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This is one of those recaps where normally I would edit, but because of how he writes this, I made the decision to keep the tone reflective of the author.  Like with drunken Reedcaps, you don’t mess with the mess.  You just have to let the madness play itself out.  So I made a few changes if something was simply unreadable but for the most part it’s as is, from Marshall’s Alex Carey:

C I’ve never liked writing recaps. They take too long and I’m a perfectionist. its too loud to use dictation so i gotta type. This is how you know i couldnt be drunk aviator, but trust me person is out there.

Ears hurt…dude at bar is signing touch your body (limp biscuit wouldn’t it be nice. I head banged just a little. Lindsey has the grab of the night. chris through a scooter slightly too far. She had a sick layout for the score. Jeff said “thats her valentines present to you Chris”. Funny heckle.

Now of course best heckled I ever heard were from justin Hayley 2012!at leiout. It gave me an appreciation for heckling possibilities

Sadness :(, rip: the monkeys.

Out of bounds pulls were clutch tonight good job Joe, we took half 8-6, but then Skeeter came back with good adjustments, like stopping the rolling disc quickly and not getting trapped early. They won like 15-12?

Andy dang creep, radio head. emotional song of the night. Lots of being on knees. performance of the night..

Sad there wasn’t a karaoke night this year. laout can rock it if it wants to. we can leave our shiz behind.

Happy to report that “LV” Wang and I sang believe in a thing called love, darkness. We went high. high is ghood.

I am mad that lyrics for the live band don’t show up on more screens. oh well

Perhaps there should be more song options. Where is my Roxanne????

bandit had a laout D. so did young gun nicholas.

greg and i both turned hammers over to each other, same point. in huddle seth mentioned 2 things we were doing wrong , he said other stuff but he should have said alex hammer greg hammer, done. .

christ betz subbed for us and rocked.

chad of course is my favorite old timey player. When we first met he convinced me he was starting a South Bay only leagues. Nude optional. I was young and impressionable. Still am.

jesse from TNF promised to come. he did. i told andy and LV wang he’s hottest guy in LA. They disagreed but agreed he’s close. Top 10. Maybe top 5. We need to make a new list.

personal reminder(finish hottest guy in LA list) (finish chubby all star list(started this in 2014 power ranking)

lots of energy tonight’s.

Justin Haley has always been a top notch heckler.  If I had to pick top three hecklers I’ve ever heard, it would be Bofa easily #1, followed by Sam Regnier a close second.  And I think I might go Orin Moore at 3.  But if I had to fill out top 5 it would include Justin, and I’m throwing out an old school Marshall reference here with Leslie Kramer.

Alex’s lyrics rant is all about the fact that at live band karaoke the lyrics are only on a screen on stage in front of the singer, so if you don’t really know the lyrics, you can’t sing along as an audience member.  I second that.

I think Lu and I both put Jesse in the top 5, to be clear.  There is indisputable objective dogma beauty there.  Don’t stare too long.

And Holy Mosquito Valentine was Lindsey’s catch amazing.  There were a few pretty impressive catches on the night, with Alex having two of them himself.  But Lindsey’s catch is the best I’ve seen so far this year.  Wait, wait…. hold on.  I’m forgetting about Rigby’s insane layout grab at the back of the end zone the last time we played Skeeter (when she picked up with them for the night).  That was epic.  Early entry for Best Layout Grab by a Member of the Winter League Sub Pool.

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  • me

    February 15, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    i think i liked Lindsey’s grab was more impressive but maybe wasnt as picturesque and rigby’s.

    it just seemed like the reaction time necessary for lindseys was much higher, the disc was was scoobed low so it wasn’t floating at all. it was dying hard.

    Rigby’s on the other hand was a long huck with a big buildup and rundown. Just the perfect layout grab.

    Remind(chronicle and categorize laouts greatest layouts)


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