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The moral of the story is don’t call a time out when you’re down by 2 and the lights are about to go off.

To be fair, who knew they were going to shut the lights off at EXACTLY 10PM????  I didn’t realize this was Army Training Camp.

(Buster may have known about this.  She did play at Lincoln Middle School previously, but I don’t think she was looking at her watch.)

Before I continue, check out these sweet shirts Alex and Castro were wearing.  They’ve been doing this all year.

That’s team support if I’ve ever seen it.

The moral of the story is don’t spot the other team a 5 point lead.   I think it was 12-7 at one point.  But I’m not 100% on that.  I talked at halftime how 8-5 is a trap score for them.  And we are traditionally a 2nd half team I think.  Although I have no stats on that because UltimateCentral apparently doesn’t care about halftime scores.  I miss Sports Press.  We were hoping in the second half their lead was going to disappear faster than this cat.

Cutest thing EVER!!!!!

This Gif is also representative of how the cats have been doing against the dogs this year.  Swallowing us up and spitting out hairballs.

Both teams had almost all of their better players.  Underdog was missing Armand, and we were missing Licious, but other than that, I think everyone else taken in the top half of the draft from both genders was there.  So no excuses from either side.  Our best against their best.  Like the only good scene from Captain America: Civil War.

Before the game started, there was a nice photo op of Peebs and Cotter, two longtime baggaged players on opposite teams this year.

A meeting of the Mikes.

I would totally get in that threesome.

Cabo Cantina gives you 2 for 1 drinks during late night happy hour starting at 10PM.  That is SOLID!  They also had beer pong, but nobody played it.  Only downside is they close at midnight.  And they don’t let in babies.  Who turns away Jeni and Johnny’s baby?  I mean please.  Jack Lam is cuter than a cat getting swallowed between someone’s legs.

I also want to share Sonja’s Facebook post from the bar.

I did not actually see this happen, but Sonja was telling me about it, and I saw the couple across the street after the 3 guys went to help her.  I’m glad she posted.

I was a little drunk last night so two seconds after deciding there was nothing more to see here, I went right into asking Sam Decker about her dating history.  My timing could improve, I admit.

Back to the game, the lights went off right after we scored the 13th point.  I’m not saying we would’ve come back to win, but damn that is frustrating.

Shout out to Frances Hernandez on Garfield.  She was the best player on our team all night.  But that’s not surprising.  She’s been a rock star all year.

Not this Rock Star, of course:

Erin makes me watch this show.

I finally got to see Matt Theologidy play.  I accept he is very good and skilled.  I concur with Steph’s recap last week.  The younger brother though, Mikey.  Damn boy.  He’s gonna be good.

Steph had an insanely awesome full extension grab at the back of the end zone trying everything to keep her toe in bounds to end the game, but was just a hair over the line.  Would’ve been an incredible ending.

Patrick Holmes, 60 years young, races away from his defender to score on a huck, and it probably got the most cheers of the night.  (No word on who that defender was.)

Another photo op before the game began.  (I’m sorry I’m jumping around, but that’s how my brain works.)  Sam Kelley and Sabre.  I snuck the camera phone underneath them while they were stretching.


I would totally get in that threesome.  (Nobody tell Erin I said that.)

The sun literally shines behind Sam at all times.

The moral of the story is…. Underdog is very good, and would be a serious threat to win the tournament, but half of the team is getting replaced for the tournament, so who even knows who they will be in two weeks.

And now, perfect segue into Steph’s recap from the Underdog side:

It’s the final weeks of the season. Underdog had a quick turnaround from a Thursday game. Spirits were high. I’ve played on teams with the majority of Garfield players. They’re all very solid players, which I pointed out to my team in the huddle. “Don’t be fooled by their record. They’re all very good players and you can’t underestimate them.” But sadly my warning went unheeded.

I won the “over under” by betting against my team who was doing a go-to drill. They dropped it, and I chose defense. We came out and got a quick break and Ruth scored. Then Joel or Drew scored for Garfield (story of the night… Joel and Drew are FAST…). Then Ruth scored again. Welcome back. Then Garfield scored. Then we went up 4-2. Johnson had a monster D and then ran down for the score for an awesome bookend. (He then puked). Mikey layout for a few D’s and runs and scores. Johhny gets a massive D on Joel or Drew. Hucks were flying and landing. Our ladies were open all night. Cortez, Sam and Kellie kept streaking long for easy scores. Lost of run-through D’s. Sam was on fire all night, open all day under and then floating a pretty flick to Laura in the endzone. Who needs dudes??? I was joking and laughing and distracted by Jack Lam and so was not vigilant with the score. We thought it was half 8-4. Garfield said it was 7-3. We kept playing and they scored twice before we scored to take half 8-5.

And then we really started to let up. Underdog was all relaxed and jokey and Garfield was all fired up about being a second half team. And they were! We came out on offense and went up 10-5. But then suddenly they went on a run and by the time we got our heads out of our asses it was 12-10. Then 12-11. We took a T. PAT SCORES for UNDERDOG!!! 13-11. Then Toph hammers one to Cortez 14-11.

Then Garfield roars back. We get turnovers, but can’t complete our passes. We tried a series of BEAUTIFUL hucks to Kellie (It was her last night and we might have all had tunnel vision) —including a 60 yard flick from Johnson— she was wide open, sprinting hard, but the disc would fall just short of her reach. When that girl learns to lay-out she’s going to be unstoppable. It’s 14-12. We’re on offense. Steve Loh fires one to Matt in the endzone, Alex Carey is all over him, it’s in Matt’s hands… the game is won… nope! He Macks it away from himself, lays out for the recovery but doesn’t get it. Garfield works it down, we get a turn on a MASSIVE D by Sam! Underdog work it down. Cotter floats on to me in the endzone. It goes long, I attempt to toe the line as I layout and GRAB IT… the game is won… nope… I was totally out… Garfield — now on offense — takes a time-out. Then realizes we only have 4 minutes of lights. Whoops. They work it down and score after a bunch of calls and stoppage of play. 14-13. We get the disc. We work it down. We don’t score. Garfield has it on O. They could score and tie -it. Then the lights go off. Probably the most unsatisfying win of the season.

Shout-out to Francis on Garfield who was awesome and D’d Toph and Cotter in the same point. She was on fire! Props to Chris Walthers who ran deep and confidently skied Castro for a score which we heckled him endlessly for. Pat had a clutch score, taking advantage of a poaching Andy Bandit to score at a key moment. Cortez, as always, was magnificent. It would only have been made better by Lish and Armand being there, and having 30 more min of lights. I did not make it to the bar, I hear the bouncer turned Jack Lam away. But I’m sure Andy will have all the shenanigans for you.

I got you covered.  Already mentioned all the shenanigans above.

Glad the win was unsatisfying, cause our loss was also unsatisfying.  There’s only one way to settle this.  We all go back after the tournament and finish the final few points off.  Losers buy winners drinks at a bar that is not Cabo Cantina unless they LET JACK IN!!!!!!!

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  • Stephanie Hicks

    July 31, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    If my team wasn’t going to be 50% different for the tournament I would totally take you up on that offer. But Im more hoping we’ll just play you at the tournament and go bet on that…


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