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I can’t remember exactly, but I vaguely remember we once had a recap from a dog I think?  I can’t find it to prove it, but somehow that’s in my head.  Well, this is the first recap we’ve had from a baby.  This is right out of “Look Who’s Talking”.  Here’s Jack Lam via Stephanie Hicks:

I knew it was going to be a long, cold night when Mom put on the dinosaur onesie AND a jacket. Unless it’s snowing, I always sweat balls in that onesie. Mom’s friends formed a circle around me a few times to cheer about how happy they were that I was there, although they thought my name was “After Party.” Silly adults.

When Mom ditched me, Mr. Pat and Miss Rigby fought over who got to hold me so she could run around a lot. She and all the ladies seemed pretty tired from chasing a Scrappy and a Skipper and an Avatar and an Annie, whatever that means. I got a little grumpy cause Mom covered up my super fly hair cut with a hood and all the ladies passing me around weren’t experiencing the full impact of my cuteness. Even though I had to poop, I figured I’d better hold it in till I got home if I didn’t want to marinate in sweaty doo doo butter all night. Everyone lined up to high five me for not stinking up my diaper, and man, all the blue dudes were REALLY tall. But really nice. We had so much fun, they asked if they could hang out with me EVERY week. I’d be cool with that, but Mom’s friends seem to be much happier going back to playing B-teams. I’ve still got about twenty more years before I can legally go to the bar, so mom and I had to skip the karaoke. Its ok cause so did this guy Matt Tee-o… log…oh I can’t say his name. But the nice man made up a fun song about him.

Yep, that’s pretty much spot on what I would’ve expected from Jack.  Maybe a few more poop jokes even.

I hope Jack grows up and plays Ultimate and one day writes another recap, and then we show him this one, and in my perfect scenario they’re almost the same.

Best rhyme ever of After Party with Theologidy.  Enimen couldn’t have done it better.

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