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I recently learned Joanna didn’t like the Recap photo I was using of her, so I made sure to pick one from her Facebook profile photos, although this one is a few years old.

It was a cold, dark night in Culver City. Animal Style had an extra 30 minutes to show up on time. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes to have people ready to play at game time. Granted the soccer players used every last second possible until the clock struck 8:30, so warm ups did have to take up some of the time, but with a 10:30 shut off of lights, we were doing just fine.

Joe Bobman has been deemed the team dad because week 1 he brought cake, this week he brought veggies and oranges. I knew we picked up a winner. Speaking of picking up people to replace our dropouts, Andrew Goh graced us with his presence as sideline score keeper. That’s the only way I’d have anything to tell you right now other than my flowery ramblings.

Bobman with oranges. By Cezanne

First, let’s confirm how the gender choosing end zone rule works because we’ve all been confused each week, and learned that our team just argues better even when we’re wrong and don’t know it. Surprising for a team captained by Snatch and with players like Nahall and Julius, I know. So whichever end zone you pick in the first half, it switches at half. Although this looks like it gives one team an advantage since they’d choose the first point of both halves, someone on Retro explained that it’s really meant to avoid the advantage of always getting to choose from up or down wind in a windy situation. Makes waaaaaay more sense now.

Anyway, onto why you’re really here.

To explain some of the fun moments from the above:
At 8-4, Buster tips the disc just out of the hands of Brooking (I think it was her) and someone on Retro yells, “Just the tip!”. It was funny at the moment. Not so much now as I write it… Also, DConn hugs for the disc? I’m assuming a typo but also hoping I just missed him actually hug someone and they gifted him the disc.

At 13-8 Snatch hucks it long to DConn who tips it up to himself, I’m assuming because he wants the stats of both the score and the assist. Veteran move.

At 14-9 Phil had a sick snipe of a D when Retro’s throw didn’t go as planned and easily snuck it in to Snatch for a score (Pst, Snatch = Chris in case you were confused, I know I was the first time Chris Ludwig ever reached out to me on Facebook to start this team, along with some other secret motives he may have had…).

I’d also like to shout out Cynthia’s defense last night. Always the first one down the field to contest. That’s by far one of my favorite things to see on the field. Then there is Gabe, who is the bounciest defender I’ve ever seen.

Ted and Megan had some great handling going on, and Megan even did a sick layout in the end zone. It was just out of reach, but that girl def had some athleticism there that I do not have and probably never will. I don’t like things hurting.

Karla always astounding us with her hammers and tough d on Brooking who has at least 7 inches on her and a solid high release.

It was a pretty good night. No bar for Chris and me though. Whole30 is cramping our record there. Only 28 more days….

No bar?  *wide eyed emoji followed by sad emoji followed by shaking head emoji followed by cocktail emoji with a line through it, which I’m pretty sure is not an actual emoji but that’s what I want right there*

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  • Joanna

    January 25, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    I don’t remember saying I didn’t like the picture you used.


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