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TBD v.2
Lunch Break


A little strange writing “v.2 vs.” at the top of this.

Let’s get right into it.  This is the recap from Wednesday’s game.  Here’s Greta Becker of TBD v.2:

TBD is back with a new-found energy this year, with a new CO-Captain, Cory. He’s just okay and definitely a questionable decision, but we’ll see how it goes. Almost everyone got to the game early…cough Dylan…cough – this will be confusing as we have two Dylans. Thanks to Papa for bringing a white board so we could for once keep track of the score and I could write notes about the game.

Game starts! TBD eagerly takes the line, but Lunch Break was there first, they were ready. Last year when we played them it was an intense game that ended with the lights turning off so everyone wanted to make sure we utilized the time. First point. Phil throws to Maggie for a score, and as I wrote this Phil made sure to let me know that he threw it with his left hand, good job Phil. Gold star. Second point, Daniel to Dylan (the one that actually showed up on time, Dylan Neff). That’s a break! Hell yeah, way to go better Dylan.

Now I didn’t write down all the breaks, actually I only wrote down one and by me I mean it was actually Daniel. Lunch Break was putting up some great D and taking us deep whenever they could.  Dammit Jason, stop running so much. There was one point I’d like to point out that Kyle laid out for a disc in the end zone and biffed it. He has a “sore hamstring”. I’d also like to point out that Cory finally caught his D’s. Which is good, because Lunch Break wasn’t ready to give up after a D and always fought to get it if it floated.

Bnads (where did this nickname come from? I need to know) throws breakside to a wide open Lisa in the end zone, then another from Fuse to Alex, and Phil to Charlotte, Fuse to X, Goldie to X, and Fuse to Ilian to take the half 8-5. At some point, Jason had a sick cut deep and caught Ilian and Cory off guard to score for Lunch Break – whoever threw it – Sean? Was it you? Nice put.

Half time – Cory says some words, does anyone really hear what he says, it’s a toss up. But there was a consensus that it was weird to see Cory not drinking. We call it, “real life Cory”.

I wanna say Lunch Break scores first out of half. Clearly, they had better words said at half. They’re a determined team. I also had a note on that point that Phil fucked up, I don’t remember how, but we all know this is believable. We battle the next point or the one after that, Lisa has a nice bid and I had an end zone D, but ultimately (ha) Cory hits Kyle. Ilian decides to foul a guy on Lunch Break, but they discuss it and it’s contested, Lunch Break is determined to make use of this but TBD’s red zone D is on fire and we take the point with a pass from Ilian to X. The next time we score, I’m just gonna humble brag a little because Goldie put up a nice disc to me in the endzone and with pressure from the ever wonderful Frenchy, I “sky” him. I’m not sure if it actually counts because I wasn’t entirely sure what the play looked like from afar, but I’m sure Frenchy will get pay back at pickup this weekend.

I just gotta say, Bnads – I didn’t talk to Cory or the team about this, but I kinda want to award him MVP of the game. Everyone was great and maybe it was because it was my first time playing with him, but he killed it. Also Alena is super speedy fast. I mention them both because Alena was streaking deep and Bnads hits her with the perfect throw.

Apparently our next point was a “shitstorm” because that’s what was written on the board, but I have no recollection of why. We’ll clean ourselves up for the next game. Guess who finally decides to grace us with his presence? YUP, other Dylan. One of you is getting a nickname. We decide to thank Dylan for showing up by letting him be a part of a scoring play, he had endless time. We take the game with a pass from Kyle to Daniel, right over Alena’s head – because we like having good odds and throw in the direction of multiple TBD players.

Shout out to Xenon for really great cuts and catches on Lunch Break. Also shout out to their whole team for being super cool and giving us an awesome game.

TBD stormed Joxer’s and Fuse started us off on the Karaoke train. We love Karaoke. We had fun.

It’s so nice to have games back on Wednesdays for karaoke.  Missed that in the Summer.

Had to look up what “biffed it” meant.  Never heard that term before.

Bnads – I’m sure that’s at least r-rated nickname when we find it out.

Cory existing and not drinking is a surprise.

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