RecapSummer 2018Scooby Doo vs Scratchy

Scooby Doo


The Scooby Doo train continues to roll.  This victory makes them 7-0 and they are not slowing down on their way to the potentially first immaculate season in Summer League history.

Sometimes, most everything goes right for your team.  The stuff you’ve been working on all season.  To be clear, this is summer league.  It’s still cloggy.  Dump swing motion is still a work in progress.  Marks and person D can always get better.  But for summer league…Most everything went right for us last night.  And when everything is going right for both teams, you get one of those epic games.  But last night Scratchy didn’t have everything go right.  They played well.  And they played hard all night long.  But Scooby Doo ran away with the game early.  We took half 8-0, finished the night 15-2.   Huge shoutout to everyone on Scratchy, there was no give up- they played us like the game was tied.  On the Scooby side- Bacon led us through the pre game warmup with great throws even though she couldn’t play, Karen Ho made her first game and got a great hand block to start off the night, and Cam finally returned in trail running shoes after a month off for an injury.   Mike Zurer took photos (they are on facebook) and after the game, we played a bit of pickup that ended sooner than I would have liked.  Finally a huge shoutout to Cable, representing scratchy at the bar till the wee hours.

Scooby Doo’s final three games are the toughest on their schedule.  In their 7 games, they’ve played the entire middle of the pack.  The 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 seeds in addition to the 15 seed Scratchy.  But two of the final three are Ren and Brian Griffin, so they’ve saved the best for last.

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