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After a 4-0 start, TBD has climbed the ladder to the top of the league, and it really shows the separation from the top 4 and everyone else.  TBD is currently sitting as the #5 team according to RRI, but they have COMBINED to score 15 points against Skeeter and Ninja Squirtles.  It’s unfortunate we haven’t yet had a TBD vs. Scoober Divers game, cause that’s one I’m really interested in seeing.  It might even be the B finals match-up.

So here’s Greta Becker of TBD with the story:

Thursday. Valentine’s Day. Also the day TBD takes on the Ninja Squirtles. Let’s get this out of the way – Xnads, Daniel, and Kyle decided they had other “obligations” and didn’t make the game. Xnads is married and had “plans”, sure whatever. Kyle was “traveling for work” – it’s become his go to excuse. And Daniel has a “concussion” – likely story, even though there were eye witness accounts of it happening.

They can’t bring me down though, seeing those shining faces at Rancho can only make my day better. PLUS, Fuse and Papa both wore their tie dye and looked amazing. Phil is still a bitch and didn’t wear his. There were some color difficulties with the Squirts because their color is light blue and our tie dye has some light blue in it – so they graciously accommodated and went light/dark.

Game starts. TBD scores first – Cory throws to a wide-open Alex, what whaaaaatt. TBD scores again, Fuse to Dylan, a lefty backhand right past Lu’s unsuspecting head. But this amazing score could only have happened because of Dylan skying TWO squirtles and then immediately throwing it away, but TBD was still hyped from the sky and our D game is strong ;).

Points are traded, the game is looking pretty evenly matched and I gotta say, it was a highly spirited game – lots of dancing on the line from both teams, and the proper amount of ridicule from your own teammates. Is it really an ultimate game if people aren’t yelling at Cory for making a fool of himself in the exact same corner of the end zone during two different points??

Papa throws to Phil. Then the longest effing point happens, a time out is called and literally everyone from both teams is on the field, I’m honestly surprised a spirit game wasn’t played, next time we play each other Squirts, next time. TBD takes the long ass point with a sick D from Bnads and Dylan throwing the score to Lisa.

Phil throws to Cory after…I don’t remember what was so remarkable about this point, we probably all underestimated Cory’s ability to catch the disc, but “uhhh wut” and “happy accident” is what was written down. The Squirtles take half 8-5.

TBD scores first out of half, woo hoo! But I wasn’t paying attention because I think Cory and I were still talking about jersey colors and I missed everything, but good work team. TBD scores again by jamming it up the jam hole (just the way frisbee people like it). But then the Squirtles go on a run, I particularly remember Ed being a smooth MFer on the field and I was impressed enough to write it down.

Brach scored probably 90% of the Squirtles points, he is the Blastoise of the game. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly changed the second half for us, we threw it away a lot and had a lot of silly drops, but I hope we get to play the Squirts again (sorry I keep calling you guys that, it’s hard not to).

Shout out time. FUSSSSSEEEEEE. Dayyummm, it must be the tie dye. So many D’s. Alena!! So many open cuts! Skyline – an amazing sky. Dylan – for playing through a “hurt hamstring”. And to everyone for putting up with my lame jokes. On the Squirts – Brach and Rigby, for being fellow redheads (<3), and because I’m jealous you’re on the same team, I miss our summer league team from two years ago, RIP. Also shout out to Rigby and Jesse for making it to the bar, when I was skeptical because they were talking about burritos – sorry I doubted you. And here’s a shout out to Lu – because I told him I’d give him one, but does he deserve it? IDK.

Did you say you were going to give Lu a shout out, or did Lu ASK for a shout out?  That’s an important distinction.

Lu at least deserved a shout out for his karaoke rendition of I Believe in a Thing Called Love with Alex.  There was some nipple exposure.

Where do you guys write all this stuff down when you say there’s notes?  Is it on a white board?  I hope you’ve been taking photos after each game.  That’s some nostalgia right there.

As there are only two weeks left for TBD and Marshall (both teams have byes this upcoming week) there’s a fair chance we’re lined up to play each other in a first round match-up at the tournament, which I’m pretty excited about cause I think that would be a pretty fun game.

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  • Greta

    February 15, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    Lu asked for a shout out after I promised Rigby one – but he and Alex did crush it on Karaoke.

    Maybe Marshall and TBD have a little scrimmage during the bye week??


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