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The top of the standings have shifted, at least temporarily, as for the first time all year Scooby Doo is not in first place.  That can all change when Scooby Doo plays again this week, but for right at this moment, it’s Nyan Cat as your division leader.

The recap today comes from the non-winning side.  Here’s Bryan DeVore of the young Blue’s Clues:

Booze Cruise vs. Nyan Cat

Last night was a battle of the blues and we blue it. Luckily Nyan was prepared and brought whites because they are wonderful.

Like every team, Booze definitely has room for improvement. We are a freight train. We start out unbelievably slow. Maybe it’s the preparation. Maybe it’s the pregame talks. Maybe it’s Maybelline. We come out on O and immediately turn it over near our goal line and Nyan punches it in. No big deal to go down a break, but almost the exact same thing happens on the next point. 2-0 Nyan. The engines are pushing, but the wheels aren’t turning yet.

After a few turns on the next point, Maaike makes a great deep cut right as I catch a strike in power position. As I am winding up to put it, we have a miscommunication and she comes back towards me. I end up launching it and Rollert turns on the jets to track it down. The wheels start turning.

Our defense ratchets up and we start forcing some turnovers. Although we are unable to punch it in, we are getting much closer. On offense, we smoothly work it up, breaking marks and utilizing our speed to our advantage. Robbie makes a spectacular away cut toward the breakside and makes a great grab to net our second point. 5-2 Nyan

Then we really get going. We start throwing some zone and get a few breaks back. Daniel had a sick IO flick to break their junk look, then Roland put a dirty huck over 2 defenders to Maaike right on the goal line. She promptly hit Roland after his 40 yard sprint following his own huck! Loved the effort on that point.

Nyan took half 8-5.

I said we’re like a freight train because once we get going it’s really hard to stop us. Unfortunately, our worst enemy is half time. We are a strong second quarter team. We’re also a pretty strong fourth quarter team. Unfortunately, we’re slow enough in the first and third that we can’t overcome the hole that we have dug for ourselves.
The end score looks worse than how the game felt, but I believe it ended 15-6.

After the game, there was some spirited pickup and sprinting.

One note that I have overall for the game is that Booze beat themselves up after a turnover. We are a pretty laid back team. Sure, we want to win and we can dislike our turnovers, but everyone should understand that turnovers are going to happen. They are inevitable. Especially when you play with 21 people that you don’t know all that well.

Viv did typical Viv things, sprinting away from Booze’s super fast ladies all night.
Eli had some great hucks to catch our players out of position.
Ezra was solid all night, holding their handling line together
I didn’t catch her name, but Nyan had a lady handler who made some really smart poaches and had a bunch of great grabs.
There’s too much great stuff from Booze to mention one by one, but generally, Lisa and Alex were open all night on every cut. Danny had a bunch of break throws to open up our offense and at least one great huck I can remember.

Robin Hood time:
We still are undefeated at the bar. Viv came to hang out with us, but we were sad to not see too many cats there. I’m starting to think it’s Booze that somehow discourages people from joining us at the bar.

You will definitely get people joining you for at least one night next week.  I haven’t announced it fully yet, but I will be shortly emailing all the players in league to let you know about the one single Joxer’s Karaoke Wednesday night on the schedule next week, August 8.

The bad news for Blue’s Clues is that you guys are scheduled to play that night at Belmont High, which at that time of night is a 15-20 minute drive West to Joxer’s.  Two other games are already scheduled that night at Rancho Cienega, and Belmont High was the only other field we could get that night.  The other team that plays that night at Belmont, Goofy, has not had a big bar presence this year from reading recaps, but Blue’s Clues I know goes out to the bar a lot, so I really hope you guys can make the trek over to Joxer’s next Wednesday.

I didn’t see this recap earlier in the day, so I apologize for not getting it on the site until now.  This is Nyan Cat’s Eli Levenson-Falk with his first ever Summer League recap:

It’s taken a while to get this recap going. First, I was going to do a shtick where everyone on the team got elaborate, customized nicknames, but I realized that I would run into problems when it came to our ringers, Julie “Eli Doesn’t Know My Last Name” and Tonic “Eli Doesn’t Know My First Name” “Eli Doesn’t Know My Last Name Either”. It’s too bad because they dominated cutting and handling, respectively, and defense, collectively. And then I thought that it might be too mean to print Jaws “Lexy” “I Won’T COme iF SCoUt isN’T cOmINg” Sinnot, even if she did bail right before game time. Plus I’m pretty sure that I called Patrick “I’m Really Tall and Fast” Miller by Ezra “I’m Also Really Tall and Fast but I Have Longer Hair” Schaffer’s name several times during the game, so it’s not like I’m doing great on names here. And while it would be great to memorialize C-Note “Caroline” “Field General” Hugar’s great defense, or the terrific handling by Frankie “My Daughter Might be Alan Turing” Rho, Bobby “I’m Just In It for the Sideline” Aholt, and Michael “No One Uses My First Name But It Probably Exists” Russo, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea any more. Sure, Devin “I’m Getting Too Old for This ‘Defense’ Shit” Miller ran his butt off to cover young guys all night, and Mercury “Arad” “Literally Unable to Jog, Can Only Walk or Sprint” Margalit was a dominant deep cutter, and Chuck “Lazer Blades” Bender was getting D’s left and right, and Isaac “Death by 1000 Cuts” “Get It, It’s a Pun, Because He’s a Cutter?” Wanlass was always open, but I just can’t keep going. Maybe the concept could be salvaged if I had more time, but Viv “Best Argument for Raising the Drinking Age” Shen threatened to exile me if I took too long, so instead I’ll just give a straight recap:

We started out hot like a pop tart, then let off the gas a little and Blue’s Clues started burning us deep for several scores. We stepped it back up to take half 8-5 and never slowed down, closing out the second half for a 15-5 final score. Lots of awesome things happened, some less awesome things happened but they worked out OK, and a good time was had by all. Shout out to Blue’s Clues for an awesome, spirited game.

-Eli “I’m Supposed to Be Writing Grant Proposals” Levenson-Falk

No nickname for the team captain.  Scott “Too Good For Nicknames” Bergen must not have been there.

Does Nyan Cat get a nickname?  That’s the one I’m most curious to see.

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