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I have to apologize, because last night’s mist was so good, it was right out of a horror movie at times, and I didn’t take any photos of it.  I don’t normally take a lot of photos though, so really Alex Carey should be apologizing.  I’m sorry on his behalf.

Beyond the incredible atmospheric display, there was some good frizball played and here’s Joanna Whitney of Animal Style to talk about it:

It was the most LA frisbee of any LA frisbee game ever. Let me explain.

Our team was only going to have 5 ladies. No sub requests allowed. 2 hours before game time one lady called in sick. Frantic “EMERGENCY LADY SUB REQUEST” sent to Dan. I imagine him laughing at his phone as he reads the text and calls me to tell me that Lunch Break only has two ladies and requested subs and only Greta stepped up. I send out another frantic “DESPERATELY NEED TWO LADY SUBS TONIGHT” to the Groupme. Crickets. I send texts and emails to every lady in the general valley area I know. Nothing.

We show up to the field and realize we only brought 4/8 cones. We borrow some from Seth in the other game. As I go to get the cones, someone on the other field yells that they need to borrow someone’s cleats. When I get back with the cones, Julius points out that Snatch forgot to put on shorts over his tights. He has none in his bag. We have 2 guy subs showing up because we also only have 4 men coming. The other team only has 5 men themselves. We share X who plays 3 points for them, then 3 points for us. Their ladies still savage. A pretty well executed start to the whole thing if you think about it………

Both teams come out doing ok. Points traded for a bit, but we know everyone will soon start to show weariness. That doesn’t stop Snatch and Julius from hucking deep. Animal goes on a run to take half 8-4. Coming out on D Animal Style takes another 3 points before Lunch Break gets some momentum to add two in a row. Animal Style doesn’t want to blow another good first half, so we step it up and close out with (surprise) a long huck to Julius who takes off and takes on Jason Dobruck who then hears it’s game, let’s out a sigh of disappointment because he was underwhelmed by the point. Tahlia mentioned she was in pain by the end, which I am not surprised because despite exhaustion, both sets of ladies were moving the whole night. But no one was in too much pain they couldn’t rally at the bar.

Speaking of the bar, Andy and I learned that there are over 600,000 castrated men in North America alone and over 1 million in India. Too bad for the North American men, they don’t have the same magic powers as the Indian men who can bless your weddings, childbirths and more. You know, normal bar talk.

You weren’t the only one having trouble getting women.  In our game, both teams were savage women.  And they were super impressive.  There was one long point late in the game where I was like “I’m way too tired to cut right now” and thank God Connie sprints for the first cut, and then Jenny sprints for the second cut, and they had not sat a single point, and I’m winded and I’m like “they are inspiring me to work harder.”  And so I did.  But then I turned it over, but don’t focus on that part of the story.

Yeah, the 600,000 eunuchs in North America was a big surprise.  I didn’t think the number would be nearly that high.  Later in the night, after Joanna left, there was some vasectomy talk as well.  So all in all, the conversations were really light and fun.

I can’t even fathom the scenario where you would only have 4 cones in your car.  How does that even happen?

Lunch Break was the first to 5 wins, but has since lost twice.  But still nobody’s reached 6 wins yet on the season as Dumbledore was also stopped at 5 on the other field.

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