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Plenty of Boba in the Tea


Week 4 begins.  It’s the week of the Superbowl.  The government is still shut down.  Prices of stamps are going up.  It’s a big week.  In local LAOUT News, the LAOUT Awards, which was tentatively scheduled on February 9 is now moving to February 23.

In Winter League, rookie team Plenty of Boba in the Tea started out with a wild swing in their first two weeks.  Nice 15-10 win over the Misfits followed by 15-6 loss to TBD v2.  So now they get a closer game in their third contest against Tarmac.  Here’s Sonja Roden of Tarmac with words and video:

Tarmac had a bye last week 😡 so we were ready to get out there and do the thing and thankfully this time there wasn’t any fog so we could see the whole field…that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have used the fog as an excuse for our dropped catches last night though.

We played Boba in the Tea or something to that effect. Their ladies were very fast, I feel like I say this every time but it’s true of course. That may just be because I’m lazy and out of shape, either way I don’t like having to chase after them. I, personally, am very thankful for the awesome women on my team who are willing to pick up my slack 😜 Speaking of our ladies, Taylor was killing it last night getting D’s all over the place!

As for other game things – they happened. We were up then they went on a run, caught us, and they took half. Lots of great catches from both sides, sweet D’s all around. I think Thies and Cifuentes went to the bar last night on behalf of Tarmac and I’m sure they represented us well.

Ok I should be doing actual work type work now so today you get less pointless rambling from me. You can watch the video to see what others had to say about last night.

Tough start to the season for Tarmac, now at 0-3.  BUT, all three games have been close.  In fact, they’ve lost all 3 by the same 15-12 score.  Remarkable consistency.  Although that’s not surprising.  Look at the last four seasons they’ve had.  2015 they went 3-4, 2016: 3-4, 2017: 4-4, 2018: 4-3.  So they tend to hover around .500 a lot lately.  It’s going to take a big turnaround to get their this year.  Next up is 3-0 Kapow! so it’s gonna be another tough fight for them.

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  • JIm

    January 29, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    We lost two universe point games during last season’s tournament. I think we were 0-3 with a -4 differential.

    The more intimate the score, the better.


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