RecapWinter 2019Plenty of Boba in the Tea vs. Kapow!

Plenty of Boba in the Tea


It’s a fun season this year in that 10 of the 18 teams currently have winning records in comparison with just 7 having losing records.  So in general, the league is probably happier than normal I imagine.  We’ve certainly seen quite a few surprise teams, and Kapow! has been one of them.  Plenty of Boba in the Tea though may be poised to start making their own statements.  They’ve gone a little under the radar so far.  Which is in part because I don’t believe they’ve submitted a recap yet.  It’s time Boba.  It’s time.  We want to get on board your train.

From the Kapow! side, who is still holding strong at 4-2, we have Mark Baker today.

Going into tonight’s game, Kapow! knew we’d be facing our toughest competition of the season so far in Plenty of Boba in the Tea. They are a very athletic team, and some of us aren’t. (Okay, okay. I’m talking about myself. I just wasn’t going to name names.) As it turned out, we were missing three of our most athletic guys, meaning the rest of us would have to step up.

We started on defense, and we did get one turnover, but Boba got it right back and scored. We answered with a score on our possession. In fact, we would score on the next two points, bringing the score to 3-1.

Sadly, that would be the last time we’d be ahead all game. (Sorry, should have issued a spoiler alert.)

Boba went on a run, and somewhere in there I lost track of the score despite our stats program and their score board. However, everyone else seemed to know what it was. (Seriously, why can’t this accountant keep track of the score?) The important thing is that when the dust settled and the first half was over, we were behind 4-8.

The second half was a much closer game than the first half. We were very close to trading points. We scored 6 to their 7, bringing the final score to 10-15. We started communicating more and being a little smarter with our throws in the second half, which really helped.

Of course, there is only so much you can do when the defense on the other team is so fast. They had several D’s where, even from the sidelines, I couldn’t see where they came from to get the D. And I’m not talking about long hucks but short throws. Oh, there were plenty of D’s on long throws as well.

We had several good D’s on our side as well. Lance got another great foot block. Josh got a couple of D’s, one of which he then immediately threw to his brother Andrew for a score.

Our ladies were involved in several of our scores, including Steph’s throw to Matt for the very first point and an amazing catch by Meg for our final point of the game. Cameron got both an assist and a score.

We may have lost, but we all had a good time. Thanks to Plenty of Boba in the T for a fun game and congrats on the win.

No worry about spoilers.  Everyone knows the score already when they click on the link.  I am still surprised but the poll a couple years ago dominated with y’all saying you wanted to know the score before reading the recap.  I’m a mystery fan myself, so I’m always excited to read through to find out who won.  But you folks just don’t love the surprise ending.  Reminds me of my mom, who reads the last few pages of a book first.  WTF I will never understand that.

Did I not yet mention I’m really digging bearded Mark Baker? I’m not afraid to say it.  He’s looking quite fly.

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  • Mark

    February 12, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    I meant to give a shout out to several friends from Scoober Divers who came out to support us despite the freezing cold weather. We really did appreciate it!

    As to that beard, um…thanks? You realize those pics are a year old. I’m back to my usual goatee these days.


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