RecapSummer 2018Ren vs Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo


Doing a lot of stuff in preparation for tomorrow, so I can’t write much right now.  Here’s Mike Zurer with a short recap of Scooby Doo’s game:

Dory owned us. She got 10-12 defensive blocks. She burned us deep, she picked up the trash. Kwok was solid all around. Another of their women kept killing us deep. Fun game. Wish we’d won, but they played better.

Joxer Daly’s. Epic. I made sure the patio was doing ok. That guy who sang Nine Inch Nails is from Buffalo. Bad break up left him in Santa Clarita, but he’s back in town now.

Tough ending for Scooby Doo, winning the first 7 games, and dropping the final three to lose a first round bye.  But I suspect Alex Carey would’ve mentioned in his power pool that the hardest games were at the end of their schedule, so it’s not completely shocking.  Also, loss of AJ for the last games was hard too.

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