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Cheshire Cat
Puss N Boots


Two cats that come from literature.  Cheshire Cat from the 1865 Lewis Carroll novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.  And Puss N Boots going all the way back to 1550, from the Italian collection of short stories “Le Piacevoli Notti”.  But of course the character is most known from Antonio Banderas’ performance in “Shrek 2” and the stand alone spin-off.

Speaking of that, have you ever seen impersonator Ross Marquand?  If you haven’t seen his Nano-impressions, you are missing out.  They are dead on.  This is just him doing a short impression of Antonio Banderas accepting a fictitious Oscar for Puss N Boots on the Jimmy Kimmel Show:

He’s awesome.  Check out those Nano Impressions.

Okay, and now to the game.  This is Joanna Whitney of Cheshire Cat:

We’re done. The season is over. We’ve had all the experiences. We’re cutting it off now. We’ve lost one, tied one, and now won one. What more is there left to do? Besides maybe try to get Ed Wu and Jeremy Tong to go to the bar with us after a game.

Here is the break down of every point with some commentary about fun moments:

Cheshire starts on O

1-0 snatch to fuse
2-1 Brian to eok
3-1 snatch to fuse
3-2 ed to enway
4-2 Carlo to nahall
5-2 Rachel with perfect d
6-4 Cubby to Joanna – that’s when Cubby told Snatch “I hammered your girlfriend”
8-6 Carlo catches the disc after X (AKA Cookie) gets fouled in the hand hard trying to catch it

HALF – and this is where Julie took over as note taker. I love some of her comments. I added my own notes for this recap in italics.

9-7 Snatch to Brian
10-8 Brian to Tim defender was very close!
10-9 white girl got it with a bunch of people close by. Dudes played it safe – good job dudes
D by fuse
11-9 Carlo to Nahall right up the jam hole
12-10 Erwin to Ed crazy grab. – Erwin punishes Ed over and over again (Right before this score Erwin throws a disc just far enough that Ed – running full speed – would have had to throw his body hard for a layout. Ed yells “not this week” in reference to the same thing he did layout for last week and landed hard)
Turn in front of purple end zone
Greg hammer to Joanna, but a missed connection
Another turn in front of purple
Snatch and Cubby all over each other (This was in reference to a crazy decision by Cubby where the disc is on the end zone line, he tells Snatch to pick it up, then gets in front of Snatch as he goes to pick up the disc and does a ridiculous spinning shovel pass that Snatch wasn’t ready for, but catches anyway after yelling “what are you doing?” which distracts enough people to allow for the score)
13-10 Snatch to wide open X
Ed D
14-12 Thalia to Carlo. Great read by Carlo his guy jumped too soon
White dropped pull
15-12 snatch to X

We’ve definitely still got a few kinks to work out and some strategy that needs fine tuning, but it’s great to get the W. My shout out this week is to Carlo for listening to Snatch’s suggestion to the team to always run down to help and expect your teammate to catch the disc instead of watching the long puts, which got him the very next score after that talk. He also made some great throws to help push us down the field. The him and Brian combination was my favorite of the night.

We won the bar again, handily. Proving that we didn’t lie on our draft forms about being one of the most fun and one of the best bar attendance teams. Reed also pointed out last night that we may also be considered one of the most diverse teams (even if Snatch doesn’t consider himself a ginger). Yay representing LA!

No single part of me is surprised Reed said that.

I don’t know if I needed an explanation of “Cubby and Snatch all over each other”.  Why can’t my imagination just wander?

No single part of me is surprised Cubby said that.

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