RecapWinter 2019Scoober Divers vs. Sky Life

Scoober Divers
Sky Life


Don’t rest on Scoober Divers.  That team is LEgIT with a capital G.  They’re young.  They’re fast.  They’re hungry.  (I saw them eating at the bar.)  They support each other.  And I’m assuming they are certified in aquatic underwater sports. (I think that’s redundant to say aquatic underwater, but I’m living dangerously.)

Here’s Scoober’s Terry Parent with the recap of their game on Monday:

Hoping to build off of the progress we’ve made from last week, last night Scoober faced off against Sky Life. Sky Life is a team we always match up well against. Every season we seem to battle in super close games against one another. This season definitely met that expectation.

The game began with both teams trading points until half. When one team went on a run, the other fought back. Sky Life ended up taking half at 8-7. Then the rain came. As Konrad said, “When it rained, Sky poured it on us.” One would think that with a name like Scoober Divers, we’d figure out how to play in the rain. However, it was Sky who went on a big run, and I don’t think they even dropped the disc once in the rain.

The game quickly went to 10-7 when the rain stopped. One thing about the Scoober Divers is that we won’t quit. We truly feel that we can get back into any game. Rallying around Cam’s “Easy Money” cry, and Red’s raunchy ass, booty playlist, we started to climb back. The main thing we did was that we stopped dropping the disc. Go figure.

From there, we were able to catch up and tie the game at 13. Then, we took the game 15-13.

The whole night, Sky and Scoober kept challenging each other but maintained great spirit. Sky Life is a great team. Shout out to Francis and Ryan, who played on Scoober last season, and had great games.

As for Scoober, the biggest play of the night was Red’s “I don’t know how she did it” catch to score in the back corner of the end zone. Also, Fabian’s game winning grab…. well, ended the game. One more shout out to Kelsey who is just killing it in not only her first season of Winter League, but also her first time ever playing ultimate. Way to just dive into the deep end!

Oh, you know I love puns related to the team name.  Well done sir.

Great game tying it up at 13’s.  There have been a lot of close games this year.  I’m just happy the lights aren’t going off on too many of them.

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