Lady handlers for DAYS! Last night was the perfect example of the power of a team that trusts and uses their ladies. Her, Tiger, and I were a moving force. Well let’s be honest, it was mostly them and I was just there for looks.

Snatch gets knocked over. Is fully on the ground and leaps from the turf somehow to catch a score.

I’ve decided that we are donating X’s nickname of Spider-Man to Erwin. Kid had the stickiest hands of the night. Like how did he even get some of those? According to him, confidence. It really goes a long way.

Carlo is literally a frisbee sponge. You tell him something he will immediately learn it and execute it. Prob one of my favorite people to play with because you can count on him so much more than you’d ever expect. He’s our rock. Chilly when he needs to be and puts on the extra boost when you least expect it.

So let me get to some more game talk. Before I dote on my team some more. That’s why you’re really here.

Now as some of you may know, our record isn’t great. You look at our team then look at our record and it doesn’t make sense. So last night against the first seed Scooby Doo was quite the hill to climb.

We start out on O and come out strong. They come out strong too. Just to let you know the mindsets of each team, Cam on Scooby is primed to stick to Snatch like glue and Cubby emailed the whole team that all he wanted was to beat this team. No other game mattered more.

Points trading 3-2 good guys. 4-2. Maybe this is going to work. They call a time out. We are going to keep up the intensity and momentum.

We take the field to do just that. Oh wait. We are making dumb mistakes. Sometimes it’s from forcing it, others it’s from not running to the disc. Sometimes both. What’s the score now? Oh we’re playing for half and it’s 7-4? Sounds about right on cue for us. Half is 8-4

This is gonna be tough but if we come out with the intensity we always start with we can at least make it the close game we are used to.

Their lady triangle is definitely penetrable but it’s gotta be with solid movement. Hanging on too long let’s them creep in. But if we exploit the big holes they leave uncovered, it will be game over

That’s exactly what we did. See Thalia, Julie, and Rachel above.

We come out about average. Trading points. Then they get a few. We get to 8-12. It’s feeling a little nerve wracking. Whenever you get within just a few bad decisions to end the game distance it’s hard to not worry. It’s 10:10. We are on borrowed time. But then the miracle of the cat vest reared it’s head.

We bring it to 12-12. One of those points somewhere was me running deep for a huck realizing a cutter has the disc, questioning what I was doing with my life, seeing the disc dump to Ed, thinking “oh thank god!” And running to the end zone just in front of my girl for a score. I was pretty happy.

We keep trading more points. It’s now 10:30. THE LIGHTS ARE STILL ON! We get to 14-14. WHEN ARE THESE FREAKING LIGHTS GOING OFF?!?!? Like who do I have to pay to shut it down right now? My heart can’t handle it.

We score. What?! Again why are these lights on?

The next point has multiple turns. I CAN’T FREAKING HANDLE THIS! The floatiest slow motionist put goes up………..

X is against Derek Lay. This is a near impossible feat. But X baits Derek to jump early. He gets the second attempt. Bobbles a little. Hits the ground….. did he catch it? Did he drop it? No one is saying anything! I realize I am also on the ground in shear excitement, disbelief, prayer, all of the above. There is no way he caught that. Is there?


The power of the cat vest lives on! It hasn’t let me down yet!

We had a comeback to beat one of the toughest teams!


What a way to end my summer league.

Scooby was a very fun team to play. They made us play to their level and brought out the best in us. They were spirited all the way to the end and played solid. Their defense is solid for what it is but the strategy needs to be fine tuned. There were moments they adjusted and it was hard to break but they let some holes creep in again.

11:03 driving past Rancho and the lights were still on. The vest had a plan.

It took Seth quite awhile to show up at the bar with his reticent smile. It’s going to be a good tournament. And I say that while writing this from the sub draft

Also Reed says hi

Wow, that’s amazing.  I can’t believe I missed all that.  When I left it was Scooby 8-4 and I was stunned when Joanna texted me that they came back.  Great comeback on a really good team.  Clearly the vest is magic, and it’s time to take it to Vegas.

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