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Always a great rivalry when Animal Style plays After Party.  And I’m not at all talking about the games.  I mean the recaps between Joanna Whitney and Stephanie Hicks.  That’s the real battle.

But this time, it’s actually Chris Walthers getting in the mix instead of Steph, with the first recap.  They’re teaming up on Jo.

PSA – the main parking lot at Rancho Cienega is half under construction. First of all, the parking lot is now even more packed than it used to be so consider using the bigger lot near Exposition, and the normal path to the fields is fenced off. The best way to get to the fields from there is to take the sidewalk right next to Rodeo Rd. and there is a path to the fields.

First game of Winter League, the battle of the Winter League Alphabetical Leaders, and some new faces on After Party – Pat Holmes, Sarah Kibler, Wildcard, Laura Schultz, Matt Theologidy, and the return of Armand. As always it was great catching up with some old friends, too. The teams had a pre-game spirit circle to discuss keeping our cool if the kids from earlier in the week showed up. They did not, but an uninvited guy did show up for the last few points and announce “he’s part of the team” while parking himself in one of the endzones before Snatch calmly talked with him and got him to move off the field. Good work Snatch. After Party had their first game with the option for a team to call 4/3 ladies for some points and it seemed to work well!

First game after the holidays meant everyone was a little turnover-prone, but both teams played hard but spirited. Some dude named Stan had a birthday cake. Animal Style went on a few nice runs that kept them in the game. Kirkham had some bombs and hammer goals, Drew was open all day, the new players all brought a lot of spice to the stew, we had a few points with all lady handlers and they crushed it, and OH LETS GET TO THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – JOXERS HAS A LIVE BAND KARAOKE ON THURSDAYS NOW AND IT FUCKING BANGS!

We parked behind Joxers and you could already hear the percussion of loud music through the back door. Joxers has always had some loud-ass music but this was another level. Once we opened the door and heard the live instruments I thought it was just a live band with a mediocre singer, but after the song finished the singer sat down and the band invited the newcomers to sign up for their favorite song from their 4 page list. Its funny how when you hear a shitty singer and its a band you think “ah this kinda sucks”… but if its karaoke you think “FUCK YES”. At this rate 2019 could be a great year. Seriously, “Casual Encounters” crushed it – backup singing, face-melting guitar licks, drum solos – and they have their playlist online so you better start working on your songs ( if you think you can hang with …

Castro… (My Own Worst Enemy by Lit)

Joel… (Tearing Up My Heart by *NSYNC)

Kirkham… (Plush by Stone Temple Pilots)

Stephanie… (Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood)

…and Sam (Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson)

They said it was their “first of many” live Thursday karaoke nights at Joxers. Circle Thursdays on your calendar, folks

Are you telling me both Wednesday AND Thursday has karaoke at Joxer’s?  I’m in heaven now.

I wish I had time to watch these videos today.  (So many Lei-Out emails) But I’ll comment on them at a later date.

And here’s Joanna’s recap:

Night one of a season that holds so many possibilities for the new and improved Animal Style. With 7 out of 18 of our players new to this group of animals, the world is our oyster… er, french fry, neapolitan milkshake?

The top two teams (alphabetically) huddled up ahead of the game, discussed some of what we heard happened early in the week regarding disruptions of games, agreed to learn from that and try to improve should anything happen again. We ended with a spirited jumble of an “After the Animal Style Party” cheer and took to the field.

Points traded at first to 2-2. Brag: I threw the first point to Cynthia, then caught the second point from I think Helix. But then After Party went on a run to make it 5-2 (maybe even 6-2 at one point? No pun intended, or was it?) Timeout to break up the momentum. Good call, because Animal Style came back with three points of their own (this makes me pretty sure it was probably 6-2 before that). After Party called a timeout of their own. Stealing our strategy and they went on to take the half at 8-5.

Steph and I discussed how the WFDF end zone rule actually worked; if we switch end zones or what, but since no one went 4 women in the first half it didn’t really matter. We switched the end zone. After a point Animal decided to finally call 4 women. Then Steph and I discussed more about how to make a call each point for the ratio we were going instead of just assuming our default was 4 guys and only calling when we were going 4 ladies. Judge was clutch in telling us about the hand signals we called “Penis” and “Fallopian Tubes”. We’ll never forget what each one means now. I’m very appreciative of both teams embracing that decision to always call out the gender ratio and not just when doing something “different” like going 4 ladies. Especially when last night Animal Style had more ladies present than men. Hey girl hey!

All around great game. I know at one point Animal was on O, I was a few steps behind Judge when I hear her say something like “oh shit” because she realized she was out of position before I did. That’s when I was like “oh shit!” and took off running deep. Throw from Ted just a little short of the end zone, Helix, who is always there when you need her, was there for a dump and a score to I think Cynthia. You know Cynthia taught Stig everything he knows. Just believe me on that. Also, Stig was 5’4” until he was like 17, sources say. This is why I don’t have siblings, then they can’t share my secrets.

After Party had a bit more deep shot success than we did, shocker, I know, but we’ll get there. We can blame Margo Schaffer for stealing some of our speed and height for the night. Close game right up until the end at 15-11.

I don’t know guys, but I’m pretty stoked about our new additions. It’s only gonna get better from here.

At the end of the night Joe “That Joe” Bobman just happened to have a cake which worked out perfectly to celebrate Nahall “Over the Hill” Esteghamat’s birthday that started at midnight as well as Judge’s birthday that’s on Saturday. It even said Happy Birthday on it…. followed by the name Stan, so now Nahall is forever known as Stan on our team, and I’d encourage Judge to also become known as Stan. It’s the rule.

To really sum up an almost perfect night, Joxer’s also had a birthday surprise of Live Band Karaoke. You read that right. LIVE. BAND. KARAOKE. And Andy missed it. Good thing it’s every Thursday night according to the lead guitarist man. You can also experience some of Castro’s angry grunge singing with this video:

You’re welcome.

Sorry, that video was taking too long to transfer to Youtube, so you just have to watch it on Facebook.

You really killed it on the not having a sibling.  I can’t imagine the work you put in for that.

I wish I had time for more snarky comments.  In two weeks, I promise.


  • Jim

    January 11, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    the Winter League page states: “GENDER RATIO: strict 4:3 (men:women)”

    is this still the case? We had considered going women advantage on our game Monday but did not due to the specific rule on the site

    Can someone verify?


  • Mo

    January 11, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    this makes my heart happy


  • Joanna

    January 15, 2019 at 8:36 am

    I spoke with the board last night about the 4/3 rule. We are allowed to go 4 women. We will clarify that on the website. The word “strict” was meant to mean we cannot go 5/2. Let the ladies play!


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