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TBD v.2
Sky Life


The battle of the top two teams in the league.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the Ratings on the standings page.  I love those ratings before teams play outside of their own group.  It’s fun.  It shows for example that Marshall is currently the most average team in the whole league.  Yay average!  I heard this cool podcast about how average used to be the ideal that everyone strived for until something changed in society and average became bad, and nobody wanted to be average anymore.  Now we all wanna be exceptional.  But as an average player on the most average team, I say BRING BACK AVERAGE!!!

That’s just a weird aside this Saturday morning while I sit in bed with a dog on either side of me.

This is officially the most self indulgent photo I’ve ever taken. Me sitting at my computer while typing these very words. Feel free to gag.

Alright, I’ve hijacked Greta’s recap enough. Sorry Greta. It’s bad enough I send this out a day late, and then I make it all about me. Nobody’s shocked by this.

Okay, here’s TBD’s Greta Becker with the real recap you came here for:

You know what sucks? Flying to Atlanta when you’re just trying to get to Milwaukee. But at least I have this recap to keep me company.

Boy is it disorienting entering Rancho from that other parking lot. TBD was looking super low in women as 8pm crept up…our games previously had been at 8:30, so maybe we were confused.

Game starts. Genzone is decided. Lines are put out. TBD scores first! Humble brag, I caught it – sorry I’ll drop and give 10 push-ups at the airport. I caught the second score (10 more I know) spurred from great defense and a nice throw from Xnads. Skyline has an unfortunate turn and TBD capitalizes.

Points are traded, but who knows in what order because that’s just not how I keep track of things, oh well. Eventually Ryan and Frances of Skylife show up, and who do they bring!? August, the cutest most lovey dovey boye in the whole world. What a good distraction to bring, a lot of TBDers we’re not paying attention to the game, including myself. Sorry not sorry, he’s so fluffy!

Skylife is pushing back with their zone D, forcing some turnovers and skying us like their name promises, they score again and looked like Ilian didn’t even try – that should be 10 push-ups, right? Alena is on fire, throwing and catching scores left and right, Cory is bidding and scoobering, and Keith is so fast. Okay, who spelled Phuse’s name like this??? I go to write Fuse’s throw to Alena in the book and Skylife says it’s half, 8-5. But I only have 7-4 written down – oh well they’re basically the same score and I was probs distracted by August.

Half time! Cory says he’s only going to say one thing, we try and cut him off there, but he lied to all our faces and continues. Not gonna lie, I don’t know what he said.

Second half! Fuse throws to me for a score. TBD has some loose D and Skylife makes us pay. Daniel gets his FIRST D ever. Trolololol. Then throws an inside break to one of the Dylan’s. Russo throws to better Dylan. The next point is long, Ilian has a dope D, then Tim on Skylife gets a nice D. We’re all needing an oxygen tank, except I wasn’t on the field, thank gawd, and TBD takes the hard fought point with a throw from Alena to Cory. Then again, Alena to Better Dylan, other Dylan has a super noice huck to Fuse.

There’s an unfortunate collision on the field and Karen of Skylife has to come off. Hope you’re okay!

Game ends with a huck from Ilian to his bromance, hewhoshallnotbenameduntilhewearshisjersey.

To the bar! But wait, Cory lost his car keys, to the car he just got, and some of us stay to help him look…only for his key to be in his back pack. What an idiot (Hermione voice). Yay to the live band karaoke, shit’s dope. Pretty sure almost every member of TBD was there.

P.s. Big FU to Kyle for “traveling for work”. (See photo) We missed you Lisa!

P.p.s. I forced the team to take a group photo so people can see the jerseys (see photo)


Were there meant to be two photos Greta?  Cause there was only one attached.

TBD did in fact bring their entire team to karaoke, and many of them sang.  Excellent representation.

I can also appreciate fluffy dogs.  See photo at top.

And oh, is that what you do when you talk about yourself?  You do push ups.  Awesome, I’m on it.

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