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I did not do correct research on the Cheshire Cat.  I was focused so much on the Lewis Carroll novel, that I didn’t realize it actually made it’s way into literature prior to that book.

According to Wikipedia:

  • Its first appearance in literature was in the 18th century. A classical dictionary of the vulgar tongue (1788) by Francis Grose (The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged, London) contains the following entry: “CHESHIRE CAT. He grins like a Cheshire cat; said of any one who shows his teeth and gums in laughing.”

The “vulgar tongue” book, by the way, was a response to the Dictionary of the English Language (1755) by Dr. Samuel Johnson.  Gose wanted to include all words deemed unfit for the entry into the dictionary.

Other terms from the “vulgar tongue” book we might want to try to bring back:

Dicked in the nob – silly or crazed
Knight of the trenches – a great eater
Kittle pitchering — to prevent someone from telling a boring or longwinded story by constantly interrupting them with pointless contradictions

I’m going to try really hard to incorporate these terms into conversation at my game tomorrow night.  I’d really like to kittle pitcher someone.

Cheshire Cat played Hello Kitty last night.  And here’s Josh Wiensch of Hello Kitty:

Short story, Hello Kitty won the first half. Cheshire cat won the second half. Hello Kitty won the game 15-10.

Longer story. Watch out at the Sepulveda basin fields. Some of the parents for the girls who have soccer practice before our games threw a fit and complained to the field manager because some of our players were on unused sections of the field before 8:00 and were throwing a disc. As a result, the field manager got really agitated and said that he was going to kick us off the field precisely at 10:00. In the future, it’s probably best to stay off the field until 8:00 so we can have some goodwill regarding the lights-off time. Lights didn’t go off precisely at 10 and it was ~ 10:10 instead, but it’s still earlier than usual.

Hello Kitty ran a breakmark come-to drill before the game. We’re currently 3-1 in games where we ran a come-to drill. Then we had a chat about not letting other teams set the pace. Our last two losses have been entirely because we didn’t set the pace in the game so I made sure to emphasize this before the game. Kitty wins the flip and we start of d.

The first point is long, with many turnovers. Neither team is connecting well and there are quite a few drops on both sides, but Kitty eventually finishes the point, 1-0

After that, we really start to warm up. We are getting D’s and stretching the field well on O. We get a few more points to make the score 4-0.

Cheshire gets a point to make it 4-1.

Kitty continues moving the disc really well and taking deep shots. KJ has a spectacular D on Xavier, winning both the first and second attempt at the disc. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone make up ground on Xavier before. You really had to be there. We take half at 8-1.

During half we have a chat where the usual things are said. “Good job.” “Let’s not get complacent” “They are probably going to come out swinging after the half” None of this helped us very much. We came out of the half very flat, at least a little because Cheshire decided to switch to zone d.

We drop a pull, 8-2
I throw it away on the first throw of the point 8-3
We fight back with two in a row to make it 10-3. We couldn’t possibly screw this up

However for the rest of the game, cheshire outscores us. We are making some bad decisions against the zone. Having Xavier in the deep position makes it tough to throw anything over the top. He is fast. It’s ugly, and at times I’m a bit worried we’re not going to hold it together but we end up finishing 15-10.

The scoring in the halves were
Kitty 8, Cheshire 1
Kitty 7, Cheshire 9

Fun game overall. Kitty is still improving rapidly. Can’t wait til next week.

So they’re upset that we’re on the field before 8 and they’re upset we’re not off the field by 10.  I mean, I get it.  But I used to have to negotiate with Balboa all the time to give us extra lights before and after 8 and 10 and always argued that it’s important to have set up time, and the more set up time, the more likely we are to finish on time.

Nice comeback by Cheshire Cat.  Even though they didn’t win it’s still a big deal to come back considerably from down 8-1 and 10-3.

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