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From the sand back to the grass.  Er… turf.  Winter League resumes and we go to on-field reporter, from After Party, Chris Walthers:

Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith once said “Don’t quit. Don’t even quit!” While he may have been completely mishandling the famous Jim Valvano quote: “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up”, the effort and direction are clearly there and that’s worth something. Tonight’s Scoober Divers vs After Party can really be boiled down to who could don’t even quit the most.

Right off the bat, After Party forced a turnover and got a sweet layout goal from Castro in the back corner of the endzone. But then Scoober Divers, not even quitting, ran off 5 straight goals, mostly hustle/fast break scores when AP tried a little too hard to force a throw. AP takes a time out and goes on a 7-0 run to take halftime at 8-5. A few things were said during that timeout, but mostly we focused on making smart throws, using the dump/swing to force their poachy athletic defenders to stay honest, and most of all not even quitting on defense.

Halftime was pretty relaxed. During the huddle, we heard someone from Scoober Divers yell “we are a second half team!” and we should have taken that hint, because they didn’t even quit and ran off a 4-0 run of their own to take a 9-8 lead. But then AP scored a few to go up 11-10. Finally Scoober Divers don’t quitted to make it 14-12 (I think) to win because the guy running the fields made us shut it down right at 10pm so they could close the gates.

The story of this game really came down to turnovers. Scoober Divers scored most of their goals on a turnover/fast break huck combination. We had dropsies, missed hucks, sausage fingers, oopsie daisies, and general miscommunications. The good news is I think AP can easily fix all those issues and learn from this loss.

Drew had a great game and caught 4-5 goals. Sarah has been so steady running our offense. Castro had a great cutting game and had one huge sequence for us when the score was around 10-10. He was guarding the dump on the force side, and when the thrower turned to the dump he locked down the dump cut, then the strike, and stuck with it until the thrower was forced to throw a swilly medium range flick that Card hung up. Speaking of Card, he had at least 5 Ds where he faded away to swat down a throw by somehow palming the bottom of the disc and spiking it straight down. He also had at least one point where he made 2-3 really difficult catches on dumps or resets right on the sideline. Its great playing another season with Laura, who is a cutting machine and always is in the right cutting place at the right cutting time. Kirkham slammed a pregame Negroni which may or may not have lubricated his buttery throws. We are really missing Steph who brings the sweet energy and keeps us in line both on the field and off. I hope she don’t even quits her way back to the sideline next week when we look to use our dump/swing discipline to grind Skeeter into the ground.

And now, even though I’d like to don’t quit this recap, it’s time to don’t don’t quit.

Oh wait, I lied.  Got another recap.  Scoober Divers don’t quit on their recaps.  Here’s Terry Parent:

Every single week brings, not only a new group of great folks to compete against, but a great challenge that pushes us to dig deep and become better as a team. This is what I love about Winter League and LAOUT. Great people and great competition. Last week, it was Animal Style who brought us down to earth for a slice of humble pie, and this week it was After Party who countered our opening flurry with a force so great we almost couldn’t come back.

Recap- Scoober Divers v. After Party:

We really wanted to bounce back from a loss last week, so we decided to implement theme nights for our games. Tonight was Tropical Night. Everyone showed up in Tropical print shirts. Myself and Jules went the extra mile by wearing shorts as well. And, that’s how best friends are made. Wait till next week.

The game opened up with a 5-1 flurry of points by Scoober. We definitely felt like we shook off all bad juju from last week. Then…welcome back bad juju… After Party came back with their own flurry of points. After calling a timeout, After Party came back and took the lead 7-5, which eventually became 8-5 at the half.

During half we just talked about calming down. Careless turnovers, poor field spacing, and amazing play by After Party put us in a deep hole. We decided to just take the rest of the game one point at a time.

The rest of the game was carried by our defense. Brock and Konrad, along with some opportune D’s by Dani, Jules and Red helped us build confidence. Dani and Jules each had ridiculous layout D’s, which energized us for the rest of the game. We brought the game to 11-11.

Continuing to ride the momentum that got us out of the hole, we took the game to 14-11. Then, the facilities director decided it was way past bedtime and told us to go home. Game over.

Thank you, After Party for a great game. It was cool to see some familiar faces.

Shout outs to Corey for his crazy old man energy and stealthy grabs and blocks, and Arista for controlling the offense.

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