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TBD v.2
Plenty of Boba in the Tea


Wish I could write more things.  Next week, when Lei-Out’s done, I swear I’ll have some commentary to support the recaps, but Greta Becker of TBD does just great on her own.  She don’t need me:

A rainy Wednesday game. Cory wanted to get there early and throw, but he decided to just sit in his car while Kyle and Alex showed up early. WoOoW. The biggest news of the night – TBD has new jerseys!!!!! Tie dyed by yours truly and Daniel. Everyone who came wore them proudly, except Phil. Phil can’t be seen wearing cotton while playing in the rain. I vowed to not say anything good about Phil since he refused to wear the shirt I made with my own bare hands. So rude.

Back to the important stuff. Both teams slowly trickled in and we made a new friend by the name of Adam, he just got back from New Zealand and was looking to run around. TBD was good on dudes so Boba picked him up. Boba was also kind enough to go white so we could wear our new jerseys! Thanks guys!

Before the game even starts, Phil complains that he’s cold – maybe you wouldn’t be if you added an extra layer…like your new jersey. Anyway, the game starts with Cory selfishly hucking it immediately to Charlotte for a score. Kyle then had a really nice looking huck to Alex and I began to worry this was going to turn into a huck fest because the next point was a ? huck (that’s how someone wrote it in the notebook, idk) from Alena to me. But Alena proved me wrong with a nice break side throw to Better Dylan, DNeff. The next point I wrote down that we remembered to call end zone and that Cory had a nice D, but I don’t like to inflate his ego too much, so let’s give all the credit to Kyle for a nice cut.

The next point was great because we came up with a new nickname for Xavier. Bnads (still didn’t ask about the nickname) threw to X, Cory got really excited and shouted “BNADS TO XNADS!!! YEAHHHH”. So we will now be referring to X as Xnads. Sorry not sorry. Kyle throws to Maggie and Xnads throws to “Ilian, no Henry, no Grady…smh.” – Phil wrote that. Phil loves Grady with all his heart.

HALF TIME. I think the score at half was 8-3? Boba’s points came from a long-fought battle where Phil blamed the rain for blocking his vision (he wears glasses while he plays, get some contacts you fool). Another because we were being too poachy and another because Ilian couldn’t get his foot high enough. I remember wanting to mention a super awesome sick looking break throw by Boba player…Lauren? Shit I asked people for her name and then forgot to write it down.

Second half. This is already long so I’ll try and be brief, these are our next points. Ilian throws to Papa, Kyle throws to DNeff. Phil throws to Xnads who reads the disc super well. Papa to Henry in a surgical end zone strike. Dylan Beta decides to show up, plays in jeans and beams Maggie in the head (claims it would’ve been a great throw but we all know otherwise). Alena to Xnads right after Ilian had a nice huck to Alena. Ilian gets a backhand break to Alena. Ilian chases down the disc for a sweet end zone D and finally to take the game 15-6, Henry throws to Alena.

Shout outs on Boba: Chi and Claw literally never stop smiling. Never. It’s amazing. Chin is a super great organizer for Boba and was a great leader and Ben (?) had an amazing layout D against Xnads. A great game with some rain – as always see you at the bar.

New jerseys and no photo of them?  C’mon Greta, give the people what they want.

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